Trudeau Government Fund Muslim Voter Guide, NO GUIDE For Christian-Canadians

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The Trudeau government has funded the publication of a Muslim voting guide by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Project.

The guide lists six issues as deeply important to Muslims, and grades each leader qualitatively. The alt-right and Islamaphobia, M103, religious freedoms in Quebec (Bill 21), immigration and refugees, the BDS movement and foreign policy.

True or False– all major identifiable communities in Canada have political concerns specific to their communities. For example, Jewish-Canadians are concerned about prejudice against their people.  During the past four years, Canadian Jews have witnessed myriad graffiti attacks on synagogues, and other Jewish establishments.

For Christians, four years of Justin Trudeau resulted in the most punitive government policies in Canadian history. Mr. Trudeau demands every Liberal Caucus and Cabinet member vote pro-fetus destruction.

Also, Trudeau cancelled government funding for Canadian churches and bible camps based upon abortion attitudes, while funding Islamic non-profits with tens of millions of dollars annually.

CAP Question: Where the heck is the federally-funded Christian or Jewish Voter’s Guide?  In other words, where is the social equality espoused both within the Multicultural Act of Canada(1988), as well as Justin’s ubiquitous support of Canadian “diversity.”

Quick Answer: It doesn’t exist. As with M103 “Islamophobia” motion–also pushed forward by National Council Of Canadians– Trudeau’s Nation of Islam comes out at the top of the heap.

As an aside, did readers happen to drill down on what trans-pired in terms of Muslim-Canadian MP victories in the recent federal election? Why do we say “drill down?”

Simple–because you will not read about this in the mainstream media. Conclusion: Media just took the edge off of the incredible success the Nation of Islam is having within the Canadian political spectrum. In colloquial terms, this community is “kicking butt.”

CAP can see why. With Justin Trudeau, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen and M013 founder MP Iqra Khalid calling the shots, Islam was once again elevated above all other religious communities in Canada.

So what might be included in a Christian-Canadians voters guide, you ask? How about this: If you are a religious Christian, it is recommended you do not vote for the Liberal Party of Canada–they are steadfastly pro-abortion, pro-LGBT and pro-transgender.

No wonder this guide doesn’t exist! What incredible bias on the part of the Trudeau government. In truth, Old Stock Canadians should not expect anything else.

CAP Theory: This is the future of Canada–and there may be little anyone can do to prevent a forthcoming Islamic renaissance within Canadian society.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facililator, Justin Trudeau. Media say nothing. CBC are hiding these truisms. Globe & Mail ignore these realities. How typical!

So has the Nation of Islam presently being positioned to fill the core within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada?  CAP believe it to be true. One reason we guess this to be the future of Canada relates to another aspect of the October, 2019 election.

It is entirely possible the Conservative Party of Canada will never win another election in Canada.

Pourquoi? First, four forthcoming years of immigration will bring approximately 1.5 million Third World Voters to Canada. Enough said there. Secondly, based upon post-election coverage of Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party, establishment media are setting the party up to trans-ition to an offical “dinosaur party” in Canada.

Abortion. Same-sex marriage. Anti-LGBT. Anti- Pride Parade. Media are working to suck the life-blood out of the Conservatives after the recent Liberal victory.

Of course, the Cons could go further to the left in an attempt to counteract Gerald Butt’s Conservative Party “burial” propaganda campaign–but would they ever “out-liberal” the Liberals?

Never. Trans-lation? Just as CAP stated from day one– “dictator-time” for Justin Trudeau. So Trudeau wins. So does every major Islamic MP player in Canada–not even one Muslim incumbent lost in their riding. According to Stats Can, Muslims comprise 4% of our national demographic.

Isn’t this one hell of power accumulation for such a small segment of society. What does this tell Old Stock Canadians, nationalists and patriots? It can only be one thing–there exists an agenda, plot and/or plan which created the circumstances here-in described.

READ MORE– Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

Globalism— that’s what it is. Political weaponry. That’s exactly what the Trudeau-funded Muslim Voter Guide is all about. Advantage, Islam. Winner, National Council of Canadian Muslims. MP Iqra Khalid. Saudi Arabian national, MP Omar Alghabra.

Losers: Old Stock Canada, Christians, Jews, Conservatives, Nationalists and Patriots.

Over and over, forever and a day–these patterns continue to steamroll over the fading “Great White North” on a steady, incremental basis. What did a notorious fascist leader once say about how to effectively steal a nation from its peoples?

Paraphrase: Tell a lie often enough and the people will believe it. Make small, incremental changes in society so that citizens do not gain insight into what is truly happening.

Essence of Fascism? Yes, indeed. Essence of Communism? Bingo--there you have it.

This is the true government of Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal- Globalist culture killers. And for as long as Puppet Trudeau retains his crown, the agenda will remain exactly as it is. In other words, written in stone–just like the behaviour of Trudeau’s chosen people.

Ominous stuff, eh?  Of course it is. This is where Canada is headed as long as the Liberal Party control the destiny of our nation. An exclusive Voter’s Guide for Justin’s chosen people tells the story. And here some people still believe “multiculturalism” is based upon a premise of “equality.”

That’s a laugh, eh?



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  1. Wow, Thanks so much for putting all this together Brad! Earlier today, I was pondering they’re statement that if you Tell a lie often enough people will believe it! They Greta Thunberg Friday Strikes for Climate are an example of capturing the minds of our youth! Her handler was the former Chairman of the Trudeau Foundation!

  2. “WE ARE NOT HERE TO ADOPT WESTERN VALUES, WE ARE HERE TO COLONIZE … and spread Islamic sharia law” – Tariq Ramadan
    “WE WILL USE YOUR DEMOCRACY TO DESTROY YOUR DEMOCRACY.” Syrian born cleric, Omar Bakri Mohammed
    “If we are practicing Muslims, WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW OF THE LAND.” -Mustafa Carroll, Director, CAIR Texas, USA.


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