Trudeau Government To Table New Hate Speech Laws In Canada

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A new definition of “hate” and legislation aimed at tackling online hate content, will be based on previous court decisions, Liberal MP Arif Virani has stated.

In 2020, MP Virani held consultations with 75 different groups, asking whether the government should bring back Section 13 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

Section 13 enables the  Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to issue “cease-and-desist orders and impose fines up to $10,000 in response to complaints from individuals about matters likely to expose them to hatred or contempt.” 

Cultural Action Party cannot help but make a few observations regarding  the issue of racism in Canada.

The first is that racism within our society is worse than ever. Yet, media never allude to the idea that immigration policy is the primary driver in this situation. Additionally, the concept that this is a case of “too many too fast” never enters the picture by way of our nation’s uber-powerful multicultural lobby.

Indeed, all roads involved lead to a tacit result: non-3rd World Canadians are racists and bigots. Has the powerhouse Canadian Anti-Racism Network never heard of the concept of placing responsibility with those at the top?

It is, after all, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who functions as the king-pin in all of this. Add to this his obvious, blatant favouritism toward 3rd World Canadians over Anglophone and other “Old Stock” communities.

“I always sort of laugh when you see people who are intolerant or who think, go back to your own country,  Justin Trudeau stated in a 2017 television interview.

“No!” Trudeau continued. “You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

Exactly what kind of response does MP Arif Virani expect from this–a kiss on his globalist cheek?

And the irony involved– for five years Justin Trudeau has proclaimed that “diversity is our strength.” When was the last time you read in Canadian media that PM Trudeau is dead wrong?

If this were true, then it would not be necessary for Liberal MP Arif Virani and the  multicultural industry to augment Canadian hate laws.

Degree to which government, media, the academic world and immigration lobbies take these ideas into consideration? The correct answer is, of course–nothing at all. What is preferable is to establish the highest immigration quotas in history, and when push-back of any form occurs, brand the entire affair as an act of hatred from Old Stock Canadians.

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The new legislation will also force online platforms to take down illegal content within 24 hours. MP Arif Virani, a multilingual Ismaili Muslim who came to Canada as a refugee from Uganda, said the the role of the regulator will be to “give clarity on the new definition to the online companies.”

Liberal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said he expects to table the legislation within several weeks.

“I think we are working really hard to ensure that we are very on solid legal ground. Is it something that could happen? Absolutely. But I’m not worried about it” said  Guilbeault.

CAP certainly believe Mr. Guilbeault is not worried about it. As for the target of the multicultural lobby’s collective vitriol– Anglophone Canadians— this may  serve as another opportunity to brand our people racists and bigots.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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