Trudeau Govt Gives $283 MILLION To Refugees For Health Care Coverage

The anti-racism strategy is one of 15 measures in the budget that is part of a “need for federal actions aimed at addressing systemic barriers faced by visible minority communities. Other measures include putting $283.1 MILLION OVER TWO YEARS towards ensuring  refugees and other claimants have access to temporary health coverage.


60 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Gives $283 MILLION To Refugees For Health Care Coverage

  1. Where is some money for me, im a single working mom, how about give a little to me so i can quit one of my jobs!

    1. You cant quit one of your jobs you need to pick up a extra one like the rest of us so we can keep paying more taxes so dick head can keep pissing it away. There is no money to help Canadians bar none the worst prime minster ever

  2. how bout you take care of your people never mind refuges we canadians go with out help and the refugees getall the help ..some thing is wrong there

  3. We need our Canada back. Look after our people, our homeless , our veterans and our seniors and all Canadians.
    We need truth and transparency. We need a balanced budget so as not to leave our children with huge debts.
    Mr Justin Trudeau you just can’t do this job. Canada is in turmoil..
    God help Canada!

    1. Remember they are asking for more than he can give if this dumbass gets reelected we wont have a country left

  4. Canadians first Justin…then help the refugees..I’m all for helping others it’s the Canadian way…but not at the expense of Canadian Citizens welfare being put 2nd.

  5. This bullshit needs to fucking stop! How about worrying about your own people? The hell with them!
    Yet our health cares a complete and total joke! People are dying waiting in the op, people are going FOREVER without a damn family doctor and without one you can’t get jackshit done!🙄🤦 I’m now 14 yrs & counting without a family doctor! I’ve completely lost all hope for our health care!

  6. Canadian family here also and can’t find a family doctor !!! Maybe some money could hire more doctors for all Canadians , not just new Canadians

    1. Maybe the system should streamline the recognition of some of these highly trained refugees that were physicians back home so the can help reduce wait times.

  7. People born in Canada should be helped first. I was born in Canada and find it difficult to manage on my pensions.

  8. Yes take care of ur own people my husband has been fighting canada disability for 3 yrs he gets turn down all the time work all of his life as a machiniest he gets sick and nothing where is the justice not only for him for all the others out there and senior vets that fought in the war so we can live in a safe country homeless and min wage families living pay cheque to pay cheque with no health benfits from work or where ever we as canadians voted u in for what kick in the behind

    1. You can sue them.I went through Niagara Justice.We had a video conference,were I answered questions for about a hour and half.You can bring witnesses .who know about your husband’s disability.Two months later after a 3yr battle my case was settled and I now receive my CPPD.

  9. And natives get everything free right….paid my way through school and paid for most of my health care myself i pay taxes fuck these assholes

    1. Since your educated maybe you could do just a little bit of reseach on that statement that was just a bigoted opionion you made!!! You need all the facts not just heresay oh and by they are the first canadians nothing is given to them its a replacement for everything that was lost and how they have been treated

    2. Natives don’t get everything free look up their history idiot. Your probably an immigrant too or your ancestors are.

    3. Uh, you paid fuck all with your taxes. We have our own revenues that pay for us! Get a brain and use it!

  10. I’m sick and tired of watching the seniors go with little to nothing and with everything unaffordable I see them dumpster diving and in line ups to the food bank. There is something wrong here…terribly wrong

  11. I find it disgusting how many people in these comments don’t support this and say they’re being put second and we should help our own people first. No one gives a damn about the homeless or vets until you want to use them as an excuse to not support helping immigrants and refugees.
    Refugees are people who need our help and to grant them temporary health care coverage does not now put them ahead of Canadian born citizens or in any way make anyone else “second class citizens”.
    They are fleeing persecution and horrible dangerous situations and don’t get half of what people think they are entitled to, so stop believing all the stupid racist memes you see. Stop thinking it’s them vs. us, that’s exactly what the govt wants you to think; they wanna pit us against each other so we don’t question who’s really to blame here.

    1. the logical comments like yours get the most heat. it’s funny how so-called conservatives can explain away everything as someone else’s problems but when it comes to immigrants/refugees/”not real canadians” it’s no-holds-barred.

      the culture you’re proposing in so white and cowardly and narrow-minded.

      there is no reason why helping vets, the homeless, and the poor/working poor cannot be solved together. blaming it on immigrants is sour grapes. sure blame it on trudeau but have decent reasons for doing so. say the conservatives are better – but actually have a cogent argument for it. you all are nothing but whiners with a minority of you having actual arguments and rationales behind your thoughts.

      1. did you know the MAJORITY of Canadians would NOT object to helping … if these economic migrants applied and came here LEGALLY and tried to integrate with the rest of us…. when in Rome… do as the Romans …. would go a long way … including wearing a poppy …. not as a celebration but in REMEMBRANCE of all our Veterans .. (they claim they don’t celebrate war ) …. wow…. either do we … it is not a “celebration” … but somber reflection .. lest we forget the sacrifice that gave us the freedoms we enjoy …. and they have come here for … supposedly … I have paid taxes for over 40 yrs .. and now I wonder how I can pay my bills… we can’t solve the entire world’s problems… and when people come here ILLEGALLY and have a better way of life then I do… well yes it bothers me… and I am NOT alone feeling this way… if you are in a good financial position I encourage you to sponsor a family…

  12. Why does our government think they can just spend our tax money on their own without us (the payers) having a say so as to where our taxes go?

