Trudeau Gov’t Open Door For HIV-Positive Refugees To Enter Canada

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When Canada’s Liberal government speak of the “inclusive” nature of Liberal Party ideology, they’re not just spouting off at the mouth.

Back in 2018, Liberal Federal Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen stated that he was “committed to changing the rules” that bar people with illnesses from entering Canada.

Mr. Hussen, originally a refugee himself, is a dual citizen of Canada and the African nation of Somalia.  No doubt his move pleased Canada’s uber-powerful leftist immigration-refugee lobby. Heck, it may have even pleased a few of his buddies back home.

“Advocates say advanced medical treatment has transformed the virus into a chronic manageable medical condition and the immigration department’s automatic HIV partner notification policy is out-of-date and discriminatory.”

You know what isn’t discriminatory in Canada? Agreeing with everything the leftists say from soup to nuts. Reject the globalist narrative, and a Canadian transitions to a card-carrying racist.

What a prison common sense Canadians find themselves under the auspices of PM Justin Trudeau. In 2023, the deepest dream of current Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism(!?) Ahmed Hussen has come to fruition:

‘Canada Ends Policy That Forced Immigration Applicants And Refugees To Disclose HIV Status To Sponsors’

Dear Fellow Canadian:

In the mood to import an HIV-positive 3rd World refugee to Canada? The door is now open for you to do so. After which we segue to an article published this week by the National Post:

‘Liberals Resettling Asylum Seekers By Dumping Them On The Pavement’

“Asylum seekers sit with their belongings outside a City of Toronto assessment and referral centre for the homeless, where some say they have been living on the pavement for as many as six weeks because the city’s shelters are full.”

What a wonderful Canadian world we have by way of Trudeau and the Liberals. Perhaps all Canadians will gather round a collective fireplace to celebrate this victory. As we do, we think about the joy emanating from the fact that it is likely that HIV-positive refugees are lying in the streets of our largest cities.

Isn’t Multiculturalism swell? This is the policy that got the globalist ball rolling in the first place. Far too few Canadians recognize that systemic multiculturalism was the brainchild of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Too bad legacy media refuse to admit as much. Institutionalized by the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney in 1988 as the ‘Canadian Multiculturalism Act,’ a blueprint was established for the eventual demise of “traditional” Canada.

In 2023, multicultural ideology reaches an apotheosis with an approval to import migrants and refugees with AIDS.

“The federal government has revoked a controversial policy that required immigration applicants or refugees to disclose an HIV diagnosis to the person who is sponsoring them to Canada.”

What a disgrace. Not that mainstream media will depict the situation in this manner. Conveniently(financially), they think like Trudeau thinks: Canada should no longer function as a sovereign western democracy.

Instead, without a single endorsement from the people of Canada, Mr. Trudeau has transitioned our nation to international refugee repository of the western world.

Complain, and you’re a racist, bigot, xenophobe, or ideally for government, all three.

Wouldn’t it be nice if government stopped the madness? Patriots fantasize about a government who place Canadians first, while refugee intake remains on the periphery of governmental priorities.

Unfortunately, this and a toonie will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s java. In Trudeau’s Canada, the priority is everyone else in the world except for Canadians. Additionally, foreign nations and their governments are number one on the charts for the ruling Liberals.

It’s what occurs when a country is put up for sale. Again, we think back to Pierre Trudeau. Wasn’t he the fellow who founded Canada’s open-door policy, beginning with an invitation for the government of China to leap over the Great Wall of Canada?

Damn straight he was. Media won’t inform you of the fact, but this was the political seed which serves as a launching pad for the globalization of our country. A half-century later, our current PM is gunning like a devil to deflect accusations of federal election interference by the government of China.

Meanwhile, Trudeau and the Liberals remove impediments that would otherwise prohibit HIV-positive refugees from entering our country.

Isn’t the “inclusive” nature of Liberal government politics just the greatest thing?

9 thoughts on “Trudeau Gov’t Open Door For HIV-Positive Refugees To Enter Canada”

  1. Will people w/ Ebola be next on the “Welcome to Trudopia” list? TB? It seems that the 1985 song “We Are the World” was actually intended for Bananada. Sick country; sick “leaders.”

  2. The day of reckoning is coming.
    The demographics may be there now but situations can change real fast.
    We’ll take Canada back. Soon.

  3. ‘Diversity is our strength’ as the Pissant and his racist immigrant ingrate Husane turns Canada into another 3rd world sh*t hole. When it comes to the real refugees that need asylum the pissant says ‘Absolutely not’. Canada is lost under this woke liberal afterbirth, and all according to plan.

  4. And the dickheads wouldn’t let in the white south african farmers who were being
    murdered, fleeing for their own lives. Think about it, people that produce food get
    rejected and aids ridden rabble get in. Are we gonna end up like France or the
    Netherlands?…tick tock… Canada…choices will have to be made, and soon.

  5. Ellis Island USA.

    Any signs of contagious disease, poor physique, feeblemindedness or insanity could see an immigrant denied admittance on the grounds that they were likely to become a ward of the state.


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