Trudeau Government Commit OVER $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS To Iraq, Syria

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“Our new approach to Iraq, Syria and the surrounding region will be challenging and dangerous at times. There will be lessons learned as we adapt to changing circumstances on the ground. I am confident that we are up to these challenges and that we will show the world all that Canada can accomplish in a crisis situation.”

– The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Yes- -as in a “crisis” situation which has nothing to do with Canada, its prosperity, or a benefit to 38 million Canadian citizens.

“The Government of Canada will contribute more than $1.6 billion over the next three years towards its new approach to security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria, and their impact on Jordan and Lebanon.”

My, my–what a “generous” man Justin Trudeau is–with tax-payer dollars taken largely from Middle Class Canadians. Benefit for Canadians? Nothing at all.

Trudeau is indeed taking care of the “Middle Class”-in Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Here in the fading “Great White North”– not so much, eh?

Activities include: “provide education, healthcare and sanitation; maintain and repair infrastructure; promote employment and economic growth; and foster good governance.”

Talk about a comprehensive focus. All aspects of society–within nations that should have nothing to do with Canada–apart from profiting from Oil Exports.

Several salient questions result from these giant cash giveaways to Islamic governments.

1) Why does Justin Trudeau behave in this manner?

CAP has opined on this many times in the past, and will briefly comment here. Justin Trudeau is the Nation of Islam’s “man in Canada”– a supporter of all aspects of Islamic presence upon Canadian soil. Religiously, ideologically, financially, and everything in-between.

2) Why do Canadian media cover up this entire financial dynamic?

Because within Justin’s “post-modern” Canada, media are controlled by government in a similar manner to how government and media are structured within totalitarian nations. Government inform media what they can and cannot report on, and media comply.

3) How do Canadian tax-payers know for certain that their tax-dollars actually reach the “suffering” parties they are intended to assist?

We don’t. Seems the funds “disappear” into the stratosphere once delivered. There is no tracking mechanism in existence to insure the billions reach their proper destination.

According to CBC News , Canada does not have an independent audit of how its money was used. Trusting gang of globalists, aren’t they.

Having fun yet, fellow Canadian patriots? Be truthful–i s, or is not, what is described herein absolute insanity? Of course it is–we have Justin Trudeau for a prime minister– no other outcome is to be expected.

Welcome to “The Great Globalist Giveaway Program” of King Justin and his Sunny Gang of Cultural Assassins. Did federal governments provide funding to Middle Eastern and African nations? Yes, they did– yet there is something altogether more sordid in this regard.

Firstly, he increased the funding with each year that passes while he is PM. Secondly, Mr. Trudeau invited Islam to Canada. One would be hard-pressed to say this was the case for former Conservative PM, Stephen Harper, any other Conservative PM.

The bottom line is basic: Without a shred of buy-in from Canadians,  Justin Trudeau transfer $1.5 billion Canadians tax dollars to authoritarian Islamic regimes.

Media have not one word of criticism regarding this behaviour.

18 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Commit OVER $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS To Iraq, Syria”

  1. JT means to do everything for ME countries that he should be doing right here in CAD; his incompetence saturates his decision-making which is why for him it is so comfortable and convenient to throw money at problems disguised as virtue signalling. I’ve had more than enough of this administration.

  2. How does it feels, to pay your carbon tax, income tax, HST, etc, then this guy just give it away , awesome job ! Meanwhile we need new roads, bridges, hospitals ,better public transportation, education, improvement in our military and more …

    • That’s the GOAL of globalists (JT is one of them)….bankrupt the West to bring in the New World Order. Our Prime Minister is being very successful in his eyes, and in the eyes of every other globalist, working towards a “utopia” where everyone is equal…… except the wealthy elites. Get it now?

  3. And….how much were war vets asking for that was too much? Glad we can give great amounts of money to the people sending bombs at our troops.

  4. All exporting oil countries let them look after their own. The USA is on the brink of war with Iran and we’re sending them money to support their war program. crazy

  5. If the people of Canada don’t get off their ass and actually STAND UP AND BE HEARD FOR ONCE…then this globalist little prick will destroy what we USED TO love about this country!!! Fellow Canadians it’s time to get up and be heard!!! Get off the couch and stop whining about it and ACTUALLY do something about it.. or just sit there and do nothing so we can WHINE AND WHIMPER when it’s to late…GROW A PAIR OF BALLS FOR ONCE CANADIANS!!!!

  6. soooo sad and sooo wrong…how can this be happening?..who the hell voted this idiot Trudeau in for second stretch of pissing our hard earned tax dollars down the toilet…truly is mind boggling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t understand how he can do this when his party is a minority….are all the other parties being played like pawns??? My God I am so afraid for my children and their children…..will they have to succumb to be slaves for these grose immigrants taking over our country!! Wonder what JT would do if one of them came after his daughter !!!!


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