Trudeau Govt Demanding Abortion For Old Stock Canadians Amid Highest Immigration Quotas In A CENTURY

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Yes–the curious, spurious world of abortion in Canada. Talk about an under-discussed social issue. Of course, there are definite reasons for this–and they all relate to one particular theme–how Pierre Trudeau set up English Canada up for its ultimate decimation.

Did you know? Under the Canada Health Act, the federal government can punish provinces that fail to provide health services, including abortion, by withholding transfer payments.

No surprise–abortion is part and parcel of this federal statute–meaning the ruling government is in a position to force provinces such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Manitoba to adhere to strict mass abortion laws.

What are these laws? Quite simple, really– there are none:

“With no abortion law in Canada’s criminal code, viable babies can be aborted at any point if a doctor is found willing to do it.”

Facts: Politicians, immigration minister, and so-called academic “experts” in Canada all agree that our nation has a serious problem with an aging population, as well as an aging workforce.

As a defining solution, the Trudeau government presently import the highest number of Third World migrants in Canadian history. At the same time, Justin Trudeau, Sikh-centric NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and other abortion-mongers are running around Canada demanding full access to abortion for all women.

Recently, Mr. Singh was with Justin Trudeau in New Brunswick, begging for the PM to force open access abortion in this under-populated, Old Stock Canadian province. Next to Quebec, NB has the most thriving French-Canadian community in Canada. At least 90% of these folks are Anglophone or Francophone Christian Canadians–and Jagmeet Singh from the Punjab wants their children impeded from birth.

CAP call bollocks on this. As mentioned in a previous CAP article, if Jagmeet Singh wants mass abortion in Canada, then go to Brampton, Ontario(white minority) and demand it there. In other words, keep your globalist hands off our children, buddy-boy.

Did you know? In Canada, access to health services is guaranteed by the Canada Health Act. Abortion is considered a safe, legal, insured and funded service, meaning that a woman should not have to pay for abortion services in Canada.

Trans-lation: The Canadian tax-payer funds the decimation of Old Stock Canadian populations. How liberal-globalist this is.

Consider the following– post- Pierre Trudeau Canada has “whitey” playing for his own decimation based upon abortion “laws” in Canada. Additionally, post-Pierre Trudeau Canada finds Old Stock Canada paying for their own cultural decimation as well–by way of trans-fering hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers to non-profit “multicultural” organizations every year.

See the parallel? CAP certainly do–and we have a term for this: Globalism. Indeed,  it is the fine art of having an identifiable Canadian community pay for their own demise— a Justin Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist agenda of there ever was one.

Within Canadian society, a most curious dynamic exists within the world of abortion. Government offers statistics on the number of abortions in Canada–some (gasp) 90,000 per year, for the past two decades or more. Yet never do they inform our citizens of who receives these “operations.”

From what CAP has gathered, the bulk of these surgeries are performed on Old Stock Canadian women–of which Jagmeet Singh is not a member. Yet, he believes in his inalienable right to push abortion on Anglophone and Francophone Canada--without a second thought as to the ramifications being expresses herein.

What, is this man some kind of globalist god from “on high?” Perhaps that one is reserved for King Justin, but Singh shares the same arrogance.

Enter establishment media–not! Please do tell– is this a coincidence? In the very same manner in which CBC and the rest eschew the demographic assault upon Old Stock Canada, they also eschew the decimation of Old Stock Canada by way of the Trudeau-Globalist Dynasty’s non-policies on abortion.

Now, why would these media outlets–Globe & Mail, National Post— bury both of these social developments–when their publishers, editors and leading journalists are themselves of Old Stock Canadian heritage? Unusual, isn’t it?

This informs thinking Canadians(must not be a Snowflake) that something is serious amiss within our society.

“Climate change is clearly a top priority for any Green Party member, but newly-elected Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin’s first order of business is dealing with the shuttering of the only private abortion clinic in her province.

It’s very time-sensitive,” said Atwin, who made history during the last election by becoming the Green Party’s third-ever MP and the first to be elected outside of British Columbia. 

Very time-sensitive, is it? What is she driving at– that if New Brunswick’s gang of pregnant women do not gain access to fetus-destruction immediately, the world is going to fall apart?

Witness the fanaticism. Same thing with climate change— as if the world is truly going to explode next week as Greta Thunberg tells us. Obviously, there is little to zero difference between these Green folks and our ruling prime minister.

Climate change, and mass fetus destruction available for a woman at any stage of her pregnancy–including at 9 months pregnant— oh, how “King Trudeau” this really is.

So who gets these abortions? Not once has media enlightened the people of Canada on any element of this equation– just as they inform the public of immigration quota numbers, without telling us which nations these people actually come from.

CAP Conclusion: the nation of Canada is a million-times more socialist than most Canadians comprehend. Why the lack of understanding? Simple–because media refuse to inform us. When government controls media, we have shades of communism rising.

Never more than under King Justin has this been the structure of a ruling Canadian government. Guess what, fellow patriots? Your nation has one of the most monolithic leftist media “monopolies” in the western world.

Why don’t Canadians know this? Easy–because Canada has one of the most monolithic leftist media “monopolies” in the western world. Man, has Old Stock Canada ever been hood-winked! It is both sad and pathetic--but there you have it.

Bottom Line: the federal government of Canada has it in for Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canada. Trudeau certainly does, and so does his freshly-minted Liberal cabinet–these MP’s wouldn’t be part of Justin’s global inner circle if they do not share this attitude.

Then, millions of Old Stock Canadians run out and vote for Justin Trudeau. Hey Canadian patriots–put that in your pipe and smoke it.








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