Trudeau Government SILENT As Iran Gives Woman 24-Years In Prison For Hijab Removal

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You may never have heard of Saba Kord-Afshari, but the 20-year-old Iranian woman was sentenced to 24 years in prison by the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday for the crime of defying the country’s ‘hijab law’ that forbids all women in Iran from displaying their uncovered head in public.

Kord-Ashrafi is just one of many courageous Iranian Muslim women who have defied the country’s mullahs and their female enforcers by observing what is now known as “White Wednesdays,” when girls and women take off their hijabs and bare their hair in public.

Twenty-four years in jail for revealing her hair in public. Sounds like a human rights issue which would bring objection from Justin Trudeau, and his government.

It won’t, of course. CAP find it so very intriguing to uncover which issues of this nature our Liberal Government and media cronies will expose, and what they refuse to expose.

This case seems like a natural for Trudeau and his virtue-signalling globalist agenda. After all, the situation embodies Mr. Trudeau’s most highly cherished social issues: Islam, Woman’s Rights, international human rights, and social justice advocacy.

Justin’s response: he has none. Nor do his Third World cabal of MP’s. Where is Muslim rights advocate, M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid on the issue? How about feminist Minister of Foreign Affairs, MP Chrystia Freeland? Silent as the lambs, it appears.

Half- Saudi Arabian Deputy Foreign Minister, MP Omar Alghabra? “It’s a win for Islam!”–he’s good to go. How about Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, of unknown origin.

Not a peep–and she will never do so. Why? The answer is surprisingly simple: Trudeau & his MP’s DO NOT criticize any aspect of the Nation of Islam. Sharia Law? Nope. Female Genital Mutilation? No way, Jose. Child Marriage? Racism in the Koran? ISIS terrorism?

Say no-go. Conversely, we look to Trudeau’s attitude toward the Christian faith.The Liberal government denied youth summer job grants to about two dozen organizations this year because officials felt they were trying to weaken or limit access to abortion or sexual and reproductive health services.

In other words–buy or die, you nasty Summer Camp Bible School. Yet, tens of millions of Canadian tax-dollars continue to flow through to Islamic organizations rumoured to have ties with radical Islam. Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s New Canadian Order! What a creep.

You see, globalism is a mind-set. Once a person is locked into this way of thinking, all logic, fact, data are hidden deep within the psyche of said individual. Rule-of-law is eschewed. Media morphs into propaganda. Shut-down of all ideology counter to the globalist ethos is implemented.

In other words, the mind-set is 100% emotion-based. This, folks, is your prime minister. Islam good, Christianity bad. Such is the specious manner in which Trudeau’s mind operates.  Ditto for his Liberal-Islamic posse.

According to the source article, “her shocking conviction would have gone UNREPORTED had it been left to the mainstream media in Canada, who were too busy celebrating the cloth as exotic attire.

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So why does the Trudeau government/media ignore human rights violations within Islamic nations? Simple as pie– the Trudeau government are a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian government. Who voted for this other than IMAM’s and multicultural not-for-profit organizations like National Council Of Canadian Muslims?

No one. Such is the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist way. Democracy be damned– we are here to promote and protect 7th century archaic religious ideology–and nothing will stand in our way. Not even a quarter-century in jail for a lady who exposed her hair in public in Iran.

And to think this political charlatan Trudeau may win a second term in office. For common sense Canadians(non-snowflake, naturally) the concept boggles the mind.  Based upon Trudeau’s  track record, could this really be possible if it were not for establishment media presentation, bias and globalist subjectivity?

Not a chance in hell.







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  1. Love your ‘damn straight’ reporting style Brad…why not put yourself forward to replace this treacherous Islam appeaser trannie loving tyrant…you’d be such an easy winner against the dimpled dickhead!!!


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