Trudeau Government Raise Transgender Flag On Parliament Hill In Ottawa

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Today, the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 Issues, M.P. Randy Boissonnault, participated in a Pride Flag and Transgender Flag raising ceremony on Parliament Hill.

A government statement informs us that Raising the Pride and Transgender Flags reflects the Government of Canada’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and represents a celebration of identity, acceptance and love.

Really? What about in situations where Canadians REJECT transgender propaganda. Are these folks on the receiving end of “acceptance and love?” HARDLY. Just this week in Hamilton, Ontario, pro-Trans activists got into fist-fights  with anti-Trans people at a public park. At a separate public event, a transgender activist stated “I would encourage those people right now sitting at the back to get the f-ck out.”   said, pointing to Deputy Chief Frank Bergen, who sat in uniform and listened at the back of the audience.

The Government of Canada is actively working to promote LGBTQ2 equality, protect LGBTQ2 rights, and address discrimination against LGBTQ2 communities, both past and current. Seems in this instance the trans-pusher has “lost that loving feeling.”

Yes–the raising of the transgender flag on Parliament Hill. What percentage of Canadians qualify for the transgender category? No one knows. In the USA, the number is LESS THAN 1 PERCENT. Would it be radically different in Canada? Doubtful, really.

Therefore, one can conclude that the Trudeau government are promoting transgenderism at the highest levels within Canadian society when a mere 1% of Canadians are transgendered. Why?

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The answer is– no one knows. Establishment media REFUSE TO EXPOSE the massive downside of transgenderism–particularly in the area of sex change for children. Again, little information is available by way of the Canadian media.

According to a study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, in the United States,  with the exception of CBS,  EVERY MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET shares at least one board member with at least one drug company. Drug companies in America spend about $5 billion a year on advertising with these corporate media outlets.

Now we are getting somewhere. Can this be the reason establishment media in Canada REFUSE to print a single article exposing the downside of the sex change industry?

This is a hypothetical–for the moment.  We can, however, postulate a theory on the situation. The fact is, CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Global News and the rest REFUSE to speak of the high suicide rates and health hazards of transgender hormone therapy.

If they did so, big pharma would sell LESS DRUGS. If Pfizer, Merck or Eli Lilly are funding and spending billions on media advertising, does it not make sense that mainstream media would NOT lift a finger to impede the sales of hormone therapy drugs?

If true, what is the bottom-line here? How about the idea that big business, government and media are willing to turn a blind eye to transgenderism for children in order to maximize corporate profits and revenue intake. How sweet.

Transgenderism for children is a blight upon society. There are dozens upon dozens of articles and studies on a phenomenon known as “Transgender Regret.” Myriad cases of negative health issues and family discord can be discovered through research on the internet. Not ONE NEGATIVE WORD can be found by way of establishment media. A curious dynamic, no?

Now, a separate flag has been created in Canada for the less than 1% who identify as transgender. 99% of Canadians are non-transgender. This, folks, is Justin Trudeau. It is his “no core identity” Canada. It is the LEGACY of father Pierre Trudeau and his anti-democratic Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is Canada’s health and medical industries.

CAP stand against ALL OF IT. No wonder we are labelled racist, bigoted, and homophobic. To stand up to these forces is to invite scorn, ridicule and hatred. We will do it ANYWAY–because  we believe the transgender industry must be EXPOSED and fought against in real, tangible terms. Sensible parents may want to join us.




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