Trudeau Govt Endanger Heath Of Canadians With Gay Blood Donation Changes

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Men who have had sex with men will be able to give blood after a deferral period of three months, down from a year, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said Wednesday.

The decision was made at the request of Canadian Blood Services and Hema-Quebec, Petitpas Taylor said on Parliament Hill, adding it’s meant to be a significant step toward eliminating the deferral period all together.

The Trudeau government have a peculiar obsession with issues of the homosexual variety. PM Trudeau himself seems particularly attached to the issues. Prancing around in Pride Parades, Justin has claimed transgender surgery must be available for everyone from “6 to 60.” What a strange man. For Justin, injecting non-approved hormone therapy drugs(studies show an marked increase in chances of a heart attack) is a mighty fine idea.

Even more bizzare was a 2016 Liberal government decision to change laws related to behaviours related to the macabre area of sex with animals. Bizarrely, crimes related to bestiality were altered to limit the offence to an act of penetration.  Doesn’t our government have anything better to do than fret over laws related to sex with farm animals? Exactly who does this benefit?

As for the changes to blood donations from sexually active gay men, the ruling Liberals are increasing the  risk of Canadians contracting HIV/AIDS by way of blood donations from homosexuals. What they do not inform citizens is the purpose of making this change.

Until 2013, Canada had a lifetime ban preventing men who had sex with men from donating, meaning they could not give blood if they had had sexual relationships after 1977. Health Canada said it has now approved three requests to shorten the deferral periods, which are meant to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV through blood transfusions. Again, why? Seems government are above providing an answer.

Upon seizing control of Canada in 2015, PM Trudeau created a “Minister of LGBT” portfolio, placing Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault into the position. This man is trouble. He is one of Justin’s most rabid globalists. Day after day he pushes homosexuality and transgenderism upon Canadian society. Boissonnault brings to LGBT what immigration minister Ahmed Hussen brings to immigration– a rabid, fanatical approach to diluting Canadian values and identity.

With all the social consternation regarding transgenderism in Canada– particularly in the area of sex-change for children as young as 10-years old, Boissonnault has never said ONE WORD against the practice. Is he unaware that FDA has not approved hormone therapy drugs used in sex-change therapy? Of course not. Then again, trouble-making  Liberals couldn’t give a damn about the law– they just want everything their way.

In 2016, the Liberal government passed legislation to lower the age of consent for anal sex to sixteen years of age. Again, why would this be a priority for the ruling Canadian government? Liberals claim the “section of the Criminal Code is discriminatory and the LGBTQ2 community has rightfully called for its repeal.” Since when has the LGBT community been wrong about anything? Seems like never, and here again Justin Trudeau accommodated their will.

Gay blood donations, bestiality, anal sex, transgenderism– Justin and the Liberals sure have been busy placating those on the very fringes of society. As for the rest– the Canadian majority, religious Christians, social conservatives and heterosexuals– they can all go jump in Lake Ontario. Justin  doesn’t give a damn. What is important to him is pleasing the gay and transgender community.

What an oddball. Contrast this with Trudeau’s fervent dedication to the Nation of Islam. Within Sharia law, homosexuality is a sin worthy of death by stoning. Yet our PM supports this ideology with the same degree of tenacity as he supports the LGBT movement.

It makes no sense–therefore it must be a by-product of the decision-making of the strangest prime minister who ever lived–including Mackenzie King and his penchant for using ouija boards to speak to his dead mother.

Justin and his motley crew of culture-killers must be removed from office. A top priority of government is the safety and protection of Canadian citizens. As with a decision to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into society, Justin Trudeau simply does not do the job.



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  1. Please God hear our prayers and save Canada, wake the people of Canada to call on God. We are told in the Word of God that if we pray God will heal our land.


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