Trudeau Liberals Fund Canadian Mosque Accused Of Terror Ties

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A mosque in a Vancouver suburb recently cited for financial irregularities — and possible ties to overseas funders linked to militant Islamist group Hamas — will receive a $53,000 grant from the federal government this week.

The society, which operates the PoCo mosque, was fined $9,120 after a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit covering 2011 to 2013 turned up thousands of dollars in financial irregularities and at least $127,000 in questionable expenses.

Some of the spending noted by the agency included $66,028 for groceries and pharmacy items, $22,193 for gas and car washes, $2,967 in restaurant meals, $4,239 for electronics like PlayStation games and an iPad, and $4,958 for an Evolution Spa.

An “Evolution Spa?” How critical is this? Justin Trudeau also gave convicted terrorist Omar Khadr enough money to buy a beautiful home and shopping mall. Under Trudeau’s reign, ISIS terrorists have had their citizenships reinstated. Mosques under investigation for fraud and militant connections receive copious amounts of Canadian tax payer dollars.


“A majority of the expenses, which Mr. Bahr paid for using his credit cards and were then subsequently reimbursed, appeared to be for personal use, and, in our opinion, constitute an undue benefit,” the CRA stated in its notice of penalty.

Bahr stepped down from the board last May after he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman at the mosque in 2013. 

And this is the group Justin Trudeau selects to provide with $50,000 Canadian tax dollars? How “post-modern” is this!

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Justin Trudeau and his cabinet maintain a special affinity with Islamic ideology, and its purveyors. Was this a component of Trudeau’s platform when running for office? Obviously not. Did the people of Canada request or endorse such a thing?  Nope. The entire agenda went forward without  a semblance  of democratic process. This is the way of Justin.

And it was for his father before him. To get the anti-Canadian ball rolling in the first place, it was Pierre Trudeau–without any form of public mandateforced multicultural policy on Canada. Witnessing a pattern here? The Trudeau family have zero interest in the thoughts or will of the majority. Does this show a dedication to democratic principles? Of course not. Justin and Pierre before him care nothing for the people of Canada– unless they represent the future of what they want Canada to be– a socialist nation-state with a designated taboo community: Anglophone-Christians.

This is what Trudeau Jr. is after for the destiny of our nation. In the place of freedom and democracy will be draconian socialism with decidedly Islamic underpinnings. We witness its nascent development in the form of Justin Trudeau’s open-border, pro-Islamic “post-modern” Canada. Not tomorrow, or someday in the future, but right now.



10 thoughts on “Trudeau Liberals Fund Canadian Mosque Accused Of Terror Ties”

  1. 1) How credible is this source; 2) Who cares?

    There is nothing wrong with Hamas. It is the elected government of Palestine. It is not “terrorist”. Israel is terrorist, yet nobody seems to give a shit about investigating Trudeau’s ties to Likud.

    • There is no such place as Palestine. It is called Gaza. It was a rigged election and Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. Israel only wants peace, but do you have any idea what “Hamas” means? The name of this organization, that has sworn to destroy the only nation that has been able to turn the desert into a garden, that hides its rocket launchers behind children, that teaches its students how to kill Jews, is a name that is based on the word “violence”.

  2. Tell me People
    What has Trudeau done that your Party wouldn’t have done?
    What should Trudeau do that your Party would do?
    Stop complaining and think before you comment


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