Trudeau Govt Force Canadian Universities To Adopt “Diversity Charter”

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The Liberal government of Canada has formulated a new program to which all universities are expected to commit. It is called Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” A Charter for “Dimensions” has been distributed to all university presidents, who are urged to sign, endorsing the program for their universities.

Taking a closer look at the program, we find that the unspoken cause of the social consternation are the Anglophone people of Canada. The program addresses obstacles faced by, but not limited to, women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minority/racialized groups, and members of LGBTQ2+ communities.
Who is the perceived foe of these disparate groups? It can only be one specific community– Canadians Of European Heritage. Obviously, these folks refrain from spelling it out. This, however, in no way diminishes the fact the tacit enemy of these communities is Old Stock Canada. Who else could it be?
 Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and other globalist leaders recently established a “Charter” to control free speech on the internet. Now, they are pushing an anti-Anglophone Charter upon the Canadian university system
Both are anti-democratic in nature. A sign of government worming their way into private business and education is an example of a move toward socialism within Canada. In countries such as China and Cuba– both of them hero-nations of the Trudeau family– government control all aspects of the lives of citizens. This is what Justin Trudeau is emulating within Canada.
Never before has a Canadian government reached so far into non-governmental institutions as Trudeau’s Liberals. It is, in fact, UNPRECEDENTED– meaning it is big news. Or it should be. It isn’t– because establishment media refuse to inform Canadians of this unfortunate truth. Another example of nascent communism in Canada.
Establishment Media. Social Media. Universities. Justin Trudeau is going after every fundamental element of society in a drive to enforce diversity, multiculturalism, LGBT, transgenderism, Islam, Sikhism, China and the rest upon the Canadian citizenship.
The unmentioned side-effect is that whitey is the root of the discontent for all these people’s troubles. Who asked for multiculturalism in the fist place? No one.  Who voted for it? Not a single Canadian. No mandate. No public approval. NO DEMOCRACY.
This is Justin Trudeau. It was Pierre Trudeau before him. The two are political tag-team for the TRANS-formation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Yes, it is dressed up as an attempt at social equality. This, of course, is a lie. The result of enforced multiculturalism is the marginalization and vilification of Anglophone Canada.

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