Trudeau Attempts To Control Canadian Internet Content– Media Research Centre

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The American media watchdog organization, Media Research Center (MRC), stated the report behind the Trudeau government’s call for requiring news websites and social media to obtain a government license to operate in Canada is “terrifying.”

“Canada was one of the Allies that defeated fascism. Canadian soldiers fought for freedom and now the Canadian government seems eager to take that away,” said Media Research Center (MRC) Culture Vice President, Dan Gainor. 

“Watching an ally, a neighbour and a friend talk about regulating the free press shows where the far left wants to take, not just Canada, but any nation they control,” he added.

CAP applaud this man’s choice of words. “Any nation they control” alludes to  belief that international forces beyond Canada’s borders are the true controllers of our nation. How very astute of this fellow.

In this regard, there is no single person in Canada more dedicated to the erasure of national sovereignty than prime minister Justin Trudeau. The man is a one man “wrecking crew” for the decimation of 153 years of Canadian cultural identity.

Now, let’s get a bit deeper: Gainor added he finds the thought of free and independent Canadian media maybe one day having to potentially relocate to the U.S., as Radio Free Europe did to people behind the Iron Curtain.

“There’s a terrifying lesson in this for Americans,” added Gainor. And pray-tell what is the lesson for Canada— that this draconian government measure is akin to a pleasant walk through a Canadian National Forest?

What all this spells is ominous as hell. Leaving the country in order to engage in freedom of speech? How entirely communist. Of course, as informed Canadians understand, Justin Trudeau is right now in the process of transitioning our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

See how neatly all this falls into line? Too bad 98% of Canadian society do not. This is where the socialist structure of media in Trudeau’s post-modern nation come to the rescue.

The job is simple and direct: undermine all comprehension of Canadians in terms of understanding the massive social transition Canada is experiencing at present.

This, fellow patriots, is the well-worn recipe for socialist success within a dying democracy. In terms of media lockdown, “this is a stepping-stone to the licensing and thereby control, of virtually all internet content. It’s Orwellian, quite frankly.” 

There you have it, fellow patriots. Too bad 98% of Canadian citizens will never “have it.”  For the benefit of United Nations, Nation of Islam, Sikh Nationalism and Chinese communism, the Canadian establishment media will ensure these concepts never penetrate the consciousness of society.

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer told Trudeau in the Canadian House of Commons during Question Period  that Canadians are “suspicious” of the licensing proposal.

“It’s no wonder that Canadian’s are suspicious about this, this is the same Prime Minister who has admiration for China’s basic dictatorship, the same Prime Minister who he praised on Fidel Castro, a man who is responsible for the death of millions,” Scheer said.

Interesting, eh? A direct hit upon the totalitarian leanings of the Trudeau government. What trans-pires as a result? Why, nothing at all. 

Any other patriots pick up on this unusual development? The Trudeau government transitions from majority to minority government upon the Liberal victory in 2019.

Yet, subsequently– the Trudeau government have more power than ever. Witness the messaging in such a phenomenon. What does it tell CAP? Simple–that Canada is now, in truth, a One Party State.

MORE FROM CAP– Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

Frankly, the Conservative Party of Canada can stand on its collective head until election day in 2023, and still they will not win. Peter McKay, Erin O’Toole–makes no difference who their leader is–the Liberals and their Third World political lock on government will win out in the end.

Rebel News Editor Ezra Levant also voiced his opposition to the idea of a media registry, saying in a Tweet sent out Monday:

“There are only two kinds of journalists in Canada now: those who are paid by Trudeau, and those who are banned by Trudeau.” 

A part of the report called for increasing funding by a total of $1.2 billion to the state-owned and leftist Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,  going as far to say the CBC has a “critical role to play” in shutting down supposed fake news websites.

A straight-up socialist media control tactic if there ever was one. What is King Trudeau up to here? Try a complete emulation of media control in the Trudeau family hero-nation of China.

With each passing day, Canada falls deeper into the political pit of communist media structure found in communist China. For millions of Old Stock Canadians, witnessing the demise of freedom and democracy in Canada in a painful experience.

This process began the day ex-Liberal Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Then, some forty years hence, son Justin Trudeau was brought in to bury freedom and democracy in Canada for all-time.


15 thoughts on “Trudeau Attempts To Control Canadian Internet Content– Media Research Centre”

    • I ask this all the time. I cannot figure out how this treacherous traitor is still running our country. I am so very sick and tired of this asshole.

    • Because the NDP and Bloc will support Trudeau because they have more influence than ever before and he has agreed to carry out their agenda. Unfortunately, with only ~40% representation, Conservatives will be unable to secure a no-confidence vote and it’s poor timing for them anyways while they are busy scrambling to find a new leader.

    • In my opinion it is because Trudeau threatened an election and NDP know they will loose seats. They currently have control of the liberals. So they support them in every way

  1. Censorship of free speech is step one for this tyrannical crime minister. Step two is taking away our right to bear arms to protect this great country against tyranny. Step three is the social unrest that has been set in motion with the pipeline blockades and protests while the sunny ways blackface playboy is out and about globe trotting giving away our tax dollars in his pathetic attempt to be a big shot in the UN’s globalist agenda machine. While our first nations people drink poison water, our veterans suffer at the hands of the jokestice system and the starving homeless people fill the under funded shelters. But don’t worry people we have the Royal Canadian Mounted Disgrace that rape and pilage their own members to the tune of a $1.2 billion dollar…that’s right $1.2 billion in the most recent class action lawsuit to protect us from tyranny. My my what a sad state of affairs…its gonna get ugly folks!

  2. This is shit right out of a horror movie…..this man child needs to be stopped in his tracks. We as a Nation need to start speaking up more and making his government accountable for the stupid crap he pulls.

  3. Talk is cheap! We all knew what Trudeau was and what he stood for. Yet Canadians voted this Idiot back into power. Don’t sit and flap your gums, get a back-bone and do something before it’s to late!

    • Cheryl I’m not so sure he won the last election. Almost 99.9 % of average joes I talked to 2 years before the last election detested him including folks from Toronto. If he manipulated the media to control the narrative, why couldn’t he manipulate Elections Canada. The Red Conservatives aren’t a alternative for me. It’s like they are all trying to be like Liberals so they will win the vote. I’ve voted Conservative for years and that came to an end when I voted for Max Bernier. Everyone said stop splitting the vote but I say to them stop voting for Red Conservatives and give Max a chance.

  4. We all have a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws !!! This is mostly in enforceable anyways but the shit thinking that got the gov here has to be opposed! “This aggression will not stand, man !” – The Dude. #thedude


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