Trudeau Government Quarantine Virus-Free Canadians

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The Liberal Government of Canada has informed its citizenship that non-compliance with the ArriveCAN requirement can result in fines or enforcement, in addition to a quarantine order.

“I see how seniors get segregated in the sense that if you don’t have a phone, a smartphone, if you don’t have the Internet, you’re just a nobody,” stated Joanne Walsh, age 71, in response to her failure to comply with federal government policy.

In an interview with True North News, Walsh said that she refused to download the ArriveCAN app because it’s her belief that “Trudeau and his henchmen unfairly target seniors since many of them do not own a cellphone.”

Walsh “couldn’t believe her ears” when told by Canadian Border Services that if she did not complete the ArriveCAN app, she would be subjected to a 14-day quarantine. Even though Walsh presented proof of vaccination, CBSA was adamant that she use the app. She did not use the ArriveCAN app and was quarantined as a result.

“I shouldn’t have to go through this, no Canadian should. Just because I don’t want to put an app on my phone,” Walsh angrily stated in the video.

Let us understand this scenario in proper context. The Canadian government are not subjecting this lady to a 14-day quarantine period for being Covid-positive. Her incarceration is not based on receiving or not receiving Covid vaccinations.

The entire premise is based on the fact that she didn’t use the ArriveCan app as demanded by government.

Last week, footage of an 86-year-old man encountering a technical obstacle at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport caused ArriveCan aggravations to flare up.

“We were given an option to either add my dad to my ArriveCan App, or be issued a $5,000 fine.” The elderly man is not technically proficient, and doesn’t own a cell phone.

Personal information required when filling out ArriveCan application: 

Place of entry, airline and flight number, date and time of arrival, phone number, personal identification(driver’s licence, passport), proof of Covid vaccination.

Quarantine Requirements:

“You must isolate after testing positive on your arrival molecular COVID-19 test that was provided to you at the border, you must stay in mandatory isolation for 10 days, even if your province only requires 5 days of isolation.”

  • Use a separate bedroom and bathroom; you may only use a shared bathroom if this was discussed and permitted by a quarantine officer.  
  • Avoid all in-person interaction, including members of your household/group. When unable, everyone should wear a medical mask.
  • Access the necessities of life without leaving your place of isolation.
  • Respond to calls or visits from screening officers or law enforcement.
  • You will receive live or automated calls from 1-888-336-7735 and must answer all questions truthfully to demonstrate your compliance with the law.

Translation: Our country is in deep, deep trouble. It literally appears that Canada has been hi-jacked by a post-modern form of totalitarianism. CAP expected so much upon the installation of Justin Trudeau as prime minister, but we never thought it would be this bad.

Of course, in the eyes of the Canadian majority, it isn’t this bad. Accept mainstream media presentation at face value, and the average citizen won’t be aware that Canada has fallen into neo-communist status.

As CAP has stated ad nauseum, PM Justin Trudeau is administering a political agenda to transform our nation into a post-modern dictatorship. Like the government of China, personal data accumulation has become the lifeblood of the Liberal government.

They want to know who you are, where you have been and where you are going. ArriveCan is a vehicle for creation of government databases to store private citizen data. The technology model comes from China, as well as its authoritarian purpose.

Taking a high-level view on these matters elicits a social condition verging on the thematic: systemic persecution of a particular class of Canadians. Many readers will be familiar with what Cultural Action Party view as a staple of Liberal neo-communism:

“Accuse the other of that which you indulge in.”

Persecution in Canada is positioned by government, media and academia as a non-racialized versus racialized social dynamic. The oppressors and sufferers have been defined by our leading institutions. We know who the chosen are by now– 3rd World migrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese, Homosexuals and Transsexuals.

CAP has other ideas. The elderly Canadian “market” are at the top of Trudeau’s persecution totem pole. In fact, let’s make that the entire Old Stock community. The Canadian-born, multi-generational communities. Anglophone and other citizens of European stock. Those who follow the Christian faith. Westerners and Conservatives, Pro-Lifers, and such.

For what reason would our government transition these people to the unwanted of society? CAP will take a stab at it: because these are the people who will most resist Trudeau’s Woke Revolution.

Therefore, they become the neglected. Let us do a cost-benefit analysis. An elderly Canadian in palliative care costs the state $1400.00 per-day. A euthanasia experience comes  in at $600.00 all-in.

According to Marxist doctrine, each person has a value within the state. The non-productive are a burden to the economy, and serve little purpose otherwise. And without a purpose, the citizen becomes extraneous.

This is the way totalitarian government views society. Individuals have a role, and so do communities. Government mold these groups into what is politically expedient. In Canada’s case, LGBT communities serve a political purpose, as do Blacks, Muslim, Sikhs et al.

The same exists for Old Stock communities. Have we not been on a steady path toward vilification for the past seven years? Does the process not align with the advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister?

Every piece of the puzzle formulated with full intention. As it applies to every aspect of society. This is how the 12-man politburo in China control 1.3 billion citizens. It is how Justin Trudeau and a gang of seditious globalists have captured Canada.

“I was in shock,”  remarked traveller Joanne Walsh. “In my wildest dream, I wasn’t expecting a quarantine because I’m vaxxed.”

Totalitarianism seduces a society in step-by-step fashion. Today, a Canadian can be quarantined for reason apart from having Covid. What’s next on the agenda, jail-time for indulging in thoughts opposing Canada’s transition to a dictatorship?

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Quarantine Virus-Free Canadians”

  1. This is occurring because Canadian Citizens are allowing Trudeau to impose his Communist ideology upon us at will! Canadian Citizens MUST refuse to acquiesce to such demonic requests by utilizing the Bill of Rights! The Liberal Government has NOT once approached and/or informed Canadians of any of the Socialist policies being implemented in private. Refuse to allow this Socialist Communist Liberal government the authority over our freedom and rights!

  2. Canadian seniors….I remember a time long; long ago (the Brian Mulroney years)….When senior citizens were feared by upper level politicians. They had “grey power,” and could make a prime minister’s life very unpleasant. If I recall correctly; this (national) incident had something to do w/ the Feds plan to mess with their pensions. The seniors were up in arms, and the MSM not only reported the story–But articulated the facts. My; how the times have changed. Now? The “grey power” voice is not heard, and their votes matter diddly squat to the House of the Supreme Trudeau. Ad Brad wrote; the only votes that count are the “special interest” groups. Third World residents of Canada, and the small (fringe) minority that live outside the norms of society. Huge societal inversion; decades in the making. The Trudeau boot licking media propagandists are key to Trudeau’s evil plans….Gradually leading blissfully unaware Euro-Canadian sheep into the abbatoir. (For the greater good.)


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