Trudeau Govt Funding Top CHRISTIAN-PERSECUTING Nations Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan

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Talk about a subject never touched by Canadian establishment media. This is, indeed, one heck of a sordid tale.

Historically speaking,  federal governments have been handing hundreds of millions to despotic African and Islamic nations for decades. What sets the current Trudeau government apart from former governments is two-fold.

One, Trudeau increased the amounts donated for each consecutive year he has been in office. Secondly, Trudeau prioritizes all-things-Third World over and above the needs and desires of the Canadian people.

This past Palm Sunday was a dark day in Egypt. Suicide bombings at two Coptic Christian churches, one in Alexandria and the other in Tanta left 45 people dead and many more wounded.

“Although there has been an uptick in violence against Christians in the region, Egypt is hardly alone in a long list of countries — many in the Middle East — that are violently hostile towards Christians.”

A list generated by Open Doors USA, a nonprofit organization focused on serving persecuted Christians, shows the Middle East accounts for a majority of countries ranked in the top 10 for extreme persecution of Christians. In order, the countries are as follows:

1.       North Korea

2.      Somalia

3.      Afghanistan

4.      Pakistan

5.      Sudan

6.      Syria

7.      Iraq

8.      Iran

9.      Yemen

10.   Eritrea

How entirely fascinating. Now, for some statistics on the amount of tax dollars sent by the Trudeau government to these nations for so-called “foreign aid.”

“The Government of Canada will contribute more than $1.6 BILLION over the next three years towards its new approach to security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria, and their impact on Jordan and Lebanon.”

READ MORE: Billions In Third World Foreign Aid INEFFECTIVE, WASTED: Canadian Taxpayer’s Association

Think this is bad news? You “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”  Did you know? Reports from foreign aid authorities inform Canada that these funds do not even reach the intended parties.

The massive “foreign aid industry” of government bureaucrats,NGO workers and local officials who have made careers out of aid funding will certainly say this funding is effective.  But there has been a growing consensus in recent years that while foreign aid is well intentioned, it has had little to no impact on the countries it seeks to help.

Interestingly, a massive study of 6000 individuals receiving direct foreign aid in developing countries found that while they appreciate the assistance, the aid has made “no impact improving their lives.”

Trudeau government response:

Increases in year-over- year international assistance levels were to: Syria +76%,  Iraq +67%, Jordan +64%, Afghanistan +47%, and Lebanon +45%.

 Afghanistan is  number one in Canadian aid(paid with our tax dollars) at$233 million. followed by Ethiopia at$ 193 million.

Heart warming, eh? Remember the time you were sitting with grandma in Orilla, Ontario watching that fascinating CBC documentary which exposed all this illicit foreign funding behaviour?

Chances are you missed it–because it never existed in the first place. Media have a job to do, and they do it most effectively– burying the truth from 37.5 million Canadians is not an easy task, yet it appears mainstream media thus far are up to the task.

What a scam. Not only is Justin Trudeau throwing extra billions at Christian-persecuting nations–turns out the funds are being wasted. Please do tell, Ms. half-citizen Pakistani national, MP Iqra Khalid-– if the funds are not used to improve the lives of citizens of Third World nations, what are the funds being used for?

Stone-cold-silence. After all, this would involve a potential condemnation of “one’s own”–so no statement will ever emerge. Oh well, perhaps the funds are being used for…the persecution of Christians?

What did  Justin Trudeau have to say about Christian persecution throughout his first four-year term as PM? Simple as pie–nothing at all–not a single word. How about regarding persecution of Muslims? Man, he was all-over-it. Trudeau must have gone to bat for Islam at least 200 times in this regard.

Justin Trudeau– French Canadian Christian-by his own pronouncement. Kinda strange, isn’t it? Did you know? Even Barack Obama, a card-carrying Islamic sympathizer declared mass murder of Christians in the Middle East to be an act of genocide.

As it happened, Justin  Trudeau also made public statements regarding the genocide of peoples. He refused to endorse the Christian genocide, and instead informed our nation what white Canadians are genocidal toward our Aboriginal communities.

What happened next? M103–that’s what. As tabled by MP Iqra Khalid, this “anti-racism” government motion favours one specific religious community above all others–her own.

The only religion explicitly mentioned in M103 is–you guessed it–the Nation of Islam. No “Christophobia” no “Jew-ophobia” included. Talk about one-sided, eh?

Fellow Canadian patriots–this is your nation. It is Justin Trudeau, as it was Pierre Trudeau before him. At present, Canada is an anti-Christian nation ruled by an anti-Christian government.

Irrefutable, immutable, and cast-in-stone. Just like Justin Trudeau’s preferred religious community.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.







3 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Funding Top CHRISTIAN-PERSECUTING Nations Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan”

  1. Trudeau should be sent to one of these counties for a week. He will repent and kiss the ground of the country he squander it $$ like a drunken sailor.

    • a week ? I say life is what he should spend …. we can do with out him and them!
      how do we put this aid insanity in a state of stop and cancellation

  2. Im in shock that a prime minister of canada could do what this man is doing. we need to wake up socialism and communism are the same horse.. as a nation we need to wake up and put an end to this type of stupidity.. ask anyone and I know many who lived in communism and or socialism and they will let you know the truth.. We are a free country lets keep it that way..


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