Trudeau Government ENCOURAGING Voter Fraud As Federal Election Gets Closer

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Conservative Senator Linda Frum is alarmed at the electoral changes the Trudeau government have quietly introduced.  Liberal election Bill C-76 will change the law so that voter registration cards are legal forms of voter ID once again.” 

Under the legislation, a potential voter is now allowed to show the voter ID card as a piece of identification at the polls. Translation? Official Photo Identification is no longer a necessity to vote in the upcoming federal election.

“Being able to vote with a simple Elections Canada card could allow countless non-citizens – including asylum seekers, illegal border crossers and those whose refugee applications have been rejected – to vote in the next election.”

How incredibly “Justin Trudeau” this is. What an incredibly odd piece of legislation to pass at this moment in time. After all, for the past three years Canadians have witnessed the steady flow(increase) of illegal migrants into Canada. Why then would Justin Trudeau alter a requirement which leads to an increase in voter fraud regarding the October, 2019 federal election?

An obvious reason is desperation.  Another is that Trudeau enjoys diluting the meaning of Canadian citizenship–of which border-erosion is a major component. This is what globalist leaders like Trudeau, Macron and Merkel have done within their respective nations.

National sovereignty be damned. These leaders are eager to establish borderless nation-states lacking  social cohesion. This is also what Justin has attempted to accomplish by way of his “no core identity” proclamation.

Of course, anyone with a reasonable understanding of political history–not to mention sociology– will understand that in time a new core identity will rise up to replace the one PM Trudeau personally cancelled.

“While Elections Canada claims their procedures are thorough, there are no measures in place to stop non-citizens who end up on voter registration lists from voting.

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Voters are not required to show proof of citizenship, nor are they asked if they are a legal citizen entitled to vote. Result? Advantage: illegal refugees. Disadvantage: All legitimate Canadian citizens How MP Ahmed Hussen is this?

Interesting that forty odd years ago, a Trudeau family member cancelled bi-cultural English & French identity in Canada. This would be Pierre Trudeau. Then, four decades later, son Justin informs Canadians we have no identity whatsoever. Justin personally blessed Canada with his “no core identity” label. Presumptuous, or what? Of course it is–he is a Trudeau family member–they’re all like this.

Who are these two– or anyone else– to make such dramatic, nation-changing decisions by themselves? No referendum. No  public approval. No vote. NO DEMOCRACY.

This is the Trudeau family brand of  political leadership in Canada. Will voters have the good sense to end the madness come October, 2019? Despite the Canadian media, it appears the chances are reasonable strong.



11 thoughts on “Trudeau Government ENCOURAGING Voter Fraud As Federal Election Gets Closer”

  1. Mr. Sheer needs to take a page from Mr. Kenny’s playbook and stop pretending to believe in global warming simply to appease the C02-is-evil crowd Stop pandering to the indoctrinated leftists in hopes of winning the undecided middle. Truth will set us all free. CO2 is not pollution.

  2. At present the Liberals are a disgrace to our country, however, they could come back by getting rid of there leader, but it should be done soon.

  3. He needs to go he has done so much damage to our country??? it doesn’t make Canadians feel safe in their country anymore he’s a unfit leader

  4. So HOW does a government Quietly Introduce or pass a Bill , IS everbody sleeping , The OPPOSITION better get their stuff together , This F’n criminal TruDope is a criminal . He is not GOD , He is Not the President of Canada , He is Not the almighty Decision maker , what the Hell is going on in this Country

    • By passing legislation by way of an Omnibus bill, which brings together a variety of changes in legislation grouped together. The Trudeau govt slips bills they dont want the public to be aware of into this kind of Bill, often at the very last minute.


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