Trudeau Government Employing Totalitarian MEDIA CONTROL Measures

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Under the pseudo-dictatorship Justin Trudeau is incrementally establishing in Canada, our media increasingly function in a similar capacity to media in China, Cuba, and various Islamic nations.

According to Post Millennial News, The Trudeau government isn’t satisfied to simply spend $600 million dollars to pay off the entire media establishment in Canada, they want to monitor your news and use the CBC to “ensure quality in news coverage.”

This is both unsurprising and extremely dangerous for the future of democracy in Canada. So naturally, Justin Trudeau will move forward with the agenda. You see, the government of Canada today has little if anything to do with previous federal governments.

Justin Trudeau is not actually tasked with optimizing the health,welfare and safety of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. Rather, his job is unique, and specific:

To transition Canada away from a western democratic nation based upon personal liberty and freedom, and toward a communist-style dictatorship. Toward this objective, the Nation of Islam will replace Christianity as Canada’s priority religion.

“It’s true that Trudeau needs the CBC. It’s also true that the CBC is failing spectacularly. Blacklock’s Reporter has noted that “CBC-TV English language ad revenues fell 37 percent last year, by official estimate, from $178 million to $112.5 million.”

“A 2013 campaign to sell advertising on CBC Radio collapsed after it missed revenue targets by 94 percent. When authoritarians begin to lose their power, they will always turn to increasingly desperate measures to try to seize it back.”

Sounds about right to CAP. Establishment media control. Social Media control. For CAP, all roads eminating from the PMO lead to one inevitable conclusion:

Justin Trudeau and his globalist backers will do anything and everything to reach their political objective. It is, underneath the surface, a brutal affair. We are talking decades of planing and preparation. Canada in 2020 has nothing to do with the Canada previous to the Trudeau-Liberal-Third World Globalist Lockdown Program.

You see, from the globalist destroyers point-of-view, the Nation of Canada is nothing more than a giant human repository experiment. Today, our nation exists as a “international dumping ground” for the problem people of the Third World.

When the Coronavirus breaks out in China, right away rich Chinese begin to pour into Canada. When Syria has a social problem with their people, Syrians begin to arrive by the tens of thousands upon Canadian shores.

The problem is, of course, that comes a point where the “imported” Canadians will outnumber and overpower the host community. This is coming our way as sure as you’re born–Justin Trudeau insists upon it. In turn, CBC and the rest breathe not a single word of the pending fate for Anglophone Canadians. Clearly, they are in favour of our people’s transition to a minority community.

As for media, Canada continues to morph toward government/media structure in the Trudeau family’s preferred country–the communist nation of China.

An advisory panel released a report entitled, “Canada’s Communications Future: Time To Act”, citing a “crisis in news.” It recommends all media content services fall under the Act and regulation by the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission.”

Any patriots recall a fellow named George Orwell? This visionary writer anticipated the draconian government- media dynamic well before the “trend” arrived within western nations. Orwell wrote of “Newspeak”— media messaging tailored specifically toward sculpting ideological communist messaging to brain-wash a citizenship.

Now, this has arrived in Canada. An informed Canadian must be able to read between the lines of propaganda to comprehend the true state-of-affairs. In Canada’s case, the truth is that Justin Trudeau is working an orchestrated agenda of cultural decimation.

Communist-oriented news. Fundamentalist Islam.  Ethnic Sikh Nationalism. Full-on financial support for Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen, Burundi, Burkino Faso, Chad, and Sudan. Did you know? These nations are at the top of list of Christian-hating nations on earth.

Degree of exposure by way of CBC? Nothing-not a single word. Under King Justin, media fascism is now “in the house.”

“There is indeed a crisis in news in Canada today. The thing is, the CBC is one of the major reasons why. Over the last few years, the CBC has shown Canadians that it can’t be trusted to deliver unbiased news coverage.”

“Rather than issuing correctives to “fake news” and disinformation, CBC is often the outlet guilty of misleading the public. Also, many of CBC’s journalists are the lapdogs of Justin Trudeau’s Prime Minister’s Office.”

Such is state-of-the-nation as the Trudeau government continue to utilize establishment media to fool, trick and deceive the people of Canada into believing we are living under something other than an ersatz totalitarian government.

With additional files from Post Millennial News.





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  1. The one world government is already here it is just waiting in the wings. Trudeau doesn’t care because he’s a rich professional now and he couldn’t care less for the working classes.. Like almost all professionals he has bought in to the totalitarian globalist propaganda and they’re ruthless grab for power. His kids will do fine, your’s? Not so much.


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