Trudeau Government Report On Crime “Insult To All Canadians”

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A Liberal-dominated parliamentary committee’s report on rural crime is “an insult to all Canadians,” Conservative MP’s say in a dissenting statement that decries waits of hours or days for police to respond to calls in remote areas.

Evidence points to “critical gaps” including insufficient resources at RCMP detachments, an absence of emergency dispatch services in rural and remote areas, and a lack of help for victims of physical and sexual violence, the Conservative report says. “Criminals understand that police response times in rural areas can be slow, neighbours can be miles away and rural regions are easy prey.”

Despite the hand-wringing, there is alternate explanation for the Trudeau government’s luke-warm solution for preventing rural crime. Those involved are First Nations and Old Stock Canadians. Therefore, they fall outside the purview of our federal government.

These folks are the tired Canadians. They are old school, non-child producing Canadians. They are not a part of Justin Trudeau’s post-modern vision for our country. What Trudeau and pit-bull immigration minister Ahmed Hussen care about is Third World Canada. They are people Trudeau throws BILLIONS of tax dollars at, even if they are ILLEGAL migrants.

Which political parties are speaking on behalf of Anglophone, Francophone or Christian Canadian communities? The answer is, of course, NONE. What occurs when an attempt is made to do so? Media and their government backers corral the cattle into a bull pen, and brand them racists, bigots and xenophobes.

When Third World communities promote and advance their culture within our society, is viewed as a benevolent example of “diversity” or “multiculturalism.” Yet, when Anglophones attempt to do the same within their communities, they are branded  “white supremacists.” What a trap.

In the opinion of Cultural Action Party of Canada, this social dynamic is a hypocritical disgrace. Unfortunately, it is also essence of what Trudeau, Hussen, Khalid and other power players want for the destiny of Canada. Their vision may include Old Stock Canada–but only as second class citizens within society. The idea is that this will be pay-back for transforming First Nations communities into second class citizens.

CAP has a term for this: Second Nations Canada. Over time, poor and lower-income  Anglophones and Francophones will take their place along side Aboriginal Canadians, while growing Third World communities will shift to first class citizenship

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This is what our PM wants for the destiny of Canada. We see multiple– as in incrementally applied–examples of this phenomenon playing out in Canada society. Adding new taxation to trans-form the middle class into the lower class. Divorce and alcoholism rates are far higher than those of Third World Canada. So are abortion rates and euthanasia incidents. Government have attacked believing Christians with punitive measures toward funding for churches and non-profit Christian institutions.

All the while, Justin Trudeau has worked exclusively for Third World Nations, their governments, their diaspora populations, United Nations, and the Nation of Islam. No wonder rural Canadians are neglected.

Here’s question: If a northern town such as Fort McMurray, Alberta, was 80% Third World Canadian, would they be neglected in the manner described in the Rural Crime study?

It is a hypothetical–at this point in history, anyway. Yet, chances are high under the rule of Justin Trudeau this would never happen. Blatant favouritism and community bias is not in the job description for prime minister of Canada. Yet, Justin does this anyway. That’s the way our PM rolls as he continues to run down Old Stock Canada in the name of an agenda not a single Canadian approved of or endorsed.




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