Trudeau Gov’t Fund Children’s Activity Book Promoting Euthanasia

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“Just as Ottawa publicly acknowledges that its assisted suicide regime might have gone too far, critics have highlighted the existence of a little-known medical assistance in dying children’s activity book that was funded by the Canadian government.”

To successfully transition the social structure of a nation, the powers that be must successfully transition the thinking of its youngest citizens.

It is the reason why government, media and our educational institutions push the Transgender ticket with such fervour. “We must condition the minds of the young, so that their thinking becomes endemic within the next generation.”

Commonly known as “propaganda,” this methodology has been applied in all historical societal transitions. The Nazis did it, along with authoritarian governments led by such luminaries as Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini.

Upon election in late 2015, PM Justin Trudeau began to instill this structure within Canadian society. Infusing transgenderism in our schools is but one category within Trudeau’s post-modern political ethos.

“Minors are ineligible for medically assisted death in Canada, although there has been a push by the Quebec College of Physicians to extend the practice to  disabled newborns.”

Now, the province of Quebec wishes to take it to the next level. Nothing escapes the post-modern inquisition– not even the pre-born. Speaking of the helpless, a Quebec born politician named Pierre Trudeau opened the door for  systemic removal of the unborn in Canada by way of Abortion rights.

“The activity book is intended for children who may soon be attending a medically assisted death in person. Created for young people who have someone in their life who may have MAID,” the group declared in a statement.

But does it not serve as a piece of social conditioning for the next generation of Canadians? Let us consider this for a moment. The next generation will grow up with the understanding that if a citizen wants it bad enough, they can kill themselves.

A minor social innovation? Of course not– the exact reason why media never address the sociological aspects of Euthanasia, or any other social policy, for that matter.

 “Dr Stefanie Green has performed more than 300 euthanasia procedures and says the act of offering the option of an assisted death is one of the most therapeutic things we do”.

Few Canadians have heard of Dr. Stephanie Green, who CAP think worthy of being branded an equivalent to mass abortion fanatic and mentally ill individual, Dr. Henry Morgantaler.  Dr. Green, masquerading as a medical “Queen of Compassion,” is cut from the same tailor’s cloth as Morgantaler, who personally performed 5000 abortions in Canada at a time when the practice was illegal.

“MAID is defined in the booklet as the use of medicines to stop a person’s body from working.”

What a surprise that CAP disagree. In our opinion, the goal is to stop a person’s mind from working.

“Children are guided through the three medicines that constitute the lethal injection process, and are urged not to attempt to change the mind of a family member who has opted for assisted death.” 

Good Lord. Can CAP get a witness? PM Justin Trudeau and his  cabal of Liberal Communists do not want little Mikey Smith, aged 7, to suggest that mother should live instead of die.

Not only that, the Liberals want our children to understand the medicinal component of assisted suicide. Seems government want Canadian children to grow up as fast as humanly possible. Same thing for transgenderism being taught in our public schools.

What is the goal here? To strip away the natural right of Canadian youth to grow up in a natural, organic state? Must they become mini-adults by age 8? Call us paranoid, but we believe this to be intrinsic to the Woke Revolution as promulgated by the Liberal government of Canada.

We witness as Canadian society morphs into a replica of authoritarian nations of past and/or present. Wouldn’t Chairman Mao be proud of Justin Trudeau? Add to this “close family friend” Fidel Castro of Cuba, of whom Trudeau resembles in so many ways.

Manipulation of the mind, body and soul of Canadian children? Can this be the sunny ways that ex- snowboard instructor named Justin Trudeau has inflicted upon our country.

Yes it is– and will continue for everyday that our pseudo-dictator remains prime minister of the dying Great White North.

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  1. “Dr Stefanie Green has performed more than 300 euthanasia procedures and says the act of offering the option of an assisted death is one of the most [erotic] things [I] do”. “Dr.” Green; while injecting the one-way cocktail into eternity–gets…ahem…excited. Not visibly obvious; but think Turdo at a sodomite parade. I’m using hyperbole; but this is what we have become as a Baal worshipping nation.


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