Trudeau Goes Full Steam Ahead On Immigration Intake During Pandemic Scourge

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Liberal Government Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino recently stated that the Canadian government “had a choice to make” regarding the Covid pandemic.
It could pause, or reduce immigration. Instead, the Trudeau government has chosen to “welcome immigrants during the pandemic.”
Perhaps readers can help Cultural Action Party understand the logic in Mr. Mendicino’s decision-making.
How does this person– not to mention his boss Justin Trudeau— reconcile transforming 38 Million Canadian citizens into “shut-ins” at the same time as going full tilt on importing migrants from 3rd World nations?
Perhaps in the same way as all other social policies are reconciled. The Liberals  make the decision, and cast aside all criticism. Imagine the complexity of importing, then isolating, 341,000 new arrivals to Canada in 2021. Not to mention the financial expense. Newly-appointed Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra has no questioning or push-back regarding Trudeau’s decision.
What to conclude? Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are obviously desperate to pack Canada’s urban centres with new arrivals. The top source nations for immigration are: India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iran.
Why the desperation on the party of government? Would Canada fall to pieces if, for example, 175,000 migrants arrived during the years of China’s pandemic dissemination?
One thing current Canadian citizens know for certain– they will never receive a  response on this query from mainstream media. Within our Great Reset society, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post serve the interests of government–that’s a rule.
So the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history will continue despite of the Covid Pandemic. In the meantime. present-day citizens are being harassed on the level of what was in 2014 unimaginable within Canadian society.  
Take this recent case of the son of a Calgary, Alberta woman being held by authorities as it relates to Covid:

They[authorities] won’t let me talk to[returning traveller, her son] him. They won’t let me see him. They won’t come and talk to me,” Rebekah MacDonald said in the video post.

“The border patrol services say they have nothing to do with it— they won’t tell me who has to do with it,” she said. “They won’t tell me who’s picking him up. They won’t tell me where he’s going. They won’t tell me anything.”

Memories of the KGB and the Cold War?   Not quite–this happens to be five years on from when PM Justin Trudeau declared  the flowering of a “sunny ways” society.

Quite the transformation, eh? Yet, like all other screw-ups via Justin Trudeau, this too shall pass, and our current PM will be back in his lofty political perch for a third term when a future election is called.

One observation regarding all this absurdity bubbles to the top of CAP’s beer glass. No matter the change in social circumstances– from sunny ways to KGB-style isolation– Trudeau government policy remains written-in-stone.

Not an iota of flexibility exists– as in, nothing. What we have here is a tangible sign of a breach of a fundamental of democratic governance. This is an ancient relic once known as the “will of the people.”

Frankly, Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a flying fig about this. Obviously, neither do establishment media. Both have overlooked a blatant erosion of democracy that began the day Justin Trudeau seized control of Canadian society in 2015.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Goes Full Steam Ahead On Immigration Intake During Pandemic Scourge”

  1. Knowing trudope is responsible for pandemic in Sanada why Canadians who lost their loved ones do not sue him and his sick libtardo-deviant party?

  2. How can we allow this idiot to bring in more immigrants during this costly pandemic time and wanting to charge Canadians trying to go home $2000 + for a quarantine in a hotel.

    • This is absolutely outrageous. Immigration at this time needs to be halted during this pandemic until it is under control to protect Canadians and until our budget, which is disgustingly out of control is eased, if that’s ever possible again. I cannot believe this. We the people of Canada pay the taxes that support many immigrants when they arrive initially.. .until they are settled. This impact education health care social systems in a huge way. We have a very high unemployment rate currently, we are heading into a recession, our health care system is bulging due to covid costs, we can’t provide enough care currently with lockdowns, procedures are backed up and the health care system doesn’t know how they will ever get caught up with medical procedures that have been cancelled. This will only increase if we bring in more people into Canada who have medical needs. Canadians, as has already been said, are being restricted from travelling internationally, our children. cannot attend school, sports, see friends, family, these are people who pay the taxes. As a psychotherapist, the mental health of Canadians is severely compromised with little support for them, where’s the extra dollars for this, the persons who have supported Canada by the taxes they pay each paycheque … Canadians are being / held placed in “detention centres for quarantine after travelling to another country… with the governments choice of facility, requiring them to pay $2000.00 per person which is basically a fine, and yet liberal government chooses to proceed with immigration. Many families are separated from their loved ones in the United States, our neighbor … husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, etc separated for almost a year with no hope of seeing them any time soon, the devastation this is causing emotionally psychologically and to allow individuals from other countries to continue with immigration is an insult to the Canadian citizen, to their integrity.
      Why can’t this wait?
      When is enough enough.
      When will this insulting demoralizing attack on the canadian taxpayer end. When will this dictatorship end!
      When will the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party… stand up .. for the strong, proud, and free and say, it’s over Mr. Trudeau, your mismanagement, unethical decision making is costing us to much. It’s over. 🇨🇦


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