Trudeau Govt Create Team To MONITOR “Anti-Immigrant” Sentiment In Canada

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More, more, more. Team Trudeau “just can’t get enough.” After working to control establishment media, Justin Trudeau is now aiming his censorship demands at social media.

It is one thing for the PMO to monitor the online commentary of Liberal MP’s. It is another to do so for the federal parties they are in competition with, and still another thing to monitor the commentary of private Canadian citizens.

According to True North News, this is now occurring, as Trudeau continues to implement Orwellian and communist tactics within government, as well as in the private sector.

A recent news article spoke of Trudeau’s attempt to manipulate and control the statements of a former ambassador to China, David Mulroney. Canadian lives are on the line in China as Trudeau’s government  imitates the regime in Beijing by trying to silence critics. Two former senior diplomats have come forward to say that officials called to ask them to stop contradicting the government in public on China and to “get with the program.”

According to the source article, “Bureaucrats in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are “monitoring” social media posts for “misconceptions” about immigration to Canada.

Internal emails obtained under Access to Information reveal a team of 12 communications and social media staffers reporting and conducting “detailed analysis” on tweets posted not only by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, but also ORDINARY Canadians.

Here, once again, we find Justin Trudeau eroding the meaning of freedom and democracy in Canada. When the monitoring includes private citizens, we have an emulation of society within the communist nations Mr. Trudeau admires so much.

“The comments are unfavourable to the Prime Minister and government, and are also very un-sympathetic (sic) to those claiming asylum.”

Quite. Since when is “unfavourable” something that requires dollars, employees  and resources to be dedicated to prevent such commentary. For how much of Canadian history has being “unsympathetic” been a taboo within society?

Answer: Since October 19th, 2015--the day Justin Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of the Canadian people. See what this cretinous political fraud is doing to our nation?

Most don’t–which is the very purpose of the illicit agenda in the first place. Control ALL elements of media, from government-funded(CBC) to private corporations(CTV), on through to Twitter content. Do this quietly and incrementally, so Canadians do not catch on.

Next, extend the reach into the PRIVATE LIVES of Canadians. This we have already witnessed in the form of LGBT indoctrination of our children. Now, Justin & Co. are progressing to  individual, non-government employed citizens

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End game? Trans-form Canada from democracy to dictatorship, with media as a core component. CAP maintain that the majority of Canadians lack an awareness of exactly how MONOLITHIC the Canadian media are. We claim Canada is ten times worse than the United States or Britain in this capacity.

The problem is that it is extremely difficult for the general public to recognize the draconian style of Canadian media. They don’t reveal it, so we don’t understand it in its proper context.

In order to transcend the Liberal-Globalist-Trudeau-Islam-China dynamic, one must take action to discover the truth. This is not found by reading the Globe & Mail. One must get outside the Canadian media bubble to gain an ability to see the big  picture in an objective manner. You will never discover this by way of Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, Christine Blatchford and other major journalists.

These people do not expose the agenda–they protect the agenda. These people are not a friend of social conservatives, pro-life folks, Christians, or Anglophone Canadians. Rather, they work to preserve a political agenda dedicated to the decimation of the cultural identity from they and their families derive.

This is the real post-modern nation Trudeau spoke of. For this character, every reaction creates an equal and opposite reaction. For example, fighting “Islamophobia” is really about the entrenchment of the Islamic way of life into society. Being pro-transgender delivers a message of human rights and social equality, while the covert under-belly  is one of cases of child abuse, family discord, dangerous hormone drugs, and the like.

For Justin Trudeau, there is an ulterior motive to every move he makes. In the case of his tedious virtue-signalling claims regarding “anti-immigrant” public sentiment is to muzzle government employees and private citizens in the manner communist China employs regarding their private citizens.

Of course, the private citizens in China are not private at all. They are 100% controlled by government–the very goal of Justin Trudeau as he works a covert agenda of social trans-formation within Canadian society.



3 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Create Team To MONITOR “Anti-Immigrant” Sentiment In Canada”

  1. Brad continues to write, eloquently, political discourses; he demonstrates a clear understanding of the Social / Political forces us Euro-Canadians are faced with.

  2. Canadian values and Islamic values don’t mix.  I’ll live by and defend the Canadian ones, with my life if necessary! Enough! Write laws until the cows come home, call me whatever kind of phobic you like, I really really don’t give a shit and I’m 100% sure there is a staggering number of other Canadians who agree with me.  Also willing to bet that among those are very very few people who hold true prejudice against anyone of true character that isn’t a threat to the hard won freedoms of the citizens of this country.

    You’re sadly underestimating the average Canadian…..  just sayin.  When we’ve had enough, you may be very surprised at the response.  Won’t need to be louder or braver. Don’t forget that the Indigenous people and the generations of Canadians whose people who were also immigrants with different values than yours know this country intimately…..  and will use that knowledge to their advantage when the time comes united as Canadians regardless of their differences because of a true love for their country.

    I am Canadian.   I love my country.  I will speak up, stand up and fight if necessary to defend it against any threat including the Government and anyone whose values threaten the freedoms of this country that were defended by the blood of the brave!  Don’t give a rats ass what anyone calls me or that.  If you come here and embrace this country, don’t demand special rights, work and be a contributing member to your neighbourhood and community and you got here legally, you have nothing to fear from me.
    I encounter anything that threatens me, my family or my neighborhood, it will be dealt with, swiftly, with whatever means is necessary.


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