  13. At 20 years old I started driving truck I am now 57 years old had two heart attacks they put in a defibrillator my heart is only functioning at 12 to 13% they took away my commercial driver’s license I was bringing home a little over four thousand a month I get $1,000 a month now from CPP disability I had to move to a cheapest place I could find my rent is $540 a month plus utilities by the end of the month I have to go to the food bank any those so-called government one told me I was living above my other ones told me they had no money to help me good luck I’m supposed to be on a special diet because of my heart condition can’t afford it applied for low income housing check get it because of the number of people on the list that have no real illness just lazy ahead of me there are people from other provinces are placed ahead of me because they’re already on the system every month I’m one step closer to being on the Street Homeless meanwhile that idiot we have for a prime minister is handing out millions of dollars to people that never put anything into Canada and not even Canadians and everybody asks me why I’m so pissed off Thursday’s I wish to hell they would have let me die thank you you idiot asshole Trudeau and the government that’s what happens when you vote in a spoiled Rich punk-ass kid who’s never had a job in his life I don’t count Drama teacher as a job.

    1. If your now 57 take look back at the 37 years of government that made all these policies and stop blaming present government they are following what was set up before them!

      1. CAP disagree. The globalist agenda began with a TRUDEAU- Pierre. A succession of Con and Lib govts towed the line, in particular Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives. However, the globalist destruction kicked into high gear once another TRUDEAU– step-son JUSTIN, seized control of Canada to COMPLETE the agenda. It is the TRUDEAU’s first and foremost who are the kingpins in our demise. their family HATES Anglophone Canada…”brother” Alexandre as well.

  14. Omg seriously Trudeau… wat about our seniors and homeless and veterans they need the support n money more then refugees…. u want people to vote for u heck no way not with the crap ur pulling off 🤬🤬😡😡

    1. Seniors are not having 8 children who will vote Liberal in unison so they are meaningless to Justin. He prefers thay are dead by way of euthanasia.

      1. what a misleading statement. by the way, it should all be paid for – but maybe that’s not the cultural revolution you’re thinking of.

  15. This is bullshit.. us Canadians need help first and to help our kind first. They need to have some kind of refugee camps so people who are in shelters can get the help they need for housing specially if they’ve been on the waiting list for 10+ years and get bumped back for an immigrant this us bullshit and as far as I’m concerned OH Canada should stay the same it’s always been not trying to change everyrhing about our laws and beliefs that’s b.s then ppl wonder why there’s so much discrimination and hatred they take advantage of our system fully wake up Trudeau

  16. This is just plain wrong! He has no right to give away our hard earned tax dollars to whoever he feels like. We have poverty in Canada and kids going to bed hungry and families who can barely keep their heads above water. Health care for medications is not something everyone in Canada has and should be his priority, not helping out persons that are not born Canadians!!! This is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!! We will fix this in the October election!!!! 😡😡😡

    1. Yes we will. Canadian patriots unite. We will NOT permit the Trudeau insanity to own our country for another 4 years.

  17. I’m self employed so after falling ill with a deadly kidney infection and missing 3 weeks of work I can’t afford my prescriptions or to go to the dentist

  18. Yet they take away a womans right to have a baby in our home town…. travel a hour and a half to the pas for manitoba side a z 3 and half to PA for sask side. Someone has a head up their arse.

  19. I work three jobs just to get by being single. This is not right, instead of helping me get by again I owe more taxes to the government. I am getting to the point where he has to go and things need to change or maybe I will have to look into leaving Canada just to survive!!

  20. I can’t believe how many of my fellow Canadians sound like the racist talking heads on Fox News. Thank God none of us have ever had to flew war and famine and depend on the kindness of strangers.

  21. You have destroyed our country … Many proud canadians are now ashamed thanks to your idiocy. Your job is to do what’s best for Canadian s, you know, the ones who pay your salary! The ones whos money your are spending like its your personal piggy bank!!! What kind of leader gices and gives to illegals while his own suffer!? You are a snake!!!

  22. Some of these comments are stupid.

    For one. On the native issue . We as native people had our land taken way,been raped and murdered and put into residential schools to kill our population. We had out language physically beat out of us. The government went to first Nation communities and kidnapped their children , many of them were never seen again .

    There such things as treaties, look it up if your that smart !!!

    Also , there are many native communities without safe drinking water , no running water . The housing situation on first Nation communities is basically likes third world country and this CANADA!!! Trudeau promised he’ll fix it but he’s a liar .

    As for refugees, they have been giving enough compassion
    Live in this country for free , live luxurious , while other Canadians are suffering. It’sa shame and not right . Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be helping the Canadians who desperately need help. It’s bullshit that these refugees get treated like gold while the rest of us struggle.

  23. Trudeau should be fixing the first nations of Canada, just like the priest and government , he is raping them all right infront of whole of Canada. Raping our land and water and lives of awaybof women and children. Shame on the refugees, and Justin Trudeau.

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