Trudeau Govt Fail To Prosecute ISIS Returnees But Not Admiral Mark Norman

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The Vice Admiral Mark Norman case has given Canadians another window into the priorities of the Trudeau Liberal government.

While the government has failed in any meaningful way to prosecute the dozens of ISIS returnees who are walking around freely on Canadian soil, they were somehow able to toss the former head of the Navy’s life into limbo for two years on an allegation recently thrown out of court.

As many Canadians are aware, the Trudeau government has cancelled their charge against Admiral Mark Norman. Mr. Norman was accused of leaking critical information regarding a  shipbuilding contract to the Davie shipyard firm of Quebec.

Typically, Canadian media have overlooked one critical aspect of this case. CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star fail to connect the dots regarding the topic of Justin Trudeau’s favouritism toward QUEBEC-based companies. If establishment media did their jobs properly, they would enlighten their readers on the preferential treatment Trudeau grants to powerful Quebec corporations— Bombardier, SNC-Lavalin, and Davie being three prominent examples. They have failed to reveal the connection to the public.

Why does Justin Trudeau favour Quebec? Apart from the fact he is a native of the province, the reason is that Quebec is the LAST REMAINING Liberal party stronghold in Canada. Trudeau must have their votes in win in October, 2019.

Regarding the Mark Norman trial, it is most interesting to compare his case with another person who has dominated media news of late, Omar Khadr. By way of the Trudeau government, this convicted terrorist received a $10.5 Million dollar cheque from our current government. Khadr purchased a shopping mall with the funds. He also appeared as a guest on the Trudeau-funded state controlled CBC news network, where he was applauded by a gang of liberal snowflakes.

Meanwhile, Mark Norman, falsely accused, spent the past two years having his name slandered, only to have Trudeau drop the case due to the poor messaging it delivered to potential Liberal voters. The related stress and financial cost has been extreme. After Mr. Norman’s exoneration, Minister Of Defence Harjit Sajjan REFUSED to reinstate him into his position as the second most powerful person within Canadian Naval Forces.

This is the Trudeau government. Benefit– the terrorist. Damage–the Canadian. Why does the Trudeau government continuously make decisions or create circumstances which benefit foreigners, terrorists, and murders? Exactly WHO is Justin Trudeau working for?

Canadians with common sense want to know. Liberal snowflakes want to bury the issue in hot sands of the Sahara. Naturally, media side with the latter. They continue to obscure and cover-up the fact that from day one Mr. Trudeau’s decision-making has been decidedly anti-Canadian. Is this not a fact our citizenship deserves to have spelled out in no uncertain terms?

They won’t do it–therefore it is the responsibility of Canadians to discover the truth on our own. Fortunately, the rise of alternate/social media is permitting this to happen. No wonder Justin is now pressuring Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to censor anti- liberal sentiment on the social media behemoth.

Admiral Mark Norman–criminal. Omar Khadr– multi-millionaire shopping mall owning convicted terrorist. What a classic microcosm of Canadian society under the leadership of Canada’s only anti-Canadian prime minister in history–with the possible exception of his father, Pierre Trudeau.


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