Trudeau Govt Give $465 Million To Afghanistan, Funds EVAPORATE

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In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support.. The funding is being used to sustain the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, and to help the Afghan government provide basic services to ITS CITIZENS.

That’s Afghani citizens, not Canadians. Why does PM Trudeau supply nearly a HALF BILLION Canadian tax dollars to the government of Afghanistan? Why not spend this money to feed and house the poor in Canada? How about utilizing those funds for infrastructure projects within Canada’s major cities. Can you imagine– new buses, new subway lines, expansion of existing roads and bridges. Get rid of the urban gridlock!

But no,  government instead choose to hand these funds to an Islamic nation to assist THEIR PEOPLE. It’s all so insane. Not that historical governments of Canada didn’t provide aid to the Third World. They certainly did, but Justin continuously INCREASES the total amount with each passing year, and is very much Islamic-centric in the nations chosen as recipients. A quick look at some of the top nations receiving foreign aid include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.

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Between 2001 and 2018, the government of Canada sent $3.24 BILLION in foreign aid to Afghanistan, according to Global Affairs Canada. That total figure includes $465 million announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a 2016 NATO summit.

How do we know the funds actually reach those in need? We don’t. According to CBC, Canada does not have an independent audit of how its money was used. Trusting gang of globalists, aren’t they?

In fact, a government oversight agency says hundreds of millions of dollars in aid money to Afghanistan have in fact EVAPORATED. The report by the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” cites ongoing issues of CORRUPTION, lack of oversight, and waste. Heart warming, isn’t it? My, my–the things establishment media overlook on behalf of their financier Justin Trudeau.

Bottom line: the Trudeau government has most likely thrown half a billion dollars in the trash bin. Money which could have funded major domestic projects. Funds which could have provided shelter for thousands sleeping in the streets of our major cities.  And for what? To make Justin a hero of the down-trodden of foreign nations. Somehow, it doesn’t quite add up.




17 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Give $465 Million To Afghanistan, Funds EVAPORATE”

  1. One fact completely missed in this article is that it was not actually tax payer funds. It was world bank funds that Canada is on the hook for and we pay the interest on that and the rest of the billions we are in debt for. When you are a country like Canada and you are in debt over 600 billion there are no “tax payer funds”. Those are gone. We are all living off of a world bank credit card. Wait till they call the debt. Trudeau will leave and go party with his friend Obama smoking the ganja in their million dollar palaces in some God forsaken Islamic country somewhere. Thank a liberal friend today.

    • I hope he does go and party in some Islamic country,,,,once he’s not PM anymore, he will be of no use to those countries anymore, but his ego will keep him thinking he’s king and some Islam is going to either off him or put him in a whole new world of pain!!!! I just wish we coul
      d all be there to see it!!!!

    • I don’t think you understand how national “deficit” works. There aren’t a series if loans to a “World Bank.” They are based around trade between countries. Canada owes X to Greece who owes X to England who owes X to Canada. Existing deficits are infinitely more complicated than that, but there certainly isn’t a governing body Canada loans money from to pay to other people. I would be interested in helping you learn more about it if you would like.

  2. Trudeau has NO RIGHT to give Canadian taxpayers money away to other Countries.
    He is the Prime Minister of Canada and Canadian monies should be spent in Canada only.

      • A Trudeau govt is a separate entity. Pierre and Justin are not believers in democracy, they are believers in communism. Former Liberal PM’s were nowhere near as deceitful and destructive. The enemy is the Trudeau FAMILY–including bastard brother Alexandre.

  3. They didn’t disappear,,,half went into a hidden account for Trudeau and the other half went into the pockets of the Afghanistan government. That simple!!!!

  4. After watching the Clown Trudeau since he came to power, I am fully convinced he should be charged with contempt of Parliament. He has openly Lied to the people of canada. He has by all accounts assisted in the corruption behind the “Lav-Scam” On more than one occasion he has refused to answer direct questions by repeating 5 times on one occasion the same meaningless “bafflegab” and then smirking as he sat down. The Idiot even dresses up prancing about like some lovesick Drag-Queen, while on his farcical trip to India. What an absolute disgusting and disgraceful episode and sadly, to the unbelievable embarrassment of ALL Canadians. How anyone who votes LIBERAL could ever be proud of their party who elected this ego-maniac, selfie taking Buffoon, can really believe they did the right thing is beyond all comprehension !!!. Tar & Feather him and run him out of OTTAWA

  5. corruption, intolerance, greed and waste are will hallmarks of a libersl/marxist government. who better to lead the the charge against Canadian principles that a newly converted moslem traitor, Justin Trudeau. this violent intolerant groper admires China , just like Breton Tarrent, the New Zealand shooter. also like the shooter he wants to ban all fund held by law abiding citizens for dome reason.. hmmm….


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