Trudeau Government To Cover Burial Costs For Vaccine Deaths

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According to Blacklock’s Reporter,the Trudeau government has budgeted $75 million dollars for payouts to the families of Canadians killed by federally approved vaccines.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, “burial costs will now be covered by Ottawa for individuals killed by federally approved vaccines.” 

Our society is getting more surreal by the day. The source of this information is mainstream Canadian media, not an “anti-Vaxxer” internet blog.

Questions abound:

If the pandemic solution can kill, why has this not been explicitly stated in federal government materials? For what reason would CBC News hold back on exposure of such a critical issue?

Is “Warning: Cigarettes Can Kill” or a variation thereof not printed on all cigarette packages in Canada?

Somehow, the vaccine gets a pass. In fact, everything about Covid gets a pass. Pandemic-derived individual rights violations forming the crux of the condition.

One item in particular nags at Cultural Action Party. We call this the “women have a right to control their own bodies” narrative. For the past 30 years this theory has served as rationalization for abortion.

Away from the media spotlight, the result is an average of 85,000 abortions  performed in Canada per year over a three-decade period. Not a word of the “control one’s own body” justification is presented by mainstream media regarding Covid vaccines.

Abortion. Racism. Transgenderism. Euthanasia. LGBT– each of them protected by Charter Rights. Covid vaccinations– not a single peep emanates from CBC News or any other Liberal government-funded media outlet.

The situation is shot-through with irony. Pierre Trudeau integrated Charter Rights into the Canadian constitution. Current PM Justin Trudeau cancels the coverage for pandemic vaccinations.

Canadian media say nothing. As such, Covid vaccinations are exempt from Charter Rights. Try this experiment–run out to the streets and find a lawyer willing to argue this case in a court of law. While you are at it, kindly locate a mainstream media journalist willing to write about it.

Returning empty-handed, concerned Canadians arrive at a light-bulb moment: there is something unique about Covid— something which sets it apart from all civil rights issues.

In the meantime, government and media are hell-bent on giving every living Canadian resident the jab. The vigilance is unprecedented; the vehemence verging on fascist. Where in Canadian history do we find an example of 100% of society doing any one thing? Such situations are not found in free and democratic countries– they are found in totalitarian societies.

Bring out your dead– the government of Canada will fund their funeral services to the tune of $75 million dollars.

“The program will provide death benefits and support for funeral expenses in the rare case of a death as a result of having received a Health Canada authorized vaccine,” said the note Vaccine Injury Support Program.

There is it in black and white– the authorities know that human “expiry” is a potential outcome, and are ready to respond accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Government To Cover Burial Costs For Vaccine Deaths”

  1. The so called Canadian Government has lied to the people on the Covid plandemic from the start!

    Why has Mexico cancelled ALL covid restrictions, yet Canada continues to implement draconian measures and will only increase punishment of the unvaccinated! Why is Canada prepared to pay for deaths by covid, yet have allowed the drug companies a free pass.

    If we were to charge the drug company, it would result in loss of profit. For the government to pay, limits liability and the cost is taken on by the public purse in the way of TAXES. GOVERNMEMT HAVE NO MONEY– THEY ARE A CORPORATION THAT LIVES OFF THE BACKS OF WORKERS!

    Just think. You can’t go to work if you don’t have the jab and you are terminated!! Yet if you are up to date with your jabs and get covid, YOU CAN STILL GO TO WORK and SPREAD COVID!!!. How does that make sense??

  2. ” …In the rare case of a death as a result of having received a Health Canada authorized vaccine…” Let me get this straight. Seventy-five million dollars to cover funeral expenses in the RARE case of a death.”

    Rare? That’s approximately $2.14 million/person; assuming a population of thirty-five million. Something doesn’t add up; no pun intended. Did Trudope do the basic calculations? T

    his country is bonkers; totally off the rails. I don’t know whether to laugh; weep; or rage. “Let’s go Brandon” applies equally well to Trudeau.

    One of my fantasies: Trudope in a cage w/ the top ranked mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter; forced to “defend” himself. No mercy. I’d give all of my savings to watch that event. Lights out; bye bye!!


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