Trudeau Government Fighting Payout To 50,000 Aboriginal Children In Court

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Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has become something of an expert at delivering tedious proclamations as an excuse for government inaction. One of Cultural Action Party’s current favourites is the following:

“There is an awful lot more work to be done in order to achieve…”

This tid-bit is so often delivered when our Liberal government fall short of political promises intended to maximize votes within an ethnic or religious community. A related pronouncement goes like this:

“We will always stand up for Canada’s oppressed minority communities”– end of quote.

So tell the people of our country, Mr. Trudeau, why it is your government is appealing a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling ordering the Liberals to pay $40,000 each to 50,000 First Nations children who have been separated from their families?

The fact that such blatant hypocrisy exists shouldn’t surprise Canadians. Double-talk, backsliding, lies and deception are par-for-the-course within the spectrum of politics in Canada, or any other nation.

Rather, what sticks in Cultural Action Party’s craw is a variation on this theme: we cannot think of an historical occasion whereby a federal government has been so mired in controversy and scandal while continuing to maintain national popularity.

This is what drives Canadian patriots around the bend. How has it come be that no matter what occurs within society, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are perpetually leading in the polls?

From a street-level perspective, CAP will speak in more caustic terms: we do not know anyone who is an admitted Justin Trudeau supporter. On a personal basis, I have never overheard a conversation in public in which a person speaks positively of Trudeau. In thinking about media presentation, how often do Canadians witness a crowd of supporters of our PM smiling into the camera while wearing pro-Trudeau t-shirts? Why is it that our society never see actual, live Justin Trudeau supporters? It never seems to happen.

Who actually likes this guy? On this basis, how is it that polls are predicting a return to a majority government in a future election? Is this not the mystery of the millennium?


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No one actually likes Justin Trudeau. Yet he wins two terms in a row, and is now poised for a  third term victory. Then again, perhaps social conservatives spend too much time on social media. Here is where hoards of angry citizens vent their anger at the person who may qualify as the most despised Canadian political figure in history.

As Cultural Action Party has endorsed ad nauseum, Canadian media play a giant role in this dynamic. Their favourite hobby being a monolithic refusal to tie together the loose ends of Trudeau indiscretions to reveal the truth to the Canadian public.

Justin Trudeau is Canada’s first anti-Canadian prime minister. Yet by all accounts, he is GIANT success. Pourquoi? Because this is the way it is supposed to be. It is an outcome of a decades-long plan for a globalist seduction of our nation.

Fact– or illogical piece of tripe: Justin Trudeau can do whatever he likes, and remain prime minister of Canada. His government can advance endless concern for First Nations Canadians, then sue for denial of payouts to Aboriginal children–and still lead in the polls.

Does this political environment conjure up any thoughts on the form of governance Trudeau’s condition suggests? Is what is being described herein not emblematic of an omnipotent dictator ruling over a communist society?

It certainly does for CAP. And if mainstream media were not obscuring political reality, it likely would for the majority of Canadian citizens.

— Brad Salzberg, CP Founder (Est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Fighting Payout To 50,000 Aboriginal Children In Court”

  1. The only reason Trudope got in on a second term was because of the Space Cadet who was appointed GG. Read the rules of the duties of a GG… Time for Canadians to demand a Overhaul of The Federal Government Parasite Institution!!!

  2. What does one expect when accountability of our politicians, media , and our legal system, is becoming a thing of the past?
    When a democratically elected Government no longer has the intestinal fortitude to enforce it’s own rules and regulations, chaos has, and will result in the demise of our Canadian Society created by our forefathers.


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