Trudeau Government “COOKED” If RCMP Called In: Liberal MP’s

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“Perception is reality,” said one of the Liberal MPs in an interview with The Hill Times on a not-for-attribution basis. “If the RCMP comes in, we’re cooked.”

CAP find this comment to be one of the most curious political statements we have heard in a long time. A Liberal MP, presumably looking for Trudeau/Liberals to win the October election, issues a statement counter-intuitive to his personal mission of re-election.

How odd. Then again, the Trudeau government are the most odd-ball federal government in Canadian history. Why on earth would a Liberal MP slam his boss, and indirectly dampen his personal chances of re-election?

Some Liberals said they are already considering dropping Mr. Trudeau’s name or image from their campaign material, because of a significant drop in the prime minister’s personal approval rating in public opinion polls.

More Multicult Madness! Can you imagine? Some Liberal MP’s may drop the prime minister’s name from their campaigns. And yet, Justin Trudeau is “Mr. Popular” in Canada?

Cripes–even his MP’s are embarrassed by PM Trudeau. Perhaps so too is his wife–we almost never see him along side Ms. Sophie. Yet another element of strangeness. Note how media never allude to this fact.

Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer-“We know Justin Trudeau broke the law. Today I’m calling on the RCMP to investigate whether or not he committed a crime in the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.”

Serious stuff. Yet, incredibly, Justin Trudeau is neck-and neck with Mr. Scheer in the polls. What to conclude? Either the polls are skewed(possible of course), or Canadians are not comprehending the reality of the situation. Naturally, this is a distinct possibility as media continuously take the edge off Trudeau’s inequities. To verify, just read the slop John Ivison from the Globe & Mail writes about Canada’s King of Kings.

As it happens, this is the second time in the government’s four-year mandate that Mr. Trudeau has been found guilty of breaking ethics laws. In 2017, the then-ethics commissioner determined that Mr. Trudeau broke ethics laws when he, his family, and close friends vacationed at the Aga Khan’s Bahamian island without paying their own way.

Now, a hypothetical story headline: “Unprecedented: Justin Trudeau First Prime In History Twice Convicted Of Breach-Of-Law”

Exit, Mr. Trudeau. No more tax-payer globalist piggy bank. No more LGBT obsessions. An end to virtue-signalling nonsense–bye,bye, Mr. Trudeau.

Of course, this headline will never appear in any Canadian mainstream media publication. Their job is to prop-up Justin as a competent national leader. In CAP’s opinion, the man finest skill is pitting community against community, angering heterosexuals and parents, pushing Islamic ideology, pleasing the United Nations, and maximizing revenues for international banking by way of deficit and personal debt accumulation.

Of this, Trudeau is a damn genius. Bottom line: Liberal MP’s have NO FAITH in their leader. Why then should voters have faith in King Trudeau? Good question–therefore one never posited in media.

PM response to the whole affair: “I’m not going to apologize for standing up for Canadians jobs. That’s my job,” Mr. Trudeau told reporters.

Yes, he is on the case in his usual manner–by trans-forming complex issues into one-line political fodder. Trudeau takes the same approach to abortion and transgenderism:

“No one should be able to tell women what to do with their bodies” suffices for what is in reality  a complex, multi-facited social issue. This is the way the man rolls. The same specious attitude is applied to transgenderism. Trudeau  superficial brain-matter should not be the be-all and end-all of complex issues of this nature

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Based on polling by Campaign Research, “integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness” are the second most important attributes driving voter intent. Therefore, bye bye Mr. Trudeau.

Or not? No doubt advisor Gerald Butt’s brain is on over-drive as he cooks up yet another scheme to bring boss-man back up in the polls. Still, the damage is extreme. Butts, Telford, and the rest may well have run out of steam regarding their Liberal-Globalist agenda of cultural assassination.

Glory be to the voter if this occurs. As for Liberal Snowflake types, no doubt they will just continue on being their flakey, self-hating selves. Yet, no doubt many have given up on the miscreant Trudeau, and will vote to wipe him off the face of Canadian politics for all time.

Here at CAP, we advocate that NO MEMBER of the Trudeau family ever be involved in our politics again. What a joy this would be for common-sense Canadians.




2 thoughts on “Trudeau Government “COOKED” If RCMP Called In: Liberal MP’s”

  1. I would go one further to ensure that we never have to suffer another Trudeau in Office.

    Every Member of the Trudeau Family should be Neutered, some people are too stupid to be allowed to reproduce and the Trudeau Family is a prime example.

  2. When you showed a picture of Justin Trudeau, along with M.P. Ralph Goodale, and there girl friend, R.C.M.P. Commissioner Brenda Lucki, who The Crime-minister gave the top job too. You must realize that they are one big happy LIBERAL Family, and you must also realize that Commissioner Brenda Lucki, is never going to turn around and BITE THE HAND THAT FED HER.


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