Trudeau Govt Cancel Action Plan To Combat Human Trafficking In Canada

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When Canadians are told modern slavery remains a global phenomenon, they would likely refer to cases such as Libya and its handling of Nigerian refugees, or rural India where modern slavery is an everyday occurrence.

However, when Canadians are told we have a problem with this in our own backyard, many would come across as shocked, unaware that human trafficking is on the rise in within our nation.

In 2011, the Conservative Party of Canada pledged to tackle human trafficking, creating the National Action Plan on June 6th, 2012. It assembled “Canada’s first integrated law enforcement team dedicated to combating human trafficking in Canada and abroad.”

The Trudeau government cancelled the plan in 2016. The Public Safety Department states that human trafficking is a modern form of slavery, typically involving the use of physical or psychological control over people (children) to exploit them sexually or for labour.

Arnold Viersen, a Conservative MP for the riding of Peace River-Westlock, spoke to the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs:

Their[ Trudeau government’s] failure to extend the National Action Plan is mostly a result of fighting human trafficking just not being a priority for them. If you look at what the CPC accomplished just during their 4-year majority term, it’s a stark comparison to the hands-off approach the Liberals have taken. The only thing the Liberals have done to combat human trafficking is to fund a national hotline in their final year, and that was the result of the US shaming them into it.

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Nice. Justin Trudeau has ample time to distribute billions of dollars to Third World governments. He has time to surf, and also time to ensure convicted ISIS terrorists are secure and safe after importing them to Canada from the Middle East.

But he does not have time to save innocent Canadian children from being sold into slavery or prostitution. What a strange, strange person he is. Where did he develop his sense of priorities–from the Osama Bin Laden School Of Western Morals And Ethics?

The protection of our citizenship is the top priority of a Canadian prime minister. Justin Trudeau simply does not do the job. Much of this he gets away with by way of an establishment media dedicated to hiding the dirt on our ruling Liberal government.

Human Trafficking is an illegal and immoral practice. In 2012, he government of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper established the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking in order to oppose human trafficking.

In 2016, Justin Trudeau cancelled the Plan. As a result, Canadian children are more vulnerable than ever to be recruited(forced) into prostitution and drug dealing. This is how Justin Trudeau rolls. Without question, the man is the most odd-ball decision maker in the history of Canadian politics. Vote him out on October 21st, 2019.


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  1. It’s not that I don’t totally agree with what you’re saying, but delivering your message in such a biased manner devalues what your trying to say. Liberal media already shoves their point of view down our throats, expecting us to accept their rhetoric as our own… Objective journalism, where you present the facts and allow people to develop their own conclusions, has much more impact.
    And believe me, Trudeau doesn’t have my vote this October… No worries there


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