Trudeau Government Found In Contempt Of Parliament For Wuhan Covid Cover-Up

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Evidence continues to mount regarding a theory that Cultural Action Party has advocated since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister: the relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist government of China has for decades remained under-exposed.

The covert partnership was instigated by ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in the early 1970’s. Fifty years later, under the rule of son Justin Trudeau, the Liberals are struggling to keep this pot of boiling water from overflowing at the brim.

Conservative party leader Erin O’Toole has told the House of Commons his party’s members are withdrawing  from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

The committee “is now being used as a political tool by the prime minister to cover up the Winnipeg lab incident,” O’Toole stated.

Therefore, another in an endless series of Liberal government scandals is hereby established. It is with regret that CAP point out a related trend: Justin Trudeau and party manage to slither out of responsibility for every one of them to lead in federal election polls.

A recent poll finds the Liberal Party in first place with the backing of 38% of decided voters, up one point since a previous quarterly examination. The scenario is particularly bright for the Liberals in Atlantic Canada (49%), Ontario (42%) and Quebec (39%).

Translation: the next election is over before a single vote is cast. Prepare the way for the reality of political life in 2021 Canada— this trend will remain in place until democratic election process is declared futile, after which we transition into a dictatorship.

As far as the Wuhan-Winnipeg Covid connection is concerned, CAP’s opinion is that the bottom line involves our Liberal government— as well as Justin Trudeau himself– understanding early in the game what the ramifications of the pandemic were to entail.  While nothing more than speculation fuels our thoughts, our gut feeling is that the government of China instructed Trudeau to keep his mouth shut, and he complied.

Liberals found in contempt: “Opposition parties voted yesterday to declare the Liberal government in contempt of Parliament after it refused to provide documents related to the Winnipeg lab firings to the House of Commons.”

“The motion censures the Public Health Agency of Canada and orders its president, Iain Stewart, to appear before the Commons to be admonished.”

Admonished? Yes. Removed from office? Never. Such is the state of a dying democracy. For any readers who believe this agenda began in 2015 with the second coming of a Trudeau-family prime minister, kindly think again.

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The true catalyst is Pierre Trudeau. The beginning of the end of democracy was his unilateral entrenchment of multiculturalism in 1971. Perhaps now is the time to recognize what this meant for the future of Canada.

It represented an “internationalization” of our country. Pierre Trudeau— of his own volition– cancelled what he perceived as the colloquial nature of Canada. His goal was to transcend our small-minded, small town national ethos.

His folly came in the form of what Canadians are experiencing at this moment. Instead of an integration of international migrants into the fabric of society, we are witnessing is a transfer of power to international forces.

Such is the reason why Justin Trudeau could be found in contempt of Parliament, while at the same time winning a third term in office. This time with a majority government.

Canada— your fate is forever sealed.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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