Trudeau Government ERODING National Sovereignty With Online “Virtual Citizenship”

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Virtual citizenship ceremony welcomes immigrants on Canada day. This is the first time immigrants are being sworn in as Canadian citizens across the country all at the same time.”

So the Trudeau government announce with aplomb. Living in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, patriots would be wise to read between the “globalist lines.”

This move, developed in the wake of China’s Covid-19 worldwide dissemination, happens to be a “Giant Leap Forward” in the Liberal government’s quest to “internationalize” Canada.

After all, the prime minister of Canada’s goal is one of complete transformation of society. The intended goal– suppressed by all major media publications– involves toward an open border, anti-nationalist socialist-state.

The erosion of Canada’s borders received a giant boost in PM Trudeau’s first four-year term in office. Remember the “tweet that changed the world”– King Justin’s shout-out to all illegal refugees in America to rush the Canadian border and receive free tax-payer funded cheques within 30 days?

CAP call this an erosion of national sovereignty. CBC refer to this as a “really cool thing to do.” Guess what occurred when common-sense Canadians rejected this plan?

PM Justin Trudeau, along with Somalian Refugee Warrior from the GTA, MP Ahmed Hussen–branded Canadians racist. Such is the state of social manipulation which emanates from Canada’s Liberal-3rd World pseudo-totalitarian government.

Vitual Citizenship moves the agenda forward. Mr. Trudeau has his excuse “in the bag”– China’s pandemic weaponry. Now, according to the Canadian Immigration Newsletter, a whopping 19 immigrants became Canadians through this process.

Not a big deal–right? This handful of new arrivals is insignificant, no? Not a chance–when one understands how the Trudeau government operate. The point is found in the incremental unfolding of the program.

Nineteen today, 190 migrants next month, 1900 migrants in December, 2020. And on and on until this is the singular method— that’s the way Trudeau, Hussen and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada roll.

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Online citizenship ceremonies represents  yet another step toward a diminishment of national sovereignty.

This Justin Trudeau advocates. Of course, his Somalian citizen side-kick MP Ahmed Hussen is “frothing at the mouth” for this– Anglophone Canada-basher that he is.

Many patriots are aware of a connection between our ruling government and the globalist empire of billionaire banker, George Soros. As it happens, Soros’ main “charity” is some called “Open Border Foundation.”

Does, or does not, PM Justin Trudeau’a agenda fit neatly into these globalist “One World Order” machinations? Of course they do. 

Welcome to the end of 153 years of Canadian national sovereignty.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.




3 thoughts on “Trudeau Government ERODING National Sovereignty With Online “Virtual Citizenship””

  1. Please tell us that this a joking.. However, remember that his Father, Pierre, had a brochure printed and distributed in Jamaica telling ALL the Free Services which were available. Pierre denied this in Parliament. Explain how Bob Reguly of the Toronto Star found one of these brochures in Jamaica with the Government of Canada printed on it. This was early 1970’s. Like Father , like Son. Jamaicans came into Canada in the 1970’s and many of them brought their crime connections ( Not all of them did but those that did brought and sold drugs )

  2. Why cant something be done about him. He has broken so many laws, he is a liar and a crook and now he is trying to make us a communist country. Now if he can make people online canadian citizens the more votes for him and this should be illegal in itself. I cant believe that canada is letting this go on.


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