Trudeau Government Refuse To Release Vaccine Source Contract Details

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“As provinces implore the federal government to make its coronavirus vaccine contracts public, Procurement Minister Anita Anand has confirmed that the entirety of the deals are subject to confidentiality clauses.

“They are very concerned to ensure that Canada respects its contractual obligations.”

Let CAP offer an alternate theory on this matter: The Trudeau government are far more desirous of hiding the sources of Covid vaccines than the manufacturers themselves.

In this instance, Cultural Action Party can only guess as to the reason why. Our feeling is that whatever is being withheld, exposure would result in damages toward our ruling government’s “public image.” Other than maintaining his quasi-dictatorship, image is all that appears to concern PM Justin Trudeau.

“To date, some countries have publicly released COVID-19 vaccine contracts – including the United States, India and some in Europe.”

But not “democratic” Canada, and its trans-parent Liberal government. For the past five years, CAP has maintained a solid record of accurate speculation on motivations of the Trudeau government.

CAP Speculation: The burying of the sources for the pandemic vaccines would affirm impropriety in the process. We will guess that China plays a key role within this scenario.

It has been intimated by media that rather than focus on domestic development of Covid vaccines, PM Trudeau instead put all his pandemic eggs in a China basket.

“On May 19, 2020, the[Liberal] government learned that a shipment of Ad5-nCoV vaccine candidate seeds destined for Canada[from China] was being held by the General Administration of Customs of China at Beijing Capital International Airport.”

According to the Globe & Mail, “the vaccine candidate seeds never made it to Canada. News that the Canada-China collaboration on the CanSino vaccine had been abandoned wasn’t made public until late August, 2020.” 

In other words– straight out of the gate– an attempt to procure a vaccine solution focused upon China as the source nation. No wonder Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are withholding subsequent specifics related to sourcing the Covid vaccine.

The situation is just so typically sketchy–as is the Trudeau government’s overall relationship with the behemoth communist nation of the east.

The long-term outcome has been a shortage of availability for Canadians who want to be injected with a Covid vaccine.

A lack of transparency has forced Canadian provinces to rely on timelines which continue to be changed multiple times amid myriad delivery delays.

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According to Global News, “the federal government has been gaslighting Canadians on vaccines for months now with delivery timetables that are imperfectly disclosed and frequently changeable.”

Could our Liberal government’s reliance upon China be a fundamental reason for Canada’s poor marks on vaccine distribution relative to other western nations?

If this is the reason, no wonder Justin Trudeau is burying the true story of Canada’s procurement of the pandemic solution.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Refuse To Release Vaccine Source Contract Details”

  1. Canadians actually can have the ability to develop and manufacture our drugs and vaccines. However, our country’s pharmaceutical industry was destroyed by the irresponsible bureaucratic red tape approval process in the late 70 – 80s.

    It’s very typical for the bureaucrats using the excuse of more stringent Canadian policy requirements, and they will never approve a Canadian company developed drug until they confirm other countries have reviewed and approved it. This excuse is actually to cover up their incompetence and irresponsibility.

    They would love to exercise their power but not the responsibilities. Our bureaucrat’s incompetence and irresponsibility was the main reason for the exodus of our pharmaceutical industry, engineers and scientists to India and other hi-techs to China in the 80s.

    Another problem for a startup company is that bureaucrats would only be serious if they were dealing with the applicant’s lawyer, who’s professional knowledge is unrelated to the concerned matter.

  2. You CANNOT create a vaccine for a “virus” which has NOT been isolated/purified! The PCR test is NOT a diagnostic tool, IT is a magic wand. This whole discussion about WHO is holding up Canada’s shipment of vaccines is ridiculous since we DO NOT need A SHOT in the first place.

    This is world takeover assisted by the Klingon behind the curtain pure and simple. We are being socially isolated so we DO NOT communicate with one another. For those of us who do communicate through social media, those are being censored. Alternative media is also heavily censored while the “mainstream media” is heavily subsidized by the purveyors of lies. We wear masks to show everyone else forced to wear masks that we are OBEDIENT. The masks also serve another purpose and that is to increase the incidence of bacterial inflammation in the nose, throat, lungs and face and elevate acidity in the mouth.

    As much as we would like to believe that we can VOTE ourselves new leadership every so often, that is also a PIPE DREAM. Some bought and paid for bureaucrat “health pastor” in Newfoundland, has recently cancelled in person voting due to the pandemic, with virtually zero cases, from a test that doesn’t actually test for the virus. Down in the states, the election was outright stolen from the people.

    Want to learn more about where we’re headed? Keep reading CAP for Canada.


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