Trudeau Govt Apologizes For Inuit Sled Dog Deaths, But NOT SNC-Lavalin

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Just when common-sense Canadians thought the absurdity of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals could not become more extreme, we find Mr. Trudeau & Co. apologizing for wrongs done to Inuit dogs by the government of Canada from 1950 to 1975. 

Please do tell–which apology seems more appropriate– the Ethics Commissioner finding Trudeau broke the law regarding SNC-Lavalin in 2019, or the death of a cabal of canines in 1958?

The dogs were shot by police and hunters, died from disease, or were abandoned by owners due to forced relocations. They were gradually replaced by snowmobiles.

What’s next, King Justin–an apology to furry felines denied their “Morris The Cat” food from 1972-1978? With this move, our current government move beyond-the-pale of a political theatre of the absurd.

As it happens, this is the third federal apology to Nunavut Inuit this year. In January, Bennettdelivered an apology for the forced relocation of Ahiarmiut Inuit. In March, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for historical mistreatment of Inuit with tuberculosis.

No one is saying the Inuit have had it easy. CAP has no problem with these folks. What we do have a problem with is a government wasting time and money on a peripheral issue of this nature. Furthermore–where does it stop?

Perhaps this is simply one step toward Justin Trudeau’s penultimate apology:

As Prime Minister, I hereby apologize for the Viking Invasions of North America in the year 1066. Although 801 years previous to the founding of Canada, all current citizens must be held responsible for the heinous crimes which took place when Europeans first entered North America nearly a millennium ago.”

From Sikhs, to the Transgendered, to Eskimos and their dogs. This is how the Trudeau government roll. It is truly a preposterous situation.  But there you have it– Justin Trudeau is an absurdist of a national leader–so what else should sensible Canadians expect?

“The Qikiqtani Truth Commission looked into the widespread deaths of Inuit sled dogs, or qimmiit, during the settlement era and found it went on too long to be a ‘secret plan or conspiracy’ from the government.”

Okay then, it was not pre-meditated. Therefore, culpability is minimal. So why then apologize? Interesting how Mr. Trudeau obsesses over apologies for historical inequities when they are devoid of his own personal involvement.

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Trudeau loves to utilize terms such “it is our national shame” and “we failed these people.” CAP is curious about why he chooses these words. It is not a fact that the man has selected the most broad terminology in his statements. It is not “the community at the time.” No specifics  are included. No historical context. In their stead, a sweeping condemnation of our ENTIRE society.

Why? How does  life in 1905 equate with that of the year 2019? In manner did all of Canada fail the Inuit? Is it our nation as a whole? Yes–this is exactly how apology-boy positions things. He damns the ENTIRE nation.

Pourquoi? Because these gestures are rooted in Liberal-Globalist ideology.Therefore, the condemnation must be as wide and broad as humanly possible. Our Justin follows these instructions to the letter.

It’s his finest skill. CAP theory maintains Justin Trudeau is great at his job– eroding national sovereignty, integrating Islam  into society, advancing a borderless nation, surrendering our identity and values to the globalist ethos.

Of this the man is a EXPERT. The best in the business. Merkel, Macron–they have these “talents” as well– but not on the level of Justin Trudeau–a prime minister who loves to hate the nation he has been elected to lead.



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