Trudeau Bans Use Of “Father” And “Mother” For Government Employees

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Liberal Government employees connecting Canadians to government services can no longer refer to those citizens as “sir,” “madam,” or any other gender-specific term while doing so, according to a 2018 report.

A directive obtained by the French-language arm of CBC instructs Service Canada employees interacting with the public to avoid terms such as Mr., Mrs., Father, and Mother.

Instead, workers are directed to call people “parents,” use their full names, and ask how they wish to be addressed. An in-person Quality Monitoring Program will watch over employees for compliance with the new rules.

In his dystopian novel “1984,” social visionary George Orwell coined the term “Wordspeak.” Under the leadership of PM Justin Trudeau, its application is a reality in Canadian society. Indeed, the Liberals have become fixated on such terminology. Border-jumpers are not “illegal,” they are “irregular.” It is not a carbon tax, put rather a “price on pollution.”

Now, the Trudeau government establish punitive measures  for those using common-place language that has been a part of western culture for a thousand years. Quite the move for a former snow-board instructor turned pseudo-dictator.

Canada’s LGBT industry is one of the most aggressive social movements in Canadian history.  They stop at nothing to get mainstream and heterosexual Canadians to bow to their will.

“The move was quickly mocked by the Conservative opposition, who suggested Father’s Day and Mother’s Day would be renamed to be gender-neutral.”

In British Columbia, a father of a 15-year old transgender child was sentenced to six-months in prison for interfering with his daughter’s desire to change her sex. One has to wonder how it came to be that the transgender lobby came to wield such power in Canada.

Although a father of three himself, PM Justin Trudeau issued no formal acknowledgement of Father’s Day in 2022.

Mother, Father, Mr., Mrs., Sir, Madam– pack up these troubles in your old kit bag. Justin Trudeau has banned the terms within Services Canada. What’s next– substantial fines for wishing the person who gave us life a Happy Mother’s Day?

23 thoughts on “Trudeau Bans Use Of “Father” And “Mother” For Government Employees”

  1. With all the problems in the world and Canada this is what our Government is spending time on! Fix the long waits for passports, air travel, phone wait time for any government office! Who does this go with ink they represent, definitely not the majority of Canadians! Sorry I’m not a her or other! I’m a Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, women and dam proud of it!

  2. Not that I’m ever a loss for words firstly that idiot probably never celebrated Father’s Day and doesn’t want anybody being addressed as mother and father because his three kids probably can’t stand them or they’re terrified of them after all he’s written to kill people’s dogs the last peaceful protest and also threatened to have their kids taken and put in child care or not child care children’s age yeah so if he’s threatening these people who are doing nothing what’s he going to threaten his own character we already know what he does with the wife and she puts up with it that’s her headache but don’t stand there like your picture perfect cuz you are far from it
    I’m and to address the changing Canada that started the minute people lined up for those jobs yeah I I hope that when you all find out exactly what this is that they’ve got a way of counteracting it because there’s going to be a lot less people on the planet in a couple years and that’s a their mouth you better remember Bill Gates is always had the stance that the world’s overpopulated and in 25 years it won’t be enough food to supply the population

    And just one more thing I mean he thinks he’s God so since he’s trying to cancel Canada Day for those of us who enjoy Canada Day like I do I’ve not missed one you know like I’m in a high-rise now so I can sit on my balcony and actually watch the fireworks instead of mingling with a crowd of people cuz I’m not I’m not the person I used to be a few years ago as far as walking but anyway we should just tell him it’s an honor of him it’s Trudeau day and just carry on okay he probably think that’s the fantastic and my love song because he’s totally oblivious and well I mean what was it year one of covenant we saw Halloween pretty much canceled out not Christmas you couldn’t have your family there if they weren’t vaccinated we’re vaccinated and now we’re finding this is kills me people who are vaccinated are the ones that are getting whatever it is you want to call it I don’t call it anymore it’s not the flu okay what you’re dealing with now is whatever is the most needles so I sincerely hope that these people that were on their high horses about condoning and condemning people that did not choose to take those needles you can’t tell me that any politician in the federal government it could be but the federal government Trudeau and the pharmaceutical heads they all knew what was in those needles and they never took them one pharmaceutical CEO of retired and actually admit it that what he took was a placebo so people you can’t trust anybody you need to open your freaking eyes before they shut it for you okay like whatever is going on with those those chaps I’m not sure if it’s something that can be controlled somehow because I mean for each of those needles do something different but anyway like I said I hope in time and everybody finds out exactly what’s going on that they will have something that you can take that will eliminate or at least put whatever the most those jobs into hibernation not good luck to you all

  3. One more thing he and his party are busy making up all these stupid new I don’t believe what you will come bylaws or laws or bills or whatever or you can’t call person mom or mother or father just a few she is taken away our freedoms is taken away our rights he does have an agenda and that agenda started the day those needles rolled off now I don’t know if I said this up there earlier but it said something about him not even mentioning Father’s Day well his kids probably can’t stand them while they’re terrified of it come on the truckers went to Parliament Hill what did he say to them and it was right there right on the news you know if they didn’t clear out they were going to call the children’s aid in to get the kids out of there and then we’re going to kill her dogs okay now that’s a true leader for you he is so sickening and to think that sing sing if he didn’t get involved things would be different right now

  4. I guess the House of Trudeau will be taking scissors to the fifth of the Ten Commandments: “Honor your father and your mother.” (Off topic; I like what someone said previously about Klaus Schwab’s boy wrecking Canada Day.) “Rename it Trudeau Day. He’d be all for [enforced?] celebrations.”)

  5. Justin Trudeau is by far the worst PM in Canadian history, and hes not done yet. Just when you think he cannot get worse, as weeks and months go by, he does get worse. The NDP leader is just as bad, signing on with this tyrant, otherwise Trudeau’s days would have been numbered and soon we would finally be rid of this dumbass!

  6. I am a mother and my husband is a father and every mother & father should be shown the respect of being referred as such! Who the hell is he to decide that this terminology is inappropriate?! 😡So much for democracy! I’m sure that government employees feel the same if they are being honest! 🤨

  7. Absolutely ridiculous. If I bwas a Government employee I would insist on being called Mrs., mother, female, woman because that is what I am. All Trudeau wants to do is play childish drama games.

  8. This person whatever it is does not speak for myself or hundreds, and thousands like me ,i am a father of 5 great children, he can piss off , i am so done with his BS

  9. So sad to see our great Country being ripped apart by a demon possessed lunatic named Trudeau!!!! Time for this government to be ripped apart. I will and am always a daughter, mother grandmother and great grandmother. My children will always love respect me, call me mom and grandma, celebrate my day called Mother’s Day regardless of what this government does or say.

  10. To all the people who have “man” or “mann” as part of their last name the dictator will probably require you to change your name to a “non sexist” name of face more fines as with everything you might not agree with of this government.


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