Trudeau Government Will Import 1,088,000 Immigrants In 2022-2023

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The Trudeau government has set the quota for immigration intake to Canada at 831,000 during the period of 2022-2023.

Drilling down on these numbers reveals that 208,000 will qualify for Canada’s family reunification category. Under Canadian immigration policy, “family” refers to the following:

Spouses, same sex partners, common law partners, conjugal partners, children. parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grand-daughters, grand-sons.

A further 121,500 will enter Canada as refugees. The Resettlement Assistance Program provides these services after clients get to Canada:

  • welcoming them at the airport or other port of entry
  • helping to find a temporary place to live
  • helping to find a permanent place to live
  • assessing their needs
  • information and help getting to know Canada, and
  • referrals to other federal and provincial programs, and to other settlement services.

All Canadian provinces maintain Provincial Nominee Programs. Nearly 250,000 new arrivals are expected to obtain Canadian permanent residence between 2021 and 2023.

The Temporary Foreign Worker(TFW) program is a Canadian immigration option that allows individuals who are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident to work in Canada.

A total of 95,700 foreign nationals were issued a work permit in 2019. A path toward permanent resident status, and ultimately Canadian citizenship, is open all.

Immigration Canada reports that as of December 2019, there were a total of 642,480 international students in Canada, representing a 13% increase from the previous year.

Canada’s international student population has grown six-fold over the past 20 years. In the last decade alone, it has tripled. 56% of Canada’s international students come from India and China. Government offer these people more than eighty economic class immigration streams to choose from.

Additional options for immigration to Canada include the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program as well as the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program.

Why is Cultural Action Party informing readers of this information? The answer is simple– no one else does. Media have never presented an aggregation of immigration policies to Canadians in this manner.

CAP has put such a composite together. It isn’t that difficult, although it is likely we overlooked additional migration streams.

What can interested parties learn from these circumstances?

The most obvious thing being that government do not want the general public to understand any of this.  Establishment media are so obviously tasked with what has developed into their finest skill– obscuring the destiny of our country.

From the data herein one can conclude Canada as known for its first 150 years of existence is being fundamentally transformed. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows this. How could he not, when his Liberal government are the primary task-masters of the entire affair?

His Liberal Cabinet understand it, as do the Liberal caucus. CAP venture to say the same applies to executives, publishers and editors from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of the media monolith.

Why is it that the details are unavailable from media? If they hide this away, all related ramifications can be covered-up.

What are the inevitabilities? Nostradamus we are not. We base our speculation on our experience– more than 35 years of political analysis.

It should be no surprise that our predictions are ominous. Here is why: it would be one thing is social equality was the true goal of political policy. As ostensibly purported by government, the concept is a fallacy. What exists at present is a set up for transition of power. No political figure has advanced this dynamic more than Justin Trudeau.

In the “chosen” corner, wearing rainbow-coloured trunks, we have “racialized” Canadians. In the demonized corner, wearing washed-out red and blue trunks– Old Stock citizens. In what may have been originally intended as a bid for social equality, multiculturalism has transferred to a tool to usurp political power. The goal is transference from old school Canada to new arrival Canada.

Thus, the root of our anxiety: what will happen to our communities when we become a legitimate minority?  Based on government immigration policy, Anglophone and European-derived citizens are certain to transfer to minority status.

Here’s a post-modern thought: Wouldn’t it make sense under these circumstances for mainstream media to dedicate space to these issues? How about a weekly column in the Globe & Mail that includes the latest details on immigration to Canada?

Who believes this wouldn’t be a well-read column? Of course it would–but it doesn’t exist.

Instead, what we receive is total silence. Not a word from government, media or academia. History informs us that an invisible community is a community in trouble.

Government and media had– and still have–  an opportunity to rectify this imbalance. The door is wide open for our prime minister to deliver a message of goodwill to all Canadians.

We will even tell Justin Trudeau how to do it:

“All communities within our country are valued– White, Black, First Nations, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Muslims and all others. Canada is a nation in which equality among all communities is an essential component of our identity.”

Our prime minister has had six-years in which to deliver an inclusive message of this nature. Not only has he refrained– PM Trudeau has never once used the word “Anglophone” in public, or referenced English Canada in any form.

7 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Will Import 1,088,000 Immigrants In 2022-2023”

  1. This is so out of control, here in Vancouver we have homeless all over the streets, 25% are seniors. How the hell can anyone believe that allowing this many immigrants into Canada is a good thing?

    Let us look after every Canadian that already lives in Canada. Lets clear up our housing problem, and more money for health. How f%^&^king brain dead are people. The story in regards to all the people who took retirement and a labour shortage.

    Hmmmm lets see, I had my business crushed, I am 64 years old. No clients left thanks to the lockdowns, so forced into retirement, or mandatory vaccines, forcing people out of work. Now no one is talking about our taxes we pay. Well after 50 years of paying taxes, and having the government give away our money foreign aid, ya right.

    Enough as a taxpayer why the hell should we keep paying taxes when none of the money is benefiting Canadians, a lot of Senior Canadians are fed up. Arrest Trudeau for treason, no other way out. He does not care about Canadians, in fact he detestes us.

    There has to be a way to have him removed. DO politicians take an oath to protect Canadians, like doctors take an oath DO NO HARM.

  2. “Family reunification.” It grows like an inverted triangle; except this triangle has no discernible bottom. I

    t keeps widening….and widening….and widening. What an outrageous scam. I sometimes like to mention Old Testament passages as approximate “sort of” parallels. Do you recall Queen Esther? Trudeau is a modern Haman.

    Let’s just say Haman’s plan of eliminating an identifiable group of people came back to bite him, and he–ahem–wound up on a seventy-five foot pole. Interested readers can find this event in Esther chapter 7.

  3. Western Civilization’s elites have decided (without your consent) to change the very make up of our societies.

    Trudeau is a full communist fool. Until Canadian replace him Canada will continue to unravel.

  4. Conquered, replaced and pushed out of our own country my grandparents fought for without a drop of blood spilt…. This is pure madness yet old Stock Canadians don’t seem to care as they are not doing anything about it, probably to terrified they will be called a name….

  5. Trudeau you cannot win an election with real Canadians you have to bring in foriegn voters at Canadian taxpayers exspensive funding . Hint we are onto your dictatorship period .


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