Trudeau Government Attempt COMMUNIST-STYLE Canadian Media Crackdown

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From Cultural Action Party of Canada’s point-of-view, it was inevitable that Justin Trudeau would emulate communist-style media control in Canada. In fact, it was only a matter of time.

As our organization has steadfastly maintained, Canada is no longer a western democracy in the traditional sense of the term. Under King Justin, ours is a democratic nation which government is transitioning to a one party state.

In other words, the fading, dying “Great White North” will become the form of country the family Trudeau so admire– a “post-modern” socialist nation-state.

Did you know? The Trudeau Liberals are launching an unprecedented, communist-style authoritarian attack on free speech and the free press in Canada.

In an incredibly disturbing move, the Trudeau Liberals are set to push media organizations to register for government licenses.

The announcement was made by Steven Guilbeault, Justin Trudeau’s French Canadian Liberal Fascist Minister of “Heritage.”

So government plan to licence and control mainstream media in Canada. CAP believe the latter to be firmly in place already. The “paperwork” element is to follow, with the Liberals then overseeing all media content.

According to Canada Proud— a nationalist organzation dedicated to calling out the neo-fascist pretensions of the Trudeau government, the situation is “Absolutely horrifying. Every Canadian should condemn this egregious assault on freedom of speech.”

They won’t. Pourquoi? Because 90% of Canadians will not recognize yet another  in a series incremental shifts transitioning Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Within a communist nation, government control is paramount. Control of education, control of media, control of religion, control of sexuality–control of every aspect of society. Now, is it not a fact that since Trudeau seized control of Canada, government reach in this capacity has increased exponentially?

Of course it has–because in reality Canada in 2020 is a One-Party State— Canadians just do not know it yet.

As Canadian journalist and government critic Spencer Fernando informs us:

“The future of free speech and the free press is now at stake in Canada. This Liberal assault is unprecedented and incredibly dangerous and must be opposed by Canadians across the entire political spectrum.”

“It must be stopped in its tracks, because if it’s not stopped then Canada will fully turn into an authoritarian state.

CAP agree— with bells on. As our party stated from day one, a Canada led by Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a totalitarian nation “in-waiting.”

“MP Guilbeault’s announcement faced intense scrutiny from across the political spectrum with some commentators suggesting that it would be a dangerous attack on the freedom of the press.”

“Our focus will be and always has been that Canadians have diversity to high-quality news sources,” said Guilbeault to reporters in Ottawa.

First of all, the sentence isn’t even a proper use of the English language. What’s up with these Liberals anyway? Can’t these toad-like traitors get through a single sentence without including the word “diversity?” How incredibly robot-like.

BURIED BY CBC: Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Was Once EMPLOYED By Government Of Iran

CAP Theory: On a domestic level, the fading and dying “Great White North” is controlled by what we refer to as the “Laurentian Mountain Liberal Elite.” This includes politicians such as Bill Morneau, and non-politicians like Gerald Butts.

Minister of Heritage Steven Guilbault, is another, as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francois Phillippe-Champagne.

On an international level, the Eastern Canadian Liberal Cabal is controlled by such formidable string-pullers as the United Nations, China, Nation of Islam, Saudi Arabia and various other communist and theocratic nations.

As a result, Canadian society is being incrementally trans-formed into a China-emulating communist society. The Liberal media control agenda confirms this concept in no uncertain terms.

In 2020 Canada, the government controls all media messaging to the people of Canada. Therefore, insidious globalist agendas succeed in a plethora of covert plots to undermine the democratic nature of our society.

Interestingly, rather than protect our citizenship from this blatant transformation, the prime minister of Canada is leading the charge. Talk about an abomination!

CAP Question: When will it stop? What is to prevent Canada from transitioning to the totalitarian political path in place from the day Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968? What is to prevent spawn Justin Trudeau from burying democracy and freedom of speech in Canada for all-time. Ominous questions abound–with zero answers from Canadian media.

“I think I was pretty clear. And when I’ve talked about the report I’ve always talked about how it’s from an independent panel and these are recommendations, and that we were looking at which recommendations we might put forward as an upcoming bill,” he continued.

CAP Translation: The Liberal destroyers are lying. Their is nothing “independent” about any of this socialist crackdown. It is all about state-control of society. The impetus has nothing to do with a benefit for Canadians, and everything to do with a communist-style crackdown on freedom of speech.

A Trudeau family-led  government is always a problem government. On both occasions, an election of a Trudeau family member leads directly to a weakening of society, fragmentation of community, citizen “in-fighting,” as well as a general increase in racism, bigotry and general social consternation.

In other words, CAP believe the following:

The Trudeau Dynasty— Justin Trudeau, his fully dedicated to communism brother Alexandre Trudeau, and Papa Pierre Trudeau have been nothing but trouble for Canadian democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as remaining pure trouble for Anglophone and Christian Canada.

The fact that 90% of Canadians cannot see this vital truism speaks to the degree of Liberal-Globalist- Socialist lockdown currently straight-jacketing millions of “Old Stock” Canadian citizens.




10 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Attempt COMMUNIST-STYLE Canadian Media Crackdown”

  1. I see this happening and i’m no politician!! why do Canadians have their blinders on? It will force decent people to immigrate to a free country and i’m willing to do so when it comes to that point!!! Trudeau is a disgusting POS!!!

  2. “…pure trouble for Anglophone and Christian Canada.”

    The Trudeau’s are also pure trouble for the Francophones. Quebec was already fighting against P.E. Trudeau in the 70s, and his answer was martial law! Dictator much? If your government wanted to force their ideology, their language and their religion on you against your will, wouldn’t you want to separate?

    50 years have passed. Quebec lost. Nothing left but zombies, far from “maîtres chez nous”!

    Now it’s your turn. Wanna separate?

  3. First a national crisis. Pandemic

    Second a financial flow. Me to you. I’m a benefactor to the people

    Thirdly a Lockdown. Legit for pandemic until prolonged

    Fourth, take over the Canadian government as sole controller of money— failed!

    Fifth disarm the people. Ban guns

    Sixth incite riots. US riots response by Canadian
    Leader….”we fave racism too!! Riot people riot!
    Says black face himself

    Seventh dévide the people and weaken the police
    force trying to control the masses

    Eight.violent riots. Martial law
    Oops. He succeeded to usher in Communi

    The goal of which elitists around the globe.
    Answer me that

  4. As a proud citizen of the USA, I will proudly shout that I love Canada.

    I always have and always will. I’ve worked for 2 Canadian Companies (in the US), Followed the history, have many friends, visited many times, purchased Canadian products. What I am seeing in Canada is exactly what we are seeing in the US.

    Erosion of the family, government, police, military, financial system, redistribution (but lets call a spade a spade….not to those less fortunate), culture, every last thing. The faster the world wakes up and sees the shifts of what is happening the better. Or…get ready to get your Chinese passport (this is not xenophobia…I have many Chinese friends.

    I am talking communism). Look at the history of Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler (yes he was a socialist), now BLM, Marx, Lenin, etc….Western Culture and Western Democracy is under attack.

    Wake up…and stand for whats right.

  5. People see this trudope fascist and his corrupt administration killing freedom and justice. But they are insecure and afraid of the barf bag so do or say nothing. As the graduation process streams more indoctrinated people out of the education CYSTem all you get are more LPC voters. This was all planned in 1969 and has been implemented since then gradually by LPC and NDP traitors and enemies of justice and freedom.


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