Trudeau Govt To DEPORT Christian Family To Militant Islamic Nigeria

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The family is Christian. Canada’s Refugee Protection Division is unconvinced that they are in danger in Nigeria, despite Nigeria being a Muslim country where Christians are tormented by jihadist factions, including Boko Haram and Al Qaeda.

Canada has implemented a generous open-door immigration policy toward Muslim migrants, but it is turning its back on a Christian family seeking refuge from real danger.

How very Justin Trudeau. How “Ahmed Hussen.” Their hypocrisy is blatant and obvious, or would be, if Canadian media didn’t BURY stories of this nature.

Canada’s general stance toward immigration is as follows: the country’s Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen promised to lead the charge on the global UN refugee plan, aka The UN Migration Pact. How many Canadians supported this move? We have NO IDEA–because not a single member of the public had a say in the matter.

Hussen also defended a bill reinstating the citizenship of convicted terrorists in 2017.  Polls show Canadians OPPOSE this in no uncertain terms. Hussen does it regardless. Last month, Hussen announced Canada’s plans to massively ramp up refugee intake to include economic migrants. How many Canadians approved this?  You know the answer-– ZERO.

In fact, a recent polls informs that the majority of Canadians oppose Hussen’s refugee ramp up. This is what Hussen had to say in response:

“My wish is that we continue to INCREASE LEVELS in our immigration system for refugees. I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for HIGHER REFUGEE NUMBERS EVERY SINGLE YEAR. 

Yet, this half-Canadian Somalian refugee refuses to permit a Christian family in mortal danger the right to migrate to Canada. CAP salient question time: Would Hussen have refused the family if they were “co-religionists” of this Liberal GTA politician.

It’s a hypothetical, therefore we cannot properly answer the question. However, based upon Hussen’s TOTAL dedication to the Nation of Islam, the answer appears obvious.

Canada’s big welcome has also extended to returning Islamic State jihadis. The country has been consistent in its open-door approach. Following Trump’s Executive Order to temporarily ban travellers from seven Muslim countries of concern, Trudeau immediately tweeted out a welcome to refugees.

How many Canadians approved this decision Once again, a giant goose-egg. Months later it was reported that Canada “admitted the largest number of refugees in a single year in nearly four decades, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.” The top five countries of origin for refugee arrivals to Canada were Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Congo, and Afghanistan.

Every one of them is either a certified Muslim nation, or maintains a large Muslim population. Yet, a single Christian family are boxed out of the picture by way of MP Ahmed Hussen and boss-man Justin Trudeau.

CAP conclusion? These two politicians are dangerous.

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In many ways, this is a replication of what has transpired in several western democracies. Germany, Sweden and France are good examples. What has been the result? Religious “no-go” zones. Sharia Law, Sharia Courts. Female Genital Mutilation cases in the thousands. Churches burned to the ground. In other words, social chaos.

So why would King Justin, knowing this to be the case, replicate this dynamic in Canada? Wouldn’t the proper thing to do as prime minister be to protect and minimize the chances of these destructive behaviours occurring in Canada?

Justin does not do it..  Instead, he refuses legitimate Christian refugees, preferring instead to open the doors to illegal refugees, who in fact, are not real refugees AT ALL.

Bias. Hypocrisy. Favouritism. Yet, incredibly, Justin Trudeau is currently running around the country speaking about the importance of social equality. It’s a lie. Trudeau’s post-modern Canada is a post-christian Canada.

For as long as he can do so, Justin Trudeau will advance this agenda upon Canadian soil. He is locked into to this mindset:

English Canada must be punished for historical treatment of First Nations peoples. Anglophone Canadians must be knocked down to a lower rung within contemporary society. Canada MUST trans-ition Anglophones into a minority community. We are to be disempowered as punishment for historical colonization of our nation.

The denial of one family doth not make a policy. It is, however, highly EMBLEMATIC of the general situation. It is a microcosm for the state-of-the-nation under the iron-clad grip of Justin Trudeau

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Trudeau  wants a new Canada filled with new Canadians. Interesting to note how mainstream media NEVER SPEAK of the fate for those of us who qualify as “old” Canadians. Leading journalist Andrew Coyne is an Old Stock Canadian. So are Christine Blatchford and John Ibbitson, two other leading Canadian journalists. Why don’t they write about immigration from the Old Stock perspective? Of course, it’s all part of the globalist agenda.

Trudeau and Hussen know where all this is leading, because they are leading us there. Too bad 37 million Canadians do not understand this unfortunate truth. If they did, the agenda may not occur.








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    • I believe they are conspiring to commit murder. That is an inditcable offence in Canada. The RCMP will not prosecute Trudeau for Treason. Ihave asked them already.

  2. Is there a petition that we can sign to protect these Christian families from being deported nothing keep them safe from Justin Trudeau’s death sentence


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