Trudeau Govt Deny Christian Bible Camps Funding, Approves For Muslim Organizations

A legal group is taking Ottawa to court over its denial of jobs grants for Bible camps in Ontario and Nova Scotia, with the camp’s operators suggesting the rejection is due to their evangelical beliefs.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it will seek to overturn the federal refusal to fund summer counsellors for the two Bible Centered Ministries camps in Cooks Brook, 70 kilometres northeast of Halifax, and near Omemee, Ont., west of Peterborough.

John Carpay, the founder of the Calgary-based centre, said Tuesday the group will ask Federal Court to declare that the rejection unreasonably “interferes with the camps’ rights to religious freedom.”

Interesting how the Trudeau government will gladly interfere with religious freedom for Christian organizations, while never interfering with religious freedoms for Muslim organizations. In fact, the Trudeau government recently granted controversial Islamist organizations with a new round of funding from the Trudeau government’s Canada Summer Job program, according to True North News.

The Liberal government recently awarded the Islamic Society of North America-Canada (ISNA-Canada) with $25,787 in Canada Summer Jobs funding despite having its charity status revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency for allegedly funding a militant terror group. According to official records, seven chapters of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) were listed as approved for funding.

If this isn’t a quintessential microcosm for the state of the nation under King Justin, CAP do not know what is. Favouritism, financing, indemnification by way of M103--whatever community leaders seem to want, Trudeau seems to deliver.

Yet, if a Canadian non-profit opposes mass abortion, they are punished by Trudeau with a cancellation of funding– for BIBLE CAMPS!. How BOGUS. Our organization brands Justin a pseudo-dictator. We label this man anti-Christian. CAP espouse that Trudeau is intent upon the establishment of Islam as the dominant religious force in Canada.

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What frustrates sensible, conservative Canadians to no end is the manner in which establishment media COVER UP THE ENTIRE AGENDA. It’s enough to make a common sense Canadian to FLIP THEIR LID in recognition of the biggest political SWINDLE in Canadian history.

See Justin attack Bible Camps. See Justin take away the funding for EIGHT camp councillors because they DISAGREE with Trudeau’s  mass abortion agenda. Conversely, watch and witness as Trudeau brands HALF THE CITIZENS of Canada racist at a recent Islamic Event in Ontario.

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It’s a sad state of affairs, folks. 90% of Canadians have NO CLUE of the hi-jacking agenda currently being perpetrated upon our nation. Flip through today’s Globe & Mail. Turn on CBC news. You will see NOT A WORD on the covert globalist agenda of national seduction.

ONLY those who make an effort to source out the truth, will discover the truth. This is not proper journalism within a free and democratic nation. Then again, we are not living in a free and democratic nation.

We are living in TRUDEAU-LAND— a society based upon government lies and deception. Fortunately, Canadian are waking up to the truth. With less than four months until the October election, we best start waking up even faster. Justin Trudeau is gunning to win.If he succeeds, it is for the express purpose of continuing on the EXACT SAME agenda for an additional four years.

Want a dead English Canada? Desirous of a non-Christian Canada? Then vote TRUDEAU, and all your dreams will come true.



2 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Deny Christian Bible Camps Funding, Approves For Muslim Organizations

  1. So whether or not you receive funding or get it cut depends on your stance on Life. Anti’s are in, Pro’s are out.

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