Trudeau Government Fund Gay, Transgender Sports League In Canada

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Why is Canada’s Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau so vehemently dedicated to homosexuality and transgenderism? It’s a question which should be on the minds of all Canadian citizens. In addition to public debate on the LGBT social phenomenon, and its role within society.

To which a blanket response is unrolled like a clean bedsheet: to question or condemn any element of the LGBT agenda constitutes an “act of hate.” Interesting it is to note an incongruous “coincidence.”  The very same applies to any element within Canada’s “racialized” communities.

Talk about stone-walling legitimate speech. What is the overall goal inherent in Mr. Trudeau’s ubiquitous promotion of transgenderism? This month, on International Women’s Day, Trudeau delivered a classic of his nuanced understanding of transgenderism:

“Trans women are women.” End of story. For our PM, there’s no middle ground. It’s a purely binary, black-and-white issue.

“We know there are still major barriers to sport today,” writes Liberal Minister of Sport Pascale St-Onge. “Together, we will make sport more inclusive, equitable and accessible to everyone in Canada.”

For MP St-Onge, “inclusion” means an establishment of an exclusive sport league for gays and transgendered Canadians.

“Government invested $90,000 into a 2SLGBTQI+ Sports in Waterloo Region project, which hosts a multi-sport league for non-binary players.”

We’re are dying to know– what is it that motivates our Liberal government in this regard? CAP will take a guess: without informing the people of Canada, the Liberals are in the process of transitioning our country to the transgender capital of the world.

The degree to which our general population has approved such a concept stands at zero percent. And here some people still believe we are living in a democratic country.

“The investment comes as a survey of Canadian female athletes found the majority (91.7%) think women should have the right to a dedicated female league, and 88% believe trans-women have a competitive advantage over women.”

Has the transgender agenda been manufactured by globalist forces to throw a social wrench within western democracies?  Think about it. Are China, Iran, and Pakistan forced to deal with this absurdity? Why is the trans phenomenon limited to western nations like Canada? What are the globalist practitioners up to with all of this?

Gay/Trans cuts down on birthrates. The movement results in pacification of the male species. Homosexual voters lean toward the Liberal Party. All of the above?

Whatever has transpired, there’s one thing we know for sure. This movement is on the upswing. As promoted by government, it’s on its way to a permanent position within Canadian society. In this lies the end of binary sexuality. This is, in its own way, a social revolution. No more male and female. An erosion of personal identity.

Holy Cow– in Canada, they even teach it in elementary school. Funny thing is, CAP can’t recall a single Canadian putting in a request for a sexual revolution. Every bit of it has been forced upon us by our controlling institutions.

In a strange, inverted manner, the whole thing sounds like a case of what Cultural Action Party has branded “Pink Fascism.” It’s the new communism, or some such thing.

Interesting to note the genealogy of the LGBT movement. In the beginning, their was racism, and the fight against it. Upon which was added homophobia and transphobia. Adding momentum to specific community suffrage, the leftists place their movement on steroids.

PM Justin Trudeau backs all of it with aplomb, and for a reason. LGBT is, in reality, a political movement. One with giant money behind it, be it fashion, cosmetics, medical or pharmaceutical industries. It is, beneath its rainbow-coloured surface– a form of  social– or socialist revolution.

At the end of the day, in a covert fashion, this is what Justin Trudeau and his globalist backers are really after.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Fund Gay, Transgender Sports League In Canada”

  1. easy way for them to disappear, if you get my drift.he wants everyone to be gay, no more children being born, depopulate canada from the old stock canadians, bring in more third world people, he is already bringing in men only, but cbc won,t write about that, they want the girls and women to have their babies, and everyone will be called mohammed. but given a braned number when born. there will be no birth mothers, i wonder why not.


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