Trudeau Government “Reminds Me Of Islamic Republic” Says Iranian Refugee

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“It is not just the government that reminds me of the Islamic Republic. The current state of the legacy media, paid for by Justin Trudeau, is just as bad as anything I saw in Iran, arguably worse.”

“If I hadn’t seen the truth with my own eyes while on the ground here in Ottawa I would not be able to believe the level of lies and fake news being spread.”

So says Salman Sima in a recent article written for the National Telegraph. Such direct communication cannot help but to elicit a critical question: if a migrant from the Middle East so easily recognizes Canada’s transition to authoritarian governance, why can’t Canadian media? Of course, the answer is that they can– but are paid not to.

“In 2011, I came here as a Muslim Refugee to have something that was illegal in my beautiful homeland, freedom. When the Prime Minister called the peaceful truckers a small fringe minority with unacceptable views, it reminded me of 2009, during the Green Movement, when former regime president Mahmoud Ahmadinajad called peaceful protesters a bunch of dust and trash.”

Upon which CAP reference a provocative trend in society: 3rd World Canadians, immigrants and refugees are beginning to recognize and call-out the pseudo-fascist ways of the Trudeau government.

One can understand why these people have been unlikely to speak out. For one thing, PM Justin Trudeau works exclusively for 3rd World citizens. Secondly, new arrivals are less likely to stir the political pot than the Canadian-born. A third component is recognized in the fact that most immigrants arrive from countries whose governments are either non-democratic, or pseudo-democratic.

As such, it’s more difficult to recognize our Trudeau-led slide into neo-totalitarian status. It was only last week that validation of anti-Trudeau immigrant sentiment came to the forefront in Canada.

A video from delivers details on a fundraiser recently held for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Surrey, British Columbia. On May 25th, 2022,  Global News published an article titled “Protesters Yelling Racial Slurs Force Justin Trudeau To Adapt Surrey, B.C. Event.”

Attendee Amrit Birring claims it never happened:

“Attendees arrived at the event in limousines and high end Range Rovers. The protest had nothing to do with racial slurs. These rallies are places where all races come together. Media are using classic divide and rule strategies. Even East Indian radio stations are aligned with Justin Trudeau. There’s no real journalism, just propaganda.”

Kanwaljit Singh from the Sikh Freedom Alliance said that “it’s politicians trying to play the race card. Trying to do the divide and rule. To not have people focus on their corrupt policies.”

Salman Sima, Amrit Birring, Kanwaljit Singh. Not exactly a three-course meal of white supremacy. Add to them journalist Rupa Subramanya of the National Post:

“I don’t recognize this country anymore. Canada is heading in the wrong direction, it is an outlier in the advanced west.”

No, Jagmeet Singh, she is not speaking of India. Ms. Rupa speaks of Canada– a country she migrated to 25 years ago. CAP has a word for these developments. We call them “good news.” Developments of this nature bust through the “whitey as racist” narrative advanced by government and media. From which we recognize a fundamental polarization taking place in Canada:

“Government-media versus The People.” This is no theoretical indulgence– it is the reality of Canadian society circa 2022. 

We attempt to summarize the conflict: while the general public believe in freedom and democracy, government and media partners believe in citizen conformity and pseudo-communism.

Now, we are reaching the point where 3rd World citizens are coming to agree with Canadian-born Conservatives. In this regard, it is worth noting that many new arrivals adhere to moral conservatism. Are we to believe a new arrival Sikh family from India are thrilled with the LGBT propaganda being taught in Canadian classrooms? CAP predict more dissent from these communities is forthcoming.

“When I heard that in Ontario dancing and singing was banned and that you could not have more than 5 people for a party inside your house, it reminded me of the situation in Iran.  This is not about health, these are the impulses of an authoritarian regime. The Mullahs do it on a daily basis.”

And so do Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, along with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. 

O Canada–you have been had. With the assistance of legacy media, our federal government is walking our country down a path toward dictatorial status. Unlike most citizens, Salman Sima recognizes the transition. Many Canadians would recognize it as well– if media weren’t being paid to hide the truth from our citizenship.

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  1. “Attendees arrived at the event in limousines and high end Range Rovers. The protest had nothing to do with racial slurs. These rallies are places where all races come together. Media are using classic divide and rule strategies. Even East Indian radio stations are aligned with Justin Trudeau. There’s no real journalism, just propaganda.”

    Great! It’s about time people tell the truth.

    Keep going.


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