Trudeau Govt Handing Hundreds of Millions To CHRISTIAN-PERSECUTING African Governments

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Talk about an issue being sublimated by media on behalf of the Trudeau government of Canada.

While it is understood by Canadians that successive ruling governments have donated billions of Canadian tax-dollars to despotic African and Islamic governments, two salient points are perpetually hidden from sight.

Firstly, reports show that very little of these Foreign Aid donations reach their intended recipients– poor Africans and Muslims.

“The Government of Canada will contribute more than $1.6 BILLION over the next three years towards its new approach to security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria, and their impact on Jordan and Lebanon.”

Did you know? Reports from foreign aid authorities inform Canada that these funds do not even reach the intended parties.

The massive “foreign aid industry” of government bureaucrats,NGO workers and local officials who have made careers out of aid funding will certainly say this funding is effective.  But there has been a growing consensus in recent years that while foreign aid is well intentioned, it has had little to NO IMPACT on the countries it seeks to help.

Ever read about this in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, or National Post?

How about this for a national media headline:

“Billions In Foreign Aid Given To African Nations Has NO IMPACT On Improving Lives Of Intended Recipients.”

How would general society react to such a proclamation? Not well, to be certain. In fact, a media article of this nature could “blow the roof” off the entire charade–could it not?

Yet, it never happens. Such is the state of media control under the quasi- socialist government of Justin Trudeau.

Now for a second critical aspect buried by CBC and the rest: Many of the nations government fund with hundreds of millions of Canadian tax dollars are most virulent “Christian-hating” nations on earth.

“Egypt is hardly alone in a long list of countries — many in the Middle East — that are violently hostile towards Christians.”

A list generated by Open Doors USA, a nonprofit organization focused on serving persecuted Christians, shows the Middle East accounts for a majority of countries ranked in the top 10 for extreme persecution of Christians. In order, the countries are as follows:

1.       North Korea

2.      Somalia

3.      Afghanistan

4.      Pakistan

5.      Sudan

6.      Syria

7.      Iraq

8.      Iran

9.      Yemen

10.   Eritrea

Trudeau government “financial fund” trans-fer to top Christian-persecuting nations:

Afghanistan$233 million big ones. Syria$124 million. Iraq$106 million. Yemen-$75 million. Pakistan-$71 million. Somalia$43 million. There are a number of other Islamic/African nations on the Canadian “dole” as well.

CAP Conclusion: Canada’s ruling government has handed well over a half BILLION dollars to the top racist and bigoted nations which oppress people of the Christian faith. Canadian media say not a word about this.

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Continuing on this sordid, covert path, we find that beyond the basic injustice, the billions do not actually reach the intended recipients. So what is the money used for?

Here, CAP reach into speculation–we do not have an answer for this question. But one thing we can say with aplomb is that the funds more than likely do not go to poor Christians. This seems like fair and reasonable speculation.

So do the funds actually contribute to persecution of those of the Christian faith? Think about it– if, for example, the government of Nigeria get their hands directly on the funds, would they not do exactly what they please with the money–including act of oppression towards “undesirable” communities within their respective societies?

Of course it’s a possibility. Degree to which CTV, Global News and Globe & Mail expose these facts and scenarios? You got it– ZERO percent.

Why? For what purpose would a western media within a liberal democracy hide these injustices– when they themselves are Old Stock Canadians from either a secular or religious Christian background?

For CAP, this is the “question of the century.” For the Trudeau government and their establishment media puppets, the entire affair is strictly “off limits.”

It is in this capacity that the true nature of the Trudeau government is revealed. Controlling, communist-infused, anti-Christian and Pro-Islamic.

This, in a so-called “western democracy” with a majority Christian demographic mix. This, in a nation with a virulent virtue-signalling, globalist prime minister who spent his entire first term in office going off on every example of social injustice world wide.

Except, of course,  for one specific example- the persecution of Trudeau’s “co-religionist” peoples in the Third World. Quite the omission, eh? Talk about an insane level of hypocrisy! Media hide the entire affair.

What a scam this is. Media control, media propaganda, media obfuscation–all within a supposed western “democracy.”

As a corollary, what the heck happened to Mr. Trudeau’s ubiquitous prancing around the planet in favour of every special interest group he could muster up?

Justin Trudeau– from “All The World’s a Stage…To The Silence Of The Lambs.” Does media ever allude to this incredible trans-formation in Trudeau’s international public profile?

Yes, they do– but only in a subtle manner. Not one statement along the lines of King Justin’s “Incredible Shrinking Prime Minister” angle.

Canadians, you have been hoodwinked by your government and their media partners. When government control media, communism has permeated a western society.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.







2 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Handing Hundreds of Millions To CHRISTIAN-PERSECUTING African Governments”

  1. CBC income from sources other than the Liberal goverment has shrunk by more than 50% . Look for Trudeau to hand them a great deal more money in this term.
    Is there no shame in this country for what this goverment has done to Canadians. There must be a way to stop the Liberals .
    Question: what religion is Trudeau.. my guess is he has turned Muslim…looks more like that every day.


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