Trudeau Govt Axe “Safe Country” Agreement, Asylum Claims Triple in Canada

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Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is doing away with a policy implemented under the Harper government that aimed to tackle a large backlog of refugee claims by limiting rights for asylum-seekers from certain “safe” countries — a policy Hussen says created inequity in Canada’s asylum system.

Is there anything Ahmed Hussen cares about other than jamming as many Third World refugees into Canada as humanly possible? Yes, there is–  the result of doing so.

This amounts to an intentional plan to transform our nation into a Salvation Army of Nations, whereby the sole purpose of Canada’s existence is to house, feed and educate non-Canadians from Hussen’s chosen Third World nations. This is paid for not by the United Nations, but rather by Canadian tax-payers working to house and feed their own families.

What a set-up. In 1951, Canada foolishly signed the United Nations Refugee Convention. Seventy years later, our society is being damaged from doing so.  In 2018, Ahmed Hussen signed the Global Pact On Migration on behalf of the Trudeau government. In fifty years, this could destroy Canada as we have known it for all-time. This is the way globalism rolls–it thinks ahead–DECADES ahead.

Here is the incredible irony of the situation. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and various Islamic nations DID NOT SIGN  the Refugee Convention. What is the outcome? Western Nation are in 2019 responsible for their outcast populations. How incredulous!

Of course, establishment media in Canada HAVE NEVER BREATHED A WORD about this to the Canadian people. Here, we see exactly how Canada GOT SCREWED regarding refugees of the world. Do you think Andrew Coyne or Chantal Hebert are not erudite enough to understand this dynamic? Of course they are.

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Shucked, hyped, screwed. Then to top it all off, Justin Trudeau hires an African Refugee to be in charge of the demographic destiny of our nation. Ahmed Hussen is a refugee pit-bull. Say one word against the nefarious program and you are as racist.  Of course, it is the pot calling the kettle black.

A tripling of refugee intake at a time when taxes are at an all-time high in Canada. The Carbon Tax took care of that. The Canadian-born are hard workers. Too bad they are working to feed, house and educate refugees who do not even qualify for the distinction as expressed under the Refugee Convention. It’s downright sad.

Rid our government of Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Ralph Goodale and Chrystia Freeland, and PERHAPS Canada can cease functioning the world’s fake refugee dumping ground.






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  1. It is pathetic that he instigates and entices agitation amongst all who aided in his position. It’s an insult and backhanded game he has played.
    I sure do hope everyone makes it, and it’s not the fault of the downtrodden.


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