Trudeau Govt Deceive Canadians With Claim Immigration Will Solve Aging Workforce Issues

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Canada’s C.D. Howe Institute has produced a report showing government would have to bring in 1.4 million immigrants a year FOR DECADES to counteract the country’s low birthrate and retirement of workers.

That would be a rate FOUR TIMES higher than the 2018 historical record of 321,000, which polls by Ipsos and others show the majority of Canadians OPPOSE. It adds up to a “preposterous scenario,” C.D. Howe says.

“Canadians in general, and policy-makers in particular, should not think of immigration as an antidote to demographic and fiscal pressures,” says the report, concluding immigration has only a “muted impact” on Canada’s age structure.

Not according to Somalian-Canadian dual citizen/Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen. He and boss-man Justin Trudeau have been playing the “aging workforce” card since day one in office. It should be no surprise. Their immigration intake program has much more to do with a globalist agenda to dilute Canadian identity than resolving workforce issues.

Simply put, Ahmed Hussen does not like Anglophone Canadians, and more than likely, Anglophones period. Somalia is a nation with a CENTURY-LONG conflict with Britain. Chances are high he dislikes colonialism in a big way. Therefore, his job description offers a path for revenge: overwhelm Canada with Third World migrants and Islamic co-religionists. Dilute Canadian historical identity. TRANS-form Canada into a dumping ground for the downtrodden from the Third World. And perhaps most personally fulfilling of all, brand anyone who questions or disagrees A RACIST.

Fun times for Mr. Hussen. Then again, Justin Trudeau specializes in this kind of thing. He simply adores chipping away at English Canada, its peoples and their identity. For this purpose, he could not have made a finer choice for immigration minister than drop-in citizen, Ahmed Hussen.

Bottom line: Trudeau selected an African refugee with a giant chip on his shouldler regarding all-things-Anglophone as the person in charge of the demographic DESTINY of Canada.

For this alone, Trudeau should be removed from office. Yet, it will take the voting booth to get these two out of government.  Merkel, Macron, May, Trudeau–notice the pattern? Globalist destroyers never voluntarily leave office.


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