Trudeau Government Push Assisted Suicide For “Sick” Canadian Youth

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If assisted suicide is expanded in Canada to both people suffering from mental illness and to minors, we could face the horrifying spectre of medical professionals who have, by law, an obligation to provide teenagers suffering from depression with a lethal injection—perhaps without the parents of the teenager even being informed.


14 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Push Assisted Suicide For “Sick” Canadian Youth”

  1. They should be assisted suicide for failing prime-minister also…that would be unfair to not include adult, and judges, and doctor, secret services agent and journalist and priest. and cops and military with PTSD, just insert a needle and leave a note.. No bullets needed. Sel a kit at Walmart…What a great idea…Paedophile, heroin users, alcolics, since it a sickness that cant be healed, call it terminal. :¨)l…

  2. This man who calls himself Prime Minister has never ever had a clue what his duties and leadership require. This man has traveled around the world with his family more then any past prime Minister in History. You can see his lack of intellect when he brought with him a man who had previously attempted to assassinate the Indian Prime minister along with dressing up himself and his family in Indian Clothing dated 100 years old and dancing like idiots for the Indian Government. This individual stated that as Prime Minister , he had to travel to every country on earth bringing Canadian ideas and help to them. He is a man who has said that budgets balance themselves. In the meantime you can spend as much as you want. DO NOT GIVE THIS DANCE TEACHER ANOTHER TERM IN OFFICE.

  3. It’s time people for wising up ,if he’s not defeated in October were doomed for life , killing our babies, killing Children, killing teenagers , adults , is on his agenda along with the UN.


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