Trudeau Government Define “Islamophobia,” Elevate Above Major Religions In Canada

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The federal government has released a new anti-racism strategy that promises $45 million to fight systemic discrimination through community programs, public education campaigns and combating online hate.

The three-year strategy, unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, fulfils key recommendations from a parliamentary committee study that arose from a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which concluded last year.

The new plan, first announced in Budget 2019, includes a definition of Islamophobia taken from the Ontario Human Rights Commission, but otherwise seldom names individual minority groups that are frequent targets of discrimination, instead referring more broadly to “racialized communities” and “religious minorities.”

“This national anti-racism strategy is an essential first step in building a more inclusive country, where all Canadians can participate EQUALLY.”

Quite. Please do tell, Mr. Globalist Liberal– how does specifically naming and indemnifying one particular religious community result in EQUALITY? Have you not just CREATED A SPECIAL, UNIQUE POSITION for the Nation of Islam within Canadian society?

Let us take a look at the actual definition:

 It{federal government] defines Islamophobia as “Includ(ing) racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general. In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling, Islamophobia can lead to viewing and treating Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level.”

Result? An elevated, protected identifiable community within Canadian society. Has Justin Trudeau, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and M103 Founder Iqra Khalid created a written definition of what constitutes “anti-Christian behaviour?”

How about something along the lines of: “Christophobia” is defined as behaviour which includes verbally or physically threatening members of the Christian faith based upon their religious views. Acts of vandalism and arson made against individuals, groups or Christian churches in Canada are blatant acts of bigotry, and are thus an act of hatred toward Christians, and must be branded as such.”

They passed this one as well- NOT. Why? Fair is fair, after all. If one takes a look at anti-Christian behaviour on a world-wide basis, it is every bit as extreme as so-called “Islamophobia.” In fact, a recent article informs that genocide is being perpetrated toward CHRISTIANS within Middle Eastern and African nations. What does Trudeau have to say about this? Nothing–not a single word. Obviously, for King Justin, the Nation of Islam is the only religious community which suffers in any capacity.

So, Justin Trudeau, MP Iqra Khalid and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada have created a PRIVILEGED, elevated place for Islam within our society.

Surprised? Don’t be, because if the Liberal win the October election expect much, much more of this. How come? Because Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen and MP Iqra Khalid are not simply attempting to win an election. For them and their backers, this is mere child’s play.

The true, long term goal is to import so many people from Third World nations that the Liberal Party becomes LOCKED-IN as the controlling party of Canada FOREVER. Once the demography necessary for this accomplishment is reached by way of ever-increasing immigration quotas, the next phase of the project will be the trans-formation of Canadian society from democracy to dictatorship.

Keep in mind that the majority of migrants come to Canada from non-democratic countries. For many, they would not know democracy if they fell over it. This helps drive the agenda forward.

Justin Trudeau’s brand of fake, pseudo-democracy would be able to continue on in perpetuity. Hence, the fulfillment of the Trudeau Dynasty’s penultimate goal: Justin Trudeau becomes the “Fidel Castro of Canada.”

That, folks, is what is really going on within the Trudeau government agenda. Of course, these goals cannot be accomplished by one particular social institution–even if it is our federal government. Enter establishment media. Their job is to PROTECT the agenda. Their role is to cover-up, bury and obscure the big-picture, long term plan.

Pro-M103 people harp on  about how it is a motion, and has not been legislated in any capacity. Big deal. Motions can serve as a foundation for a Government Bill, which then becomes Canadian law. If a federal government so chooses, they can sit on a motion FOR YEARS or decades, and then bring it into law.

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In years, Islam will be one of the  most powerful forces in Canada. Immigration, birth rates, government-sanctioned insulation from all criticism, powerful MP’s elected by Third World MAJORITY ridings.  It’s all in the cards for the future of Canada.

And there is more– namely, the transition of Anglophones to minority community status. Won’t the Liberal- Globalists be THRILLED once this occurs. Then they will be able to SLAM whitey as racist and bigoted while we exist as a minority community.

Can this be perpetrated toward non-Anglo “minorities” at present? Of course not–they have their Charter, and M103. But upon achieving minority status in Canada, Anglophones and Christians will have NO SUCH PROTECTION.

Victory: Liberals, Globalists, Sikhs, Muslims, Gays and Transgendered. To the back of the bus: Anglophones and Christians. Getting the picture? There is your POST-MODERN Canada.

It’s all in the works, and despite what the snowflake self-haters say, this is the Trudeau government’s true agenda for the destiny of our nation. Like all successful totalitarian political campaigns, the plan is covert, and rolled out INCREMENTALLY.

The M103 “Islamophobia” motion, along with the definition of the term, are  two incremental steps forward  for the purpose of re-defining Canadian society for all- time.





5 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Define “Islamophobia,” Elevate Above Major Religions In Canada”

  1. Evil is as Evil does. If he wishes to have a Dictatorship, it will work for awhile but he will eventually never be able to Dictate over the Muslim Community, once they have a hold on Canada. Eventually his fate will be the same as ours. It may take awhile…but Karma will come back and bite Trudeau in the ass…big time. As Evil and Power Hungry Hitler was, he also fell.

  2. The best part of this is i will be dead before is gets so unbearable to be a Canadian. The mess we have left our kids

  3. Living here in America…Northern Michigan to be exact. We too are watching the slow overthrow of anything that resembles freedom or equality. Government, media and special interest groups are ushering in a new era of Islam and Socialism. 7 out of 10 now embrace one or both. This is the globalist agenda that will most certainly be achieved by propaganda or thwarted by a violent Revolution. Either way, the future is awful grim. God bless our Northern Neighbors and God bless America.


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