Trudeau Government Working To Censor “Disinformation” On Facebook

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“Helping Canadians protect themselves from misinformation will require stricter transparency rules for political advertisers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram,” experts say.

A recent investigation uncovering links between grassroots Facebook pages focuses on Canada Proud founder Jeff Ballingall and his associates. According to uber-leftist National Observer, Mr. Ballingall is one of Canada’s most prominent “right-wing political strategists.”

“Knowing who is posting — and paying for — political ads is a fundamental” principle of democracies.” Ahmed Al-Rawi, director of the Disinformation Project says “the solution lies with Meta and other social media companies. These organizations have the power to compel advertisers to publish identification information on their ads and funding sources. Companies could also spend more on reviewing and flagging misleading or controversial content.”

The latter provides the key to the internet censorship kingdom. As a gateway, the Disinformation Project will begin with political advertisers. Next, the project will extend to political opinions of regular Facebook users.

“We need some sort of regulation that establishes transparency,” said Shane Gunster, a professor of communication at Simon Fraser University who studies online misinformation.

A critical point being a definition of who constitutes “we.” As Shane Gunster confirms, “we” includes Canadian academia. Add to this Liberal Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, who this week announced funding for the project. With a confirmation of government and academia buy-in, support from mainstream media is guaranteed.

Thus is it that Canada’s controlling institutions are gunning to erode freedom of speech on Facebook. Rumour has it that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s next neo-authoritarian move is a revitalization of Liberal internet censorship bills tabled in 2021.

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate. Only last week PM Trudeau got roasted at a session of the European Parliament. Despite Canadian media’s desperate attempt at sublimation, the result is worldwide exposure of a common perception of our prime minister:

The man is a dictator in sheep’s clothing. His modus operandi couldn’t be more apparent– as long as his decisions are sugar-coated with feigned concern for the rights of the “racialized,” he can get away with anything. Thus it is that upon an awakening of nations– in addition to woke-free Canadians– our Liberal government blaze a trail to censor Facebook, the biggest of them all.

Stated caustically, now that Canadians have awoken to the truth of Trudeau, he is going to shut us up. It is the way dictators roll. As members of the European Parliament expressed, this is the true, authentic Justin Trudeau.

“Canada has a ways to go when it comes to fixing disinformation on Facebook,” says the National Observer. How does one define “disinformation” according to Justin Trudeau, Pablo Rodriguez, legacy media and Canadian academia?

Cultural Action Party give it a go: anything which does not comply with Woke Liberalism as defined by a government paying media to deliver their propaganda.

Freedom of speech is fundamental in a liberal democracy. In a pseudo-dictatorship, not so much. Government approach to internet censorship exemplifies the true political condition in Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

16 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Working To Censor “Disinformation” On Facebook”

  1. All the corrupt politicians should be unelected. They have to be banned from public leadership. They don’t worth any voice. Canadians have been conned, especially in Covid scam-demic.

    • Absolutely. And no one voted for NDP the fact that Justin did that is bull crap he knew no one would vote him back in that’s why. But how this is allowed without the peoples vote is mindblowing. They work for us !!! We need to come together and do something about this.

  2. People that are incompetent at what they do are always in fear of others that are. The result, they turn to dictating. Censorship is another way for the government to employ their followers. We need this government to be gone so badly.

  3. I think the Governor General has the authority to dismiss PM Trudeau over HIS abundant and very obvious misinformation via government funded media.

    It obvious that Trudeau is a dictator that is thinly veiled in see-through sheep’s clothing, but since none of the democratic checks and balances such as judges have been stepping up to the plate lately to defend the Canadian Constitution and Rights and Freedoms, it is quite evident that Canada is not only a one party party, but a one bed bedroom.

    • The Governor General is likely an excellent home-maker. She knows next to nothing about the way Trudeau operates. A hired puppet she is. Can probably make a mean meatloaf though.

      • Meatloaf or no meatloaf – what I see online is lots of words about Trudeau having to go. The Governor General has the authority to dismiss Trudeau and we all have the reasons why she might serve Canadians by dismissing him.

        The fact is that before the Truckers’ convoy to Ottawa there was plenty of words online against COVID restrictions and how restrictive mandates need to go in complete agreement with the Canadian Constitution and Rights and Freedoms. The truckers did something more than words online. And yet the Constitution and Rights and Freedoms are still violated by the Trudeau government. How about a protest in the face of the Governor General, not over meatloaf, but over her doing her job that we pay her to do – or resign for not doing her job?

  4. It’s too bad that no one seems to be telling those Canadians who had not reached at least teenage by the beginning of the 70s the social history that had just played out in full view. So let me say “CB Radio” to introduce the social atmosphere that took place when CB Radios were selling like hot cakes and most people went on air with full name and open public dialogue.

    Poor ‘Mary’ got publicly cast as a prostitute just chatting to her unknown neighbores. And police may as well have folded up their radar on Canada’s highways – as they could not find hiding places sufficient to catch most speeders from. The biggest of cities was reduced in essence to a very small town, but had little experience living where everyone knows everyone. And these things took place even though most CB Radio operators realized they needed to be “good buddies” with pseudonyms and no addresses.

    Facehoof is pretty much a social repeat of CB Radio. And the Canadian Intelligence agencies have monitored online social platforms almost from the get go – perhaps even having a lot to do with the development of those platforms. And it’s a bit late to try to become anon online if you did not start anon online – once your private information is online it will never not be online. Try fixing stolen identity, and get out your wallet, because even a makeshift ‘fix’ is pretty shaky at best and expensive.

    Trudeau and his ilk will not do more than prepare legislation that will protect government hacking/tracking of every citizen in courts of law. And that might be as plain as daylight when the hacker of Givesendgo database spilled names and addresses of donors to Trudeau.

  5. Trudeau and his commie gov’t are deathly afraid the “common” people will find out about all their scams and thievery.

  6. What about misinformation from politicians? What about Trudeau still calling the jab a “vaccine”? How is he allowed to call it a vaccine when the dictionary defines a vaccine completely different? Maybe you idiots should start there? And also stating that the protesters are racist? White supremacist?

    He calls Canadians terrorists…meanwhile he terrorised our citizens!!! Can you a*sholes be anymore hypocritical!!!

    • Exactly. All they do is lie and stick to a bull shit narrative . Those shots are k*ll shots and the Pfizer documents are out so what the hell is going on ? Why hasn’t anything been haulted.? I think we need a world wide protest on this issue, the whole entire world would be protesting against that k*ll shot. It would be the biggest protest ever.

  7. Maggie and Pierre’s twisted little psychopath may as well go full Orwell–Form a Ministry of Truth. No morals required; Trudope’s current “ministers” are all huge liars. It’s what they do.

  8. I don’t understand how so this can even be allowed. How is it okay for the government to lie to Us and the people now allowed to spread the truth??
    And the fact that those Pfizer documents are out and nothing has been done is absolutely disgusting. The whole world needs to protest against that kill shot ! It needs to be told on the mainstream what’s been put inside their bodies. So many people are dying and so may more injured yet the mainstream is lying to us. We need the people to tell the actual truth on what’s going on or we would all be his brainwashed puppets.
    Something needs to happen this needs to be stopped and Justin and his possie need to go to prison.

  9. just try and dislodge turdo ……… think he will ever allow another federal election in Canada…………Never! He has got to go !


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