Trudeau Government Exempts Immigrants From Medical Testing

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When applying for permanent residence in Canada, applicants must provide an immigration medical exam or identifier number from a previous medical exam.

According to CanadaVisa Media, “in-Canada immigration applicants may not need to do an additional medical exam for their permanent residency application.”

Introduced in June, 2021, the policy announcement came at a peak moment within the pandemic trajectory. The policy has been extended as of the beginning of 2022.

Talk about going against the wave. At present, media are bombaring society with the Covid fear-factor. At the same time, government loosen medical standards for potential immigrants. While mandating the strictest Covid policies to date, Team Trudeau extend medical exemptions for migrants.

Last time Cultural Action Party checked, current citizens and new arrivals shared the same DNA. Their propensity to contract Covid is identical. Under the circumstances, PM Trudeau has granted a privilege to potential migrants over long-term Canadian citizens.

Perhaps the reason why can be found in the idea that new immigrants equate with new Liberal Party voters. Away from the media spotlight, a secondary purpose for mass immigration exists. These policies are a tool in which to secure a Liberal lock on government for all-time. This renders our nation exactly what Mr. Trudeau wants it to be– a living, breathing “pseudo-dictatorship”

Related to this we discover a glaring omission. Notice how mainstream media never report on the voting patterns of new immigrants? There’s a good reason for this– the dynamic amounts to a tsunami of votes for the Liberals.


British Politician Compares Justin Trudeau To Hitler Regarding Covid


All of which conjures up a critical question. What is more important to Justin Trudeau— the health of Canadians, or votes for the Liberal Party? Call CAP jaded, but we will go with the latter every time.

The purpose of the exemptions is to provide faster immigration application processing:

“Although IRCC reached its goal of admitting 401,000 new immigrants this year, the department is currently dealing with an enormous backlog. The most recent figures say that nearly 1.8 million immigration applicants are in the queue to get permanent residency status.”

Will Justin Trudeau get really sneaky, and exempt all 1.8 million potential Liberal voters from medical assessment? Why not? It is not as though CBC, Globe & Mail or any other Liberal-financed media organization would put up a fuss.

Canada’s fate is sealed. Mass immigration appears certain to provide Justin Trudeau with his deepest dream– our country’s eventual transition to a socialist dictatorship.

“I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times might come.

How proud Pierre Trudeau would have been.

11 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Exempts Immigrants From Medical Testing”

  1. This worthless former snowboarding instructor will likely go down in history as the least “qualified” to ever wield power.

    The sight of this foul mouthed “man” makes my skin crawl. My heavens– what did we do to deserve this noxious creep? I’m being rhetorical. He seems to be the man of the hour–a supremely Woke jerk for a crumbling; Woke country. A perfect match.

  2. so which is it, either you are admitting that covid is a complete SHAM or you are admitting that the PCR test DOESNT WORK…..WHICH IS IT!!!!!!

  3. Resign Trudeau! Canada was once a beautiful, safe, healthy, free choice country. We want it back and we will get it back and we will take you out. If one thing is for sure we learned not to trust our government.

    Does money and power really mean more to you then the people that trusted you and believed in you!

    • Yes He was Groomed for this Job . Mulcair was our last chance . He was the ONLY politician standing for our Magna Carta and our Constitution . He was against bill C51-C66 which deemed ALL CIVILIANS as Domestic Terrorist . Treasonous Trudeau announced during his live TV speaches from the Cottage in 2019 that ‘ALL PARTIES OF CANADA ARE IN ALLIANCE TO UPHOLD WORLD ORDER AGENDAS” Way to go you Traitor!!

  4. Appalling but not unexpected behaviour he had ruined our country and yet once again CANADIANS voted him back in PATHETIC 🤚🏻


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