Trudeau Government QUIETLY FUNDING Covid-19 Project In WUHAN, CHINA

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“The Canadian [Liberal] government is funding a COVID-19 research project led by a University of Alberta professor that includes collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the high-security infectious-disease lab based in the Chinese city where the pandemic began.”

The government has given Le Xiaochun, an analytical and environmental toxicology researcher at the University of Alberta, a grant worth more than $828,000 to develop tools that provide rapid and inexpensive COVID-19 screening tests in collaboration with the Wuhan lab.

“Oh Canada–our home and dying land.” Simply put, CAP continue to be “blown away” away the brotherly love that our Liberal government display toward the communist nation of China. The Canadian government did not explain why the Wuhan lab was chosen.

“A spokesman for federal Health Minister Patty Hadju said all research projects that receive funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, a federal funding agency, undergo “rigorous peer review” by “expert scientists in an impartial, objective and fair manner” – all independent from government.”

CAP Opinion: Hadju is lying. This Liberal MP is every bit as much of a sycophant toward China as boss-man, PM Justin Trudeau. Frankly, CAP believe that in order to be a Cabinet Member of the Trudeau government, one must dedicate themselves to supporting–as in indemnifying–every move made by China’s government politburo.

Sample Evidence: 

“There is no indication that the data that came out of China in terms of their infection rate and their death rate was falsified in any way,” Hadju declared, before suggesting that the reporter’s question was somehow “feeding into conspiracy theories.”

Blimey–“In China We Trust” appears to be the Liberal Party creed of Canada.

Within Justin Trudeau’s “post-democracy” Canada, this creed should well be written on the foreheads of Patty Hadju, Liberal MP’s Bill Blair, Francois Philippe- Champagne, 3rd World Refugee-fanatic MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest.

Since when did Canada trans-ition to a nation “in-bed” with the ruling communist government?  Simple answer–when Papa Pierre Trudeau began integrating the behemoth nation into the fabric of Canadian society in the 1970’s.

Since this time, Canadian Liberalism and Chinese Communism have had a very “robust” relationship. As in each time a Liberal Party Member becomes PM, China becomes “king of the globalist castle” in Canada.

Pierre did it. Ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien was instrumental by way of selling off Alberta Oil Producers to the Liberal’s “chosen nation.”

“The collaboration with the researcher in Wuhan is limited to knowledge sharing only. We are not exchanging samples and are not transferring any funding.” 

Quite. In an article published by leading Canadian political blogger, Spencer Fernando, the following was exposed on April 18th, 2020:

“According to a story by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Trudeau government gave $41 MILLION of your taxpayer dollars to Communist China.”

“Canadian foreign aid to China totalled $41 million last year, according to newly-released data from the Department of Foreign Affairs. China has a $13 trillion economy and $10 billion space program: “A deepened and broadened relationship with China is a priority.”

Who makes these darn rules? And perhaps more saliently expressed, why is Canada so far up the backside of China, when not a single Canadian citizen(alright, Sen. Yuen Pau Woo did) requested or approved such a thing?

Is Canada not a democratic nation? What ever happened to federal government decision-making which reflects, or is aligned with, the will of the majority?

CAP do not even need to include web links to validate the concept.  Poll after poll reflects public opinion on the Trudeau governments pandering to China. We do not want it. Sycophant-city, anyone? How sad and pathetic this is.

More by way of Spencer Fernando. Warning– this information is damn grim:

“The country is already engaged in a massive military buildup, is throwing minorities into concentration camps, and is imposing mass surveillance backed up by a ruthless authoritarian enforcement division within the country.”

Additionally, and to an extent not ever shared by the establishment press, China is a nation explicitly focused on race.

The country has a racial hierarchy, with Chinese placed at the top, and minority groups placed at the bottom. Only ethnically Chinese people can become citizens of the state.”

And yet, according to Trudeau, MP Irqa Khalid and MP Ahmed Hussen–it is Canada which is the “racist nation.” How BOGUS is this, fellow patriots?

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Can you believe this action? Can any sensible, intelligent Canadian citizen believe that Justin Trudeau, along with his commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre and deceased father Pierre Trudeau have perpetually venerated communist China for the past 40 years?

Who can believe that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star still take the side of Trudeau and China? What darn planet are we living on at present, anyway?

CAP will explain: a planet where democratic nations such as Canada are being incrementally seduced by the government of China. Canadian media are along for the ride in no uncertain terms–and so does government.

Do a keyword search on google for “Canada Wuhan Covid.” 

If the search results are like CAP’s, you will find three articles–all “small market” Canadian publications, which articulate the current Trudeau Government-Wuhan-Coronavirus experience.

CBC? Nope. Globe & Mail? Nada. See how they run!  When media express government-sanctioned output only, a core component of communism has infiltrated a society.

This, in CAP’s opinion, is the real “post-modern” Canada of Justin Trudeau. Who did he hire as “overseer” of Covid in Canada. A sketchy, rumoured to be unqualified former Hong Kong resident named Dr. Teresa Tam.

Astute political observers will note an inherent bias toward China by way of “Dr.” Tam. Fitting, as this is the only form of politically-oriented individual Justin Trudeau will select for this role.

The Liberal Party of Canada— slaves to the communist government of China? Could well be true, eh?

If so, it would validate what Cultural Action Party has believed since the day Justin Trudeau seized the crown of Canada–not to mention how is father Pierre Trudeau served as a catalyst for the entire sordid affair.












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  1. Yes! Trudeau should be arrested , and charged with Treason, and the Liberal Government should be be eradicated , and remove from power. God Help us Canada…


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