Trudeau Government Rolls Out Internet Censorship Agenda TO PUNISH Offenders

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has now set the stage for an overhaul of Canada’s laws governing the internet and digital privacy.

Liberal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains has unveiled elements of the government’s “long-awaited” digital strategy. Bains said the ten-point digital charter will lay out the government’s basic principles for online governance– including keeping digital platforms free from hate and violent extremism.

Liberal Cabinet Member Bains, one of a plethora of Greater Toronto Area(GTA) MP’s politically empowered by PM Trudeau,  said there would be “clear, meaningful penalties for violations of the laws and regulations that support these principles.” 

Yes–it all sounds wonderful “on paper.” Yet, in typical Trudeau fashion, the Liberals are in the process of an establishment of punitive damages for Canadians who publish words they do not like on the world wide web.

Any other patriots see the problem inherent in this cover-up of a crackdown on freedom of speech within post-modern Canada? Here it is:

As with measures such as Pakistani citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 motion, the criteria for punish is arbitrary. This is the unspoken piece of the puzzle Justin Trudeau’s media partners are omitting from media presentation.

Which brings about perhaps the most salient point in all discussion on racism in Canada– namely, what constitutes an ACT OF RACISM in Canada?

More that CBC eschew: Canada has tangible laws and legislation which defines an act of racism. Too bad neither government, media, academia or the corporate business world never pay any attention to it.

Rather, Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist government of Canada chose a more “non-scientific” approach to a definition of racism and bigotry. This is, of course, whatever the Liberal-Globalist cabal of Canada DECIDE is racism.

Result? An agenda of “reverse-racism” toward an identifiable Canadian community– the millions of us who are of Anglophone, Francophone and European heritage.

For CAP, this is the collective “end game” of Trudeau & Co. All roads lead to this pre-destined conclusion. Take the topic of immigration. According to media within 2020 Canada, a suffering economy is to be remedied by mass 3rd World immigration.

Result of the the Covid-19 pandemic?  Government recommend an increase in immigration in-take. What are the top source nation, you ask? Try India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, and various other 3rd World nations.

A robust economy? Why, this is due to mass 3rd World immigration. An economic recession? The solution is to be found in increased migration from Trudeau’s preferred communist and religiously theocratic 3rd world countries.

All roads also lead to the following: the eventual trans-ition of Euro-Canadians into a bona fide “minority” community. CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail sit in silence. “Mum’s the word” via Toronto Star.

Liberal Navdeep Bains said it’s  “important to ensure that Canada’s laws, policy and practices are keeping pace with the marketplace.”

“We must review how to continue to manage the risks and ill effects of data abuse and of the potentially emerging data monopolies,” he wrote.

“Data abuse” eh? Wethinks there is much more to the agenda than this terminology. CAP refer to this more along the lines of “free speech abuse”-– a social dynamic whereby “the powers that be” have a right to arbitrarily decide what is “fit for print” and what is not.

And what is not? More than likely anything which Canada’s quasi-dictatorship Liberal government decide constitutes an act of “racism”– fully beyond the parameters of a definition of racism contained within the Canadian Criminal Code.

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CAP call this pseudo-communism–the exact form of governance that our PM, his government, and their establishment media partners are at this moment entrenching within our society.

It’s all “lie-beral” smoke and mirrors as the duality of the role of Justin Trudeau is fullfilled:

  1. Transition Canada from a well-functioning democracy into a Liberal government pseudo-dictatorship.
  2. Establish Canadians of European heritage as second-class citizens, thus creating what CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada– the remnant and remains of what once was a robust, proud community of citizens of European heritage.

Justin and his 3rd World warrior brigade have decimated this—-and they are far from done.

It was on October 21st, 2015–the day PM Trudeau placed the “Globalist Crown” upon his head–that CAP stated 150 years of Canadian identity is dead. On June 21st, 2020, CAP issue another statement:

153 years of Canadian identity is dead. In its stead, post-modern 3rd World Canada as the dominant social force of the future. Turns out the Trudeau family– beginning with Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau in 1968, has “burned down'” the standing of our people within our society.

Quietly, with little media fanfare, the Liberals are trans-itioning the internet into an instrument to establish a communist-infused “new Canadian order.”

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP.






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