Trudeau Government Say No To Fast-Tracking Ukrainian Refugees

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“The country itself is facing an existential threat right now. We’re waking up every morning to see if our friends are alive, whether Ukraine is, as we’ve known it, still on the map.”

“It only takes political will and literally the stroke of a pen to add Ukraine to the approved list of countries for visa-free travel.”

We speak of the king of refugee intake. A political leader who once sent out a tweet encouraging illegal 3rd World refugees to come to Canada. A prime minister who is now stone-walling refugees attempting to escape the Russia-Ukraine War of 2022.

We reference Justin Trudeau, the greatest political curiosity in Canadian history. This week in Parliament, his Liberal Party voted against an NDP Party motion to lift visa requirements to enter Canada.

The House of Commons immigration committee called on government to implement visa-free travel for Ukrainians fleeing the war. The vote passed without the support of the Liberal members of the committee. The House of Commons foreign affairs committee were told that the Liberals will not review visa requirements for Ukrainians.

Over a month ago, we implemented measures to priority process citizenship grant applications for adoption, as well as permanent and temporary residence applications for people with a primary residence in Ukraine who want to reunite or travel with family, study, work or start a new life in Canada,” said Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada spokesperson Julie Lafortune. 

Upon election in 2015, PM Trudeau greeted a planeload of weary Syrian refugees landing in Toronto, telling the first to disembark that “you’re safe at home now” as he handed them winter coats.

“This is a wonderful night where we get to show not just a planeload of new Canadians what Canada is all about, but we get to show the world how to open our hearts and welcome people who are fleeing extraordinarily difficult straits,” said the prime minister. Trudeau went on to approve the entry of 50,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

The Liberal government has thus far approved entry for 4000 Ukrainians. In the meantime, refugees are crossing borders to neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. On Tuesday, the United Nations stated that more than 830,000 people had entered these countries from Ukraine. Why is it that Mr. Trudeau, woke advocate of the world, is not applying his “benevolent compassion” to the suffering Ukrainians?

In 2017, Justin Trudeau sent out the following message to refugees from developing nations:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” Trudeau tweeted.

In doing so, our prime minister opened the doors for tens of thousands of illegal refugees to enter our country. Living expenses were included, along with medical and dental coverage. Why then the hesitancy toward suffering Ukrainians? Are they “the wrong fit” for Trudeau’s post-modern Canada?

A  2019 census reveals that 82% of Ukrainians are Christians. Ukrainian customs are heavily influenced by Orthodox Christianity, the dominant religion in the country. Ukraine has the world’s second-largest Eastern Orthodox population, after Russia. Ukrainians are an East Slavic ethnic group.

The people of the Ukraine are white Christians. Can this be an explanation for the lack of government vigilance in terms of refugee intake?

Immigration from the Ukraine contributed a great deal to the early development of our country. Ukrainian immigration to Canada began in the late 1800’s, largely concentrated in distinct block settlements in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In the early years of settlement, Ukrainian immigrants faced considerable amounts of discrimination. Authorized under the August 1914 War Measures Act, our government legally compelled thousands of Ukrainians in Canada to register with federal authorities. Approximately 5,000 Ukrainian men, women and children were interned at government camps and work sites. 

Extent to which the Trudeau government has focused on historical persecution of Ukrainians?  Blink, and you missed it. Seems the suffering of Chinese, Japanese, Sikh and Muslim migrants has filled the Liberal itinerary to the brim. It appears that no room exists for Canadians of European descent.

Why the privileged treatment? What reason can exist for prioritization of 3rd World refugees above the sufferings of Ukrainians at the hands of Vladimir Putin? The United Nations Migration Agency estimates about 470,000 foreign nationals, including students and migrant workers are stranded in Ukraine, and have urged neighbouring countries to grant them refuge.

Justin Trudeau has agreed to take less than one per cent of the total. In this regard, accountability is said to be found in a United Nations directive. We stumble upon a fascinating “coincidence.”

In Canada, refugee quotas are controlled by the United Nations. Healthcare – Covid in particular– falls under the power of the World Health Organization. Canada’s uber-globalist economic patterns are shaped by the World Economic Foundation.

Is there any political autonomy held by our Liberal government? A critical question it is– therefore one never to be addressed by Canadian media.

Another pertinent question emerges: is it possible for a federal political party to be placed into office which does not conform to the trans-national model? There is just one party other than the Liberals capable of forming a federal government– the Conservative Party.

The CPC are infinitely more colloquial than Trudeau’s Liberals. Can they win a future election on this basis? Cultural Action Party deliver a resounding“no” in this regard. The Conservatives will not win, because they lack the number one “quality” necessary to form a government. Only a woke, globalist-oriented party is permitted to rule Canada.

No wonder Trudeau has spent his every waking hour pandering to every foreign entity he could find. Or more specifically, every 3rd World government he could kneel before. Thus pleasing his masters at the UN, WHO and WEF, Justin Trudeau is good to go.

What of good old fashioned democracy? What has happened to the power of the vote? CAP no longer believe in it. The ruling government of Canada is not elected– it is selected.

One must understand Canada’s post-modern condition. To be successful, politicians are required to hold our country in contempt. Patriotism is racism, nationalism is bigotry– ideological beliefs held by both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

To illustrate, we point to a microcosm: potential successor to Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, is not permitted to enter Russia. NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh is not permitted to enter India. And upon a review of six years of leadership Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not permitted to work for Canadians.

7 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Say No To Fast-Tracking Ukrainian Refugees”

  1. Curious….As mentioned in yesterdays’ column; Freeloader’s parents are Ukrainian. Is either one still living? wouldn’t they be shouting into their destructive; Globalist daughter’s ears–“Speak to your master–Get tens of thousands of YOUR people–(hard working; productive; self reliant; non-interloping; grateful) Ukrainians–into Woke “Canada”! Assuming Freeloader has any sway w/ her “Canadian” master. Guess not. As Brad implied in the article; Canadian sovereignty is now an oxymoron.

  2. When I first heard that Turdeau had rejected the idea of fast-tracking Ukranian refugees, my first thought was is is because they are Christian, but knowing that Turdeau is very race conscious, it is also because they are European and therefore white.

  3. Trudeau doesn’t want strong minded, hard working people with family values coming to Canada; he wants people who will rely upon handouts and vote accordingly. People who will gladly trade their freedom of thought for a loaf of bread.

  4. It’s almost as if Trudeau has a split personality in which one personality doesn’t know what the other person is doing. I’d take Ukrainians over certain other “refugees” from the middle east in a heartbeat.

  5. For J.T. Ukrainians are simply the wrong colour { yucky-White } and practice the wrong ideology { yucky-Christians } ….. Ukrainian Immigrants are likely to have conservative values { double-Yucky } ….
    Give him immigrants that will eagerly thumb their nose at Western cultural-Values !


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