Trudeau Govt Gives Canada’s Richest Family $12 Million Donation

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This week the federal Liberal gave $12 Million in corporate welfare  to Loblaws — a company that showed a $2.5  BILLION Operating profit in 2018. The grant went to a grocery store company run by the Westons, one of Canada’s WEALTHIEST FAMILIES, to “help” them upgrade their freezers to a more environmentally friendly system.

So why is this hugely profitable Canadian company receiving tax-payer funded hand outs? As it happens, Loblaws is one of the LARGEST DONORS to the Broadbent Institute, an anti-Conservative non-profit organization assisting in the demonization of  the Conservative movement in Canada.

With our current government–and PM Justin Trudeau in particular– there ALWAYS seems to be some kind of partisan scheme occurring  OUT OF THE SIGHT of Canadian voters. Whether collusion with media, the corporate world or our non-profit sector, Trudeau’s Liberals are continuously engaged in a form of subterfuge intended to deceive.

SNC-Lavalin, Loblaws, Bombardier– the list goes on as King Trudeau & company manipulate from the shadows for the purpose of winning the October 2019 election.

— B. Salzberg


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Gives Canada’s Richest Family $12 Million Donation”

  1. Why is dictator Justin giving that large sum of our money to Loblaws is because he needs money from them since going to the public for money is becoming to obvious.
    Loblaws got themselves in a situation that Trudeau will stop at nothing to get more money from them.
    If I was Loblaws that depends on innocent public to buy their products, I will not accept a dime from Trudeau instead concentrate in helping the public in need.

  2. Here’s a thought. Might the freezers have been needed for the plandemic to store bioweapons called vaccines, that require extreme cold for storage until injected into their mindless victims? This storage requirement was known back in 2013 when the bioweapons were being completed.


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