Trudeau Govt Insist Internet Giants SUBMIT To Their Censorship Demands

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Democratic Institutions minister Karina Gould says talks with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are “progressing slowly” because the mega-platforms have been RELUCTANT TO SUBMIT TO GOVERNMENT DEMANDS.

Under the guise of concern over foreign election meddling, the true agenda at play is to CONTROL online expression of ideas counter to Liberal-Globalist ideology. Indeed, the Trudeau government always wrap their self-interested in virtue-signalling deception. Ostensibly related to an attack upon “democratic institutions,” there is a supreme irony at play in the fact that no Canadian institution has done more to ERODE the spirit of democracy more than our current government.

“Accuse the other of that which you yourself indulge in” is a mantra from totalitarian governments of the past. Justin Trudeau and his gang of globalists have certainly taken this piece of advice to heart.

— B. Salzberg




1 thought on “Trudeau Govt Insist Internet Giants SUBMIT To Their Censorship Demands”

  1. I and a whole lot od othe people are so sick of Justin Trudeau acting like a DICTATOR,in Canada which is suppose to be a free country, now he wants to censor the internet,this is too ,too much…………………


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