Justin Trudeau Gives Iraq $260 Million From 2016-2019

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For the period 2016 to 2019, Justin Trudeau  committed over $260 million in assistance projects to the nation of Iraq. Working with the United Nations Refugee Agency, Canada is resettling Iraqi refugees living in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Canada has welcomed more than 37,000 Iraqi refugees. 

The population of Iraq is 99% Islamic, and 1% Christian. No multiculturalism for them. Do we see Trudeau or any other western leader call for a government-enforced diversity agenda? Not at all. Globalist hypocrisy abounds as liberals and snowflakes refrain from condemnation of ethnically homogenous non-democratic nations. But for Canada- WATCH OUT. According to Justin Trudeau, if  citizens is not towing the diversity line they are ignorant racists.

In Iraq, Islamic ideology  is a formal source of law. Iraq indulges in Sharia punishment for criminal offences. Homosexuals are persecuted on a regular basis. Has Justin Trudeau called out these human rights abuses? No. Has he advocated for LGBT rights in Iraq? Again, no. Indeed, Trudeau indulges in SELECTIVE condemnation. Rather than despots and autocrats of the world, our illustrious PM chooses to lash out at Canadian citizens who disagree with him.

The prime minister of Canada works harder for non-Canadians in Middle Eastern nations than he does for citizens of our nation. Then, in payback for the utilization of our tax dollars to throw at foreign governments, he brands us nasty xenophobes and bigots. With a prime minister like this, who needs enemies?






